12 Female Celebs We'd Pay Millions To Have A Date With

I finish taking a shot at this old sports bar in Atlanta, GA. The night is calming down and people slowly start to decamp from the area. My buddy all of the sudden levels intense eye contact and asks, "would you ever pay for a girl?" I'm intrigued so I reply with a question, "As in prostitution? Are you insane?" He draws in closer, "No, like would you pay for, let's say, a hot girl to have dinner with you?" "I would pay for a date, if that's what you mean." "Pay for a date?" "Yeah, I'd actually pay for a date with a model or a hot actress. I'm actually planning on writing an article about it." My friend thinks for a second and calls our server over and asks, "Hey, would you pay for a date with the girl of your dreams? Like with a celebrity or something?" The server throws his eyebrows up and smiles, "I'd go into another student loan for a steak dinner with Rachel McAdams." I laugh and say, "I'll put that in the article." "Really?" I conclude, "Maybe."

For the most part, I feel like most guys would pay an unfathomable amount of cash to have one date with their dream celeb crush. In fact, I ran this idea by my girlfriend and we actually ended up making a pact! In the event that either of us has the chance to go on a date with our celeb crushes, we are allowed to do so without any repercussions. She picked Eric Dane (he plays Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy) and I picked... well, you're going to have to wait till #1 to find out. Just know that you're probably going to agree with my choice.

12 Rachel McAdams

Girls know her from The Notebook and guys probably checked her out in the Sherlock Holmes films. Coming from a humble background, the Canadian born actress rose to the top during her career scoring a lot of highly commended films. So not only is she cute, she's pretty successful, too. Her pursuits don't end there. If you're a tree-hugger, you're about to love this chick even more. Rachel is a devout environmentalist and spent several years promoting the green lifestyle through the web. Even her home solely uses green energy and she reportedly has no ownership of an automobile.

11 Scarlett Johansson

If I could write about Scarlett in all caps, I would. There's just not enough energy in standard type. I can't get enough of her and I know that nothing I write will do her justice. You are the dream and the nightmare, Scarlett. Why a nightmare? Because there's a very good chance I'll never meet you. All you guys out there feel my pain. We know Scarlett from her recent roles in Marvel films, as well as a plethora of others. Yet, even if people haven't specifically seen her in a movie, the general male population still acknowledges that she is one of the hottest women, ever. Esquire magazine even named her the Sexiest Women Alive, twice! You can't beat those ratings no matter who you are, especially since she's the only women ever to be chosen more than once. Yeah, this gorgeous blond is the modern world's immovable sex symbol.

10 Jessica Alba

I could start off by saying how beautiful Jessica Alba is, but I don't need to. You already know you'd do anything for a girl this hot. What is crazy charming about Jess, if  I may call her that, is that she's a serious business women. That's sexy as hell, isn't it? That's right, the lady co-founded a company called "The Honest Company," which is doing pretty amazing in the press and in the tangible numbers. THC focuses on creating non-toxic household goods. So not only is she great at entrepreneurship, she has pushed through to show her marketing muscle as the company did over a $150 million in sales last year. What a double-edged sword! Beauty and brains! Where can we sign up?

9 Jennifer Lawrence

I read so much negative media about how people think Lawrence is an attention craving celebrity that acts clumsy and what not for publicity. I don't believe any of that. If you want to get a real feel for Jennifer: Go on YouTube, type in "Jennifer Lawrence on Jimmy Fallon" and watch the interviews. Hell, watch any interview with the girl. She is so charming and probably one of the realest human beings I have seen on camera in a long while. Yeah, everyone knows her from the Hunger Games movies, but give her some off-cinema attention. Most of her interviews will leave you laughing and drunk of her personality. Besides, she's hot.

8 Mila Kunis

Everything Mila has acted in was amazing. My personal favorites being that 70's Show, the Book of Eli and Ted. I am unable to quench the infinite crush I have on Mila and you probably can't either, but she does have a very unique trait that I love in girls. Mila has heterochromia Iridum which is just a fancy way of saying she has two different colored eyes. I think that's hot. Judge me, but there's just something about it. You can't say having both green and brown eyes isn't at least unique enough to highlight the gal from other women. All that being said, she was also named Esquire's Sexiest Women Alive which puts her on the same level as Scarlett Johansson. I bet you'd pay a million for a date with Mila.

7 Rachel Bilson

I was a freshmen in high school when I first picked up the film, Jumper. First off, amazing film. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. Anyways, the moment I finished watching it I googled the movie's IMDb to figure out who that super hot actress was. Within weeks her name became famous in my school as the movie became more and more popular. Every guy who watched it immediately fell for the unreasonably gorgeous Rachel Bilson. Some may have seen her in How I met your Mother (briefly), and on the C.W.'s Hart of Dixie.

6 Anne Hathaway

Wow, now we're going even further back. Anne Hathaway's babe status hooked onto many of us when we were young. As brothers, we were dragged into watching movies like The Princess Diaries, where we were rewarded for watching the seemingly unbearable "chick-flick" by getting to look at Anne. She's gorgeous and she'll always be. Now, I can't say I like her hair short, but she's still a pretty cool gal. Not to mention, her role as cat women in The Dark Knight was super sexy. If you ever see her on talk shows you'll be impressed by how respectful and genuine she is. A well rounded and talented human being.

5 Maggie Grace

Here's why I love Maggie: Her role as Faith in Showtime's Californication was unbelievably fantastic, as well as her role as Kim in the action thriller, Taken. There is this YouTube video of Maggie on TBS's Conan where she admits that Liam actually prank called her Ex-boyfriend in his Taken persona. It's such a funny video and it really shows off Maggie's solid personality. I'm willing to bet she'd be a ballin' date just because of it. I mean, just look at that internal resume! Hot and tied together with a rocking sense of humor. Plus, aforementioned, she's a great actress without a doubt and she deserves all the credit for her performances, despite what a few critics may say.

4 Anna Kendrick

Everyone knows Anna from her role in the hit movie, Pitch Perfect. Anna is hilarious on interviews and just comes across like this fun sexy open-book type. Starting her career in Broadway, she's really blossomed into the prime of a modern American actress. Her natural beauty matches her well-developed multi-talented voice that has brought her many highlighted roles thus far in her budding career. I imagine Anna to be one of those easy going girls that let's dialogue take the spotlight during a date. So I'm just calling it now... out of everyone I've listed... Anna would probably the most boisterous girl to go on a date with and I mean that as a compliment. Jennifer Lawrence is easily the runner-up.

3 Zooey Deschanel

You already know everything about her crazy good looks and perfect eyes. We first fell in love with Zooey during her role in the holiday comedy Elf, and had to keep ourselves from buying her an engagement ring after watching her performance in Yes Man. Just like Anna Kendrick, Zooey has an amazing voice that has created a bounty of opportunities throughout her career. However, Zooey has put a lot of time into the actual music industry itself, contributing vocals and much more to different collectives outside of film. Zooey is probably a more ideal celeb date for any musician out there because of her status and background in the respective industries.

2 Sophia Bush

If you went down to your local library, dusted off a dictionary and looked up "sexy," you'd flip the pages to find a picture of Sophia Bush. That smile is worth an entire novel. My first run in with Sophia was her role in National Lampoon's Van Wilder. Okay, the movie wasn't that good, but she caught my eye. Obviously, her role as Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill is probably how most Americans know her. I did however, realize early on that Sophia Bush will always be one of the hottest American Actresses and that's essentially the only reason why she made the list. She is that attractive. Who wouldn't want a date with Sophia Bush?

1 Emma Watson

I don't admit this very often, but when I was a child, like many, I became obsessed with Harry Potter. Then, the movies erupted and I was even more hooked on the series. With every movie, Hermione, played by Emma, kept on getting hotter. This girl just took my breath away with every move she made throughout her professional timeline. On one end, she's fighting for Women's rights and education as an activist, and on the other end, she's cool enough to star in outlandish comedies like This is The End. I mean, what's not to love about this girl? She has a big heart, is a total winner, and wields a great sense of humor. This is why Emma Watson is my ultimate celebrity crush. I'd pay millions to go on a date with her. Maybe one day, fingers crossed.

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