12 Celebrities Who Looked Better Before Going Under The Knife

The main reason for plastic surgery back in the early 20th century was to repair disfigured, injured faces from the war - now it seems the opposite. Nowadays it is often a method to enhance bodies and faces, usually with the effect of making someone look much younger than they actually are. The most common group in society well known for getting these plastic surgeries are celebrities. While there are few who can pull off plastic surgery smoothly and in a subtle way, there are simply some faces out there that make you lean back and cringe. The plastic surgery that once fixed faces, is now ruining faces.

Is the blame on an unprofessional doctor or a horribly vain celebrity? From Botox, to skin tucks, lip injections and fillers, there are a range of plastic surgeries that can go so, so wrong. If these celebrities seem to have enough money for a plastic surgeon of some caliber, then where did everything screw over? Whatever the reason is, usually plastic surgery disasters cannot be reversed and you’d be sad to know that these ruined celebrities used to be complete bombshells - and not the type that would send you hiding to the nearest bomb shelter on sight.

12 Donatella Versace

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Scary! For a leading figure in a fashion house, it’s a relief to know that Donatella Versace is endorsing clothes and not skincare or makeup. From fillers to Botox to laser skin resurfacing, Donatella seems to have had it all, to the point where many are already frightened by her appearance. Her facial skin seems to have a dusty, paper-like texture while her eyes are swollen inwards and her lips seem to be bloated without a clear shape! It is a stark contrast to Donatella in the 80s and 90s, with smooth skin, bright eyes and curvy lips. Of course, Donatella seems to have taken on the surgeries to stay looking youthful, but compared to now, a natural aged look may have turned out much better.

11 Michael Jackson

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How can you miss this one? MJ rocked the world with shock when he started to get lighter and lighter, like a ghost, but with an oddly pointed nose and chin. Michael suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and believed that lighter skin, a more defined nose - generally more European features - would make him more attractive and boost his career. In a strange way, it did, since he gained a lot of media attention from his complete transformation. However, in his younger days, Michael seems to be just fine and well-groomed, many even envied his appearance and he could have been a great African-American role model... Until he stopped looking like it.

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10 Janice Dickinson

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At the age of 61, former supermodel Janice Dickinson is clearly clinging to her fading beauty through the wonders of plastic surgery. Now with wide and shapeless lips and an overly-stretched face, a portrait of Janice in her heyday as a model shows a faint resemblance, her eyes were doe-like and her lips were full, pouty and au naturel. All the plastic surgery, tucks, facelifts, Botox and liposuction appear to have done very little to restore Janice to her previous beauty. Sometimes, it is just easier to accept that youth and beauty do fade away, and sometimes, they can fade away gracefully too.

9 Carrot Top

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Yes, the Carrot Top or plainly Scott Thompson. This bulky, redhead actor definitely did not have frightening 45-degree angle brows and glaring eyes naturally - it’s all a result of plastic surgeries. The younger Carrot Top still had the same bushy and fiery hair but natural, bright eyes and a geeky yet adorable smile. Those eyebrows were also not hostile then.

8 Jocelyn Wildenstein

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Though now Jocelyn looks more suiting to a zoo than the red carpet (well, there’s a pronounced jaw and a lion’s mane, really), it’s hard to believe that she was once a dazzling starlet with a defined face and a lovely smile. There seems to be almost no similarities between now and before her plastic surgery in the 60s. Now Jocelyn looks disfigured, bulging and patchy with what can presumably be Botox and overly large features that look more animal than human. It seems that she may have been better off without going under the knife!

7 Priscilla Presley

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Mostly known as the wife of rock and roll legend Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley was definitely just as sexy as Elvis was handsome. Her doll-like cheeks and baby blue eyes made girls jealous, as those would have definitely helped her win the heart of the King of Rock. Though of course, Priscilla’s cheeks are a little heavier and unnaturally smooth due to silicone injections, with her eyes being somewhat deep-set as a result of surgeries like laser and Botox. For a woman in her seventies she’s doing quite well! We have to hand Priscilla this one.

6 Mickey Rourke

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Usually one thinks of a woman with exaggerated features and probably horrific lips when someone mentions bad celebrity plastic surgery, but male celebs also have their fair share of them for similar reasons. Mickey Rourke, especially in his younger days in the 80s when his fame peaked in Hollywood, was definitely a heart throb. With a dashing, honest smile and a strong jaw, teens were completely in love with him. But the way Mickey entered the plastic surgery business is tragic. After his Hollywood decline, he engaged in pro boxing and despite his wins, he came out of it with smashed cheekbones, nose and head injuries to the point that he needed reconstructive plastic surgery. What’s worse is his plastic surgeon also did a botched job, which ruined his face. His face became bloated, lips frighteningly huge and his eyes had almost disappeared within the folds of it all. Poor Mickey!

5 Courtney Love

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Sigh. Like Priscilla Presley, Courtney Love’s fame stems from her marriage to a celeb- Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, as well as her singing career. When Cobain passed, Courtney was left with his fortune and had gone down the path of drugs, alcoholism and rehabilitation, which all took a toll on her appearance. Then of course, there were the years too and Courtney is already 51. Gone are the innocent, wide eyes, held taut as a result of surgery and her once round nose is now awkwardly square-shaped. Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether the disastrous surgery is worse, or all the candid photos of Courtney being off her face with smudged makeup and greasy hair.

4 Pamela Anderson

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As much as Pamela is still famous now for her looks and body, her natural features and figure from her Baywatch days are much dreamier. Besides the obvious work on her chest, Pamela also seemed to have chiseled her nose and lifted her cheeks to the point her smiles were no longer carefree and more… tight. Despite all these surgeries though, Pamela is starting to have very obvious wrinkles, being in her forties, and is nothing like the sweet-faced youngster she used to be. This younger Pamela is pretty much unrecognizable!

3 Cher

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Do you believe in love after plastic surgery? We all love Cher, her voice is an inspiration to so many and her hits are a classic across all ages. But there is also the fact that Cher is about 70 years old already, and around the late 80s when she was already in her early forties, Cher’s beautiful face started to grow longer, cheeks more pronounced and overly smooth. Her nose and lips were soon losing shape… until the current Cher now looks like the bitter mother of her younger self. Through the facelifts, brow lifts, nose jobs and Botox, Cher is still more decent looking than most her age blasting through plastic surgeries.

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2 Pete Burns

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No, this is not a screenshot from a horror movie. This is Pete Burns, the lead singer of the famous 80s band Dead Or Alive. He spun his face right round, for sure. Once a handsome and somewhat baby-faced idol, through the 90s plastic surgery started to turn Pete into a beast. First ruined were his lips, swelling into bloated little balloons, until the contours his face started to hollow out from fillers and Botox. Then there is now- the outline of this young, dashing star is all but gone, even if you try and squint to find anything to recognize within the horribly botched aesthetic he has now. Sometimes one feels like asking, why?

1 Dolly Parton

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Another almost unrecognizable celebrity. Far from the abnormally large-chested, sparkly and glittery star you see now, this was Dolly Parton before her relationship with the plastic surgeon. While now some are even horrified by her gigantic chest, her lips that seem to grin all the way to her ears and her shrinking eyes, Dolly Parton was once quite the innocent sweetheart. At age 70 and still going strong with her singing career, Dolly definitely believes keeping herself as buxom as possible is essential, even if it can be cringe-worthy.


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