12 Celebs You Didn't Know Worked Other Jobs After Leaving Showbiz

There are many celebrities that we have come to know throughout the years as their careers unfolded before our eyes and some have become national icons. From actors to pop stars, these celebrities were able to entertain the masses while enjoying their fame, fortune and notoriety. However, there are some celebrities who just could not hack it in Hollywood and some who pretty much lost almost everything.

There are certain reasons why these celebs are no longer in the public eye, including challenges in Hollywood, no longer being able to get booked for work, divorce, or legal troubles. Not only do these celebrities no longer work in Hollywood, they have also gone back to working regular jobs—some better than others. These jobs include teaching, farm owner, electrician, and even waiting tables. A few of the celebrities who are no longer in their prime in the entertainment industry include Frankie Muniz, Tony Danza and Taran Noah Smith, to name a few. As many people would wonder, let’s explore 12 celebrities who worked regular jobs after losing their riches and what type of jobs they’re doing.

12 Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle)

11 Tony Danza (Who’s the Boss?)

10 George Foreman (Heavyweight boxer)

9 Taran Noah Smith (Home Improvement)

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8 Mike Maronna (The Adventures of Pete & Pete)

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While still in the 7th grade, Mike Maronna landed a starring role in the hit Nickelodeon show, The Adventures of Pete and Pete. He also starred in Home Alone and Home Alone 2 as the mean, older brother of Kevin McCallister. After the third season of The Adventures of Pete and Pete ended, Maronna began an electric job on the film Six Ways to Sunday and also pursued his college education at SUNY-Purchase for Theater Arts. He now works as an electrician for TV and films.

7 Jon Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus 8)

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6 Steven Seagal

5 Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray)

After working at an ice cream shop, Nikki Blonsky’s life took a turn when she landed a starring role in the musical Hairspray in 2007, along with John Travolta. While it seems that she was just thrown into the entertainment industry, Blonsky was dancing and singing throughout her childhood years and gained experience doing musicals while in high school. Since her role ended on Hairspray she started working at a salon in New York out of necessity to pay her bills. Blonsky explained why she was held back after her musical role. It was apparently because of her weight. She said, “I had so many meetings with people telling me, "Well, you’re so beautiful and you have such a gorgeous face, but maybe if you just lost a little weight.”

4 Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls)

Within six months of being signed to an agent, he appeared on the popular daytime soap opera All My Children. After his soap opera role, he landed other comedic gigs including Lovewrecked, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 and Van Wilder: Freshman Year. One of his most popular roles was in the hit movie Mean Girls, where he played the character of Aaron Samuels. However, his career in the entertainment industry came to a halt and he is now working as a spin-class instructor at Flywheel.

3 Kevin Jonas

2 Vanilla Ice

He is known as a reality star, rapper, and gained his fame with his hit 90s song “Ice Ice Baby.” The popular song hit the airwaves on a Georgia radio station which led to a deal with SBK Records. He topped the charts and began touring with M.C. Hammer. In 1991, his second single “Play that Funky Music” was also successful and was number 4 on the pop charts. In spite of Vanilla Ice’s fame, his career started to decline after he was involved in a controversy which destroyed his credibility. He tried to re-energize his career, but it was too late, as critics and fans gave his music a slew of negative reviews which led him to a suicide attempt. He is now working as a house flipper and also has a real estate training course.

1 Dan Lloyd (The Shining)

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Lloyd starred in the horror movie The Shining as Jack Nicholson’s son. Since he was such a young age at the time of filming, he did not realize that he was acting in a horror film. After the release of the film, he decided to further his acting career, but ultimately achieved little success and eventually left the business. After getting declined for numerous acting roles, Lloyd has worked multiple regular jobs including a pig farm and Walmart. He is now a biology teacher at a community college.

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