12 Celebs Who Left Social Media Due To Harassment

For quite some time now, social media has been a huge part of society. Nowadays, it doesn't feel right going out to eat without checking in on Facebook or snapping a shot of your food for Instagram. Parties are pretty much nonexistent unless somebody took Snapchat evidence of it actually happening. Most people also feel the need to Tweet several times a day.

This is definitely the day and age of technology - selfie culture is alive and thriving and even our grandparents now have Facebook accounts. We know what's happening in the world pretty much as it happens, all thanks to different social media outlets. In big ways and small, social media helps us get through our days. While social media has tons of benefits and is entertaining, there are always negatives that come along with everything. Unfortunately anybody is allowed to create a social media account. This creates thousands and thousands of troll accounts, parody accounts, and people who have no disregard for others able to post and say whatever they want on the internet.

Cyber-bullying is a huge issue. Tons of people have gone through it, and sometimes it fades and goes away, but other times, it causes real problems and harm to those being bullied. Celebrities are no strangers to being cyber-bullied, either. They may have all the money and attention in the world, which only brings internet trolls and insensitive people in droves. Even famous people can't take the heat when it comes to thousands of rude people on social media. Here are 12 celebrities who've left social media due to harassment.

12 Dean McDermott

The name Dean McDermott isn't exactly a household name, but he's more famous in Canada than he is in the U.S., so there's that. McDermott is married to Tori Spelling, and they've been in the news for marriage troubles many times. McDermott has appeared in his wife's former reality series, and is also the host for Chopped Canada. He received tons of hate through Twitter in October of 2014 for supposedly being seen at a sex shop while Spelling was being hospitalized. This caused McDermott to shut down his Twitter account for quite some time - but he's now back up on the social media site.

11 Jennifer Love Hewitt

10 Emma Roberts

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9 Charlotte Dawson

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Charlotte Dawson was an Australian model and author. In her book Air Kiss & Tell, she spoke of her depression, detailing it and letting readers into her illness. Dawson was on Australia's Next Top Model, but after she lost her spot it was believed she dealt with financial hardships, making her life even more difficult. Her ex-husband also dealt with a drug addiction which led to their divorce, putting even more strain on her life. Social media was a big part of her life, and she got tons of hate throughout her active years on it. In 2012, Dawson's depression tied in with all of the cyber-bullying she was going through via Twitter actually landed her in the hospital because of a suicide attempt. Sadly, in 2014, Dawson did end up committing suicide via drug overdose.

8 Sinead O' Connor

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7 Helen Skelton

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Helen Skelton is a Blue Peter presenter and also raises tons of money for fundraisers and coordinates charity events - despite her being an all around good person, she got hate on Twitter as well that led to her shutting down her account. In 2012, Skelton was a presenter for BBC and was working at the Olympics. Tons of people called her a "young and blonde bimbo" among other insults, which she wasn't prepared for. Skelton Tweeted, "Turns out I don't have very thick skin after all so I am closing my Twitter account. Enjoy the games. Signing off, skelts x," to her 40,000 followers.

6 Zayn Malik

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One Direction good boy turned solo artist bad boy Zayn Malik once left social media for a whole 48 hours. Turns out that he had tons of haters among the Directioners and he couldn't take the heat any longer. According to his Twitter, whenever he'd Tweet something simple, he'd receive tons of hate. Additionally, Twitter fueled rumors that he was smoking weed and was cheating on his girlfriend, which caused him more stress. 48 hours after he announced he was leaving Twitter, he apologized to his fans and said that the abuse was a little much but that he wouldn't be leaving the site any longer.

5 Chris Brown

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4 Adele

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It's hard to imagine anybody wanting to say anything mean to Adele - after all, she's one of the world's biggest stars and is fairly unproblematic. Adele is definitely back up on social media and boasts a staggering amount of followers (25.4 million to be exact). Three years ago when Adele gave birth to her son Angelo, Adele shut down her Twitter because she was receiving death threats on her newborn. Her newborn! Although she's back up on social media now, can you really blame her for leaving back in the day?

3 Chrissy Teigen

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It's surprising how many people hate Chrissy Teigen - she's drop dead gorgeous, she's hilarious, and she's married to John Legend. I guess all three of those things fuel a lot of hatred, because Teigen gets it on a daily basis for just being herself. Teigen is up on Twitter now, and taking a look through her account proves she's not afraid to defend herself or what she believes into keyboard warriors. However in 2014, Teigen left Twitter for some time after sharing her opinions on a shooting that happened in Canada, along with her views on gun control. This caused Teigen to receive numerous death threats, which lead to her leaving Twitter.

2 Iggy Azalea

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It seems that from the beginning of her career, Iggy Azalea has been receiving hate from the general public and even from celebrities. In early 2015, Azalea decided to call it quits with Twitter because of some pictures paparazzi took of her butt. The photos were unflattering and revealed some cellulite, causing the internet to go wild with body image insults for Azalea, which led to her departure. She came back shortly after, but in late 2015, Azalea announced again she'd be using Twitter much less frequently due to general hate towards her.

1 Zelda Williams

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On August 11, 2014, the world lost Robin Williams. It seemingly sent shock waves through his fans, and even people who hadn't seen him in any movies, as well as Hollywood. His daughter, Zelda Williams, was obviously distraught. People on social media saw Williams' death as a chance to torment Zelda, which led to her leaving Twitter. Twitter users sent her memes making fun of her father's death, as well as photoshopped images of dead men with her father's face on them. She has since started using social media again, but it's safe to say that Twitter was definitely not kind to her when she needed a little compassion the most.

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