12 Horrible Celebrity Bosses You'd Hate To Work For

Working for a celebrity seems like everyone’s dream job. You get to hang out with them, go to some of the coolest events, and share details like he/she was your "BFF". Not so much. Believe it or not, being an employee of a celebrity may not be all that glitzy and glamorous and many have complained about their current or former celebrity bosses.

Their schedule becomes your schedule, their problems become your problems, and rest assured, their bad mood will inevitably become yours. These jobs are rare and can be very hard to come by, but they are not easy, and are often very unpleasant. Remember, while you may see the smiling, charismatic person laughing and chatting on a late night talk show, nobody is a ray of sunshine all the time, and celebs are no different.

Thinking about working for a celebrity? By the end of this article, you may be thinking twice about your next potential career move. Let’s take a look at 12 of the most horrible celebrity bosses and some of them may shock you.

12 Mariah Carey

11 Lindsay Lohan

This woman has consistently been in headlines throughout the years for her seemingly obnoxious behavior. Lindsay Lohan has been in trouble with the law on numerous occasions for car accidents, DUI, and cocaine possession. The actress is known for her starring role in Mean Girls and while that may be her portraying a character in a movie, she may be a mean girl in real life. After she got into a car accident in 2012, she tried to have her assistant, Gavin Doyle, take the fall for her reckless behavior. He bailed her out of jail and in return, Lohan allegedly attacked Doyle and then threw him out of her vehicle.

10 Paula Deen

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The Food Network star Paula Deen became famous for her shows Paula’s Best Dishes, Paula’s Home Cooking, and Paula’s Party. Her notoriety began after making guest appearances on other Food Network shows. In 2002, Deen was given the opportunity to have her own show, Paula’s Home Cooking, which ended up being a successful series. In 2006, she continued on with the debut Paula’s Party and in 2008, she released Paula’s Best Dishes. She seems like a nice lady right? In 2013, she was the subject of controversy for allegedly using the N-word in a legal deposition. She was hit with a lawsuit from a former employee for racial and sexual harassment. Deen also closed down Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House restaurant in 2014, without giving her employees a heads up. The employees found out through Facebook with a post from Deen that read “Thank you for 10 great years. Uncle Bubba’s is now closed.” Some of the other employees were alerted when they showed up to work and found that there were no kitchen appliances.

9 Courtney Love

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8 Lady Gaga

Primarily known for hit singles such as “Just Dance, “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”, along with elaborate and unique costumes, Lady Gaga is our number eight. In 2008, her debut single “Just Dance” was released which quickly became popular and was nominated for a Grammy Award. Her second single “Poker Face” was on top of the singles charts in nearly every category around the world. Along with her music career, she also landed an acting role on American Horror Story which led to her winning a Golden Globe. Thinking about working for Lady Gaga? Think again. Former employee Jennifer O’Neill filed a lawsuit against Gaga claiming that she was on the job around the clock seven days a week. Even more so, it was claimed that she O’Neill was forced to sleep in the same bed as the pop star since she did not want to sleep by herself.

7 Kim Kardashian

6 Naomi Campbell

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The first black woman to land on the cover of top magazines such as French Vogue and Time Magazine is legend Naomi Campbell. She is known for being one of the most sought after supermodels and for her role on the hit Fox TV series, Empire. Campbell’s career started on the runway and she quickly landed gigs with high-profile clients such as Francois Nars and Ralph Lauren, to name a few. Throughout the years, she gained a reputation for being hot tempered and subjected others to verbal and physical abuse.

In spite of that pretty face, Campbell was involved in 10 assault cases against her between 1998 and 2008. An assistant, Georgina Galanis, was allegedly assaulted by Campbell with a phone and a housekeeper fell victim to Campbell hurling a Blackberry at her. Along with her fiery temper, she also has excessive demands, particularly when it comes to staying at hotel suites. Her former assistant Rebecca White, said that Campbell requested that 25 lily-scented candles needed to be placed in certain spots throughout the hotel room. White said, “There always had to be five candles in the bathroom, 10 in the bedroom and 10 in the living room.”

5 Ben Stiller

4 Katherine Heigl

You probably know Katherine Heigl from roles in Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth and her Emmy Award-winning role on the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy. She began her rise to fame when she landed a role on the show Roswell, and after the show was cancelled, she appeared in several movies including Love Comes Softly, Love’s Enduring Promise, and a prequel to Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. While Heigl is one of the most recognized actresses in film and TV, she may also be one of the most recognized divas. An anonymous source said that she makes outrageous demands that big name movie stars don’t even ask for.

3 Taryn Manning

Sexy blonde Taryn Manning is an actress known for her starring role in Orange is the New Black, Hustle & Flow, and numerous appearances on NYPD Blue and The Practice. In Orange is the New Black, she played the character of Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett who was a meth head and enemy of Piper who was played by Taylor Schilling. She ran into some legal trouble in 2012 after she was accused of physically assaulting her personal assistant, Holliann Hartman. The assault led to Hartman suffering from bruising on her head and body. Even though the case went to trial, Hartman still forgave Manning for the physical attack.

2 James Cameron

Icon James Cameron has directed several incredibly popular movies including Titanic, Spiderman and The Terminator, earning him fame, fortune and Oscar glory. With Titanic, a studio was created in Mexico with a replica of the Titanic in a 17-million-gallon water tank. The cost to make the film was almost $200 million and was faced with numerous delays and other issues. In spite of that, Titanic earned over $1 billion and 14 Academy Award nominations. While we have enjoyed Cameron’s movies, others who worked for him cannot say the same about his demeanor behind the scenes. One of the stars of Titanic, Kate Winslet, is adamant about never working with Cameron again. She witnessed his horrible temper while filming Titanic and he subjected The Abyss cast to urinate on themselves in their wetsuits to cut back on production costs. In the filming of Avatar, if cell phones went off, he allegedly nail-gunned their cell phones to the wall.

1 Scott Rudin

At the age of 21, Scott Rudin was already working as a producer on shows such as He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin and Little GloriaHappy at Last. It wasn’t long before Rudin’s talents were recognized by 20th Century Fox and he was promoted to executive producer. Later in his 20s, he resigned after receiving a promotion to president of production to pursue building his production company. From there, he became known for his work on Sister Act, Pacific Heights and Regarding Henry. He also worked on Clueless, The First Wives Club and Ransom. However, Rudin is allegedly a slave driver who has been known to throw items at his assistants. Moreover, he apparently cannot keep his assistants around long enough since he fires and re-hires constantly. Between 2000 and 2005, he blew through 250 assistants.

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