12 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Michelle Keegan

Little was known about the name Michelle Keegan outside the UK up until just over a year ago when she appeared at the top of FHM's 2015 list of sexy women, landing her the big title of 'Sexiest Woman in The World'. Unless you haven't already been curious to find out who beat celebrity hotties like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton in FHM's eyes, she is an English actress and model, mostly known for her role in the British soap opera  Coronation Street. The series is one of the longest running shows in the history of television and first aired in 1960, becoming an inseparable part of British culture. So far it has a whopping 8,914 episodes and Michelle Keegan has been present in 816 of them - nearly a tenth of the entire series. Her participation lasted six years from 2008 to 2014, when the actress moved on to star in the six-part British drama television series Ordinary Lies.

She has since done several other TV shows, but has yet to make an appearance on the big screen, as we're sure she will. For now though, we decided to learn just a little bit more about her and share what we've found with you.

12 Used To Work As A Gate Agent

It's not uncommon that many of the faces we recognize in movies and series came to the world of acting from different professions. Not everyone graduated from drama school, and even those who did had to first struggle with other jobs, before breaking through and following their dream. Such was the case with Michelle Keegan, who started out working at a well-known department store chain in England called Selfridges. And that's not all, though. Before getting into professional acting, she also had a job at Manchester Airport as a gate agent.

11 Broke Up With A Cheating Max George

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If you weren't aware of this, we imagine there's a lot going through your head after just reading the heading. Firs of all, the fact that she was dating former boy-band member, The Wanted star Max George. And not only were they dating, they were engaged to be married already a year into their relationship. BUT, a year later Keegan broke it off due to strains in the relationship followed by the long time Max spent away during their last year. In addition to that, Max kept busy by exchanging naughty text messages with his ex-girlfriend, which she herself revealed later. How exactly do you do that to the sexiest woman on the planet, Max?

10 Is Now Happily Married

Sorry to all those of you who were starting to develop your latest celebrity crush, but Michelle Keegan has found her new love and he's already put a ring on it. Shortly after splitting with Max George (and for the better), Keegan began dating English actor and reality TV star Mark Wright. The two got engaged in Dubai back in 2013, and didn't get married until two years later in 2015. But we're glad they did, Michelle deserves the very best. As if to honor the fact that they were engaged in Dubai, Michelle decided to have her bachelorette party there, too.

9 Played Tinkerbell

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Not sure what it is, but there's something subtly sexy about Tinkerbell. Is it because she's a fairy? Or maybe there's just a kind of special air about the name? Either way, Michelle Keegan stepped outside the realm of TV shows and tried her acting abilities on stage. She played the part of Tinkerbell in the play Peter Pan, which toured Europe during the years 2014 and 2015. And to make sure she does well in the performance, the actress went the extra step. After six years of playing the same character on the show Coronation Street, in which she also made her debut on screen, she decided to start taking acting classes. A brave commitment for an already popular actress.

8 Has Been Recognized By FHM Before

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If you only heard of Michelle Keegan because she was awarded the title of "Sexiest Woman in The World" last year, then you will probably be surprised to learn that she has actually been present on FHM's list in previous years, too. In fact, she has even been featured on the cover of their magazine in January 2011. Keegan was placed on the 30th position in 2011 and worked her way up from there, reaching number 26, 4 and 2 respectively, in the following years, until ultimately making it to the very top in 2015.

7 Wants To Come To America

In an interview to Saturday magazine, Michelle Keegen said that she would 'absolutely love to get a job in America'. You hear that Hollywood producers? The world's most beautiful girl is just waiting to get invited to star in one of your pictures! And we would be so excited to see that happen, so let's hope that after her rise to worldwide fame thanks to the popular magazine, where she has been listed, those invitations will start pouring in and she will say 'yes', to at least one of them. She also mentioned that she would really like to break free from the TV screen and land a role on the big screen. Ideally, she dreams of doing a romantic comedy.

6 Is Big On Fashion

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Not only does she have an impressive sense of style, Michelle Keegan is celebrated for it and is a recognized fashion staple. She also makes an effort to keep up with all the latest trends, as she has been spotted on many occasions sitting in the front rows of high-end fashion shows. She is particularly fond of the London Fashion week, which she rarely misses. The actress has also tried her skills out as a fashion designer. She worked on creating her own line of clothing for Lipsy London, which, by the way, is a clothing brand the Kardashians work with.

5 Was Cast Only After Her Second Audition

Not many actors have had it easy when it comes to try-outs, auditioning and landing roles. The same cannot be said about this pretty lady, however. It turns out she landed her first (and biggest so far) role after only two auditions. The first was unsuccessful - and it was surely the producers' loss; but the second one got her the part of the sexy and seductive Tina McIntyre, for which she is best known. To get the role she was competing against 900 other girls! That's just to get a taste of how popular the series is and how talented Michelle Keegan is.

4 Was Born In Manchester

Or Great Manchester, to be exact. If you're into soccer and follow European teams, this name should say a lot to you. If you're not that into sports, but have a knack for music - it will strike you as the hometown of a band called Oasis. Anyway, to be very precise, Michelle Keegan is from a town called Stockport, which lies in Great Manchester. She was born to an English father and her mother is from Gibraltar, which makes Michelle a quarter Spanish. Ah, we suspected it! She also attended the Manchester School Of Acting.

3 She's A Model, Too

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This should hardly surprise anyone. One look at Michelle Keegan and without at a doubt, you could picture her as a high-profile model that fashion magazines would kill to be able to feature on their covers. We mentioned that the actress had dabbled in designing her own clothes line, well, can you guess who did the showcasing of her new designs? She did it herself. And she looked absolutely gorgeous, while she was at it. Her beautiful figure, picture-perfect features and wonderfully shiny, thick hair must have been created for this very purpose. Besides, what better way to promote your own clothing line?

2 Has A Big Heart

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So big, in fact, that she has lent it to the British Heart Foundation charity. Not literally, mind you, but she has done a great job in supporting the charity and was among the many who donated their sofas to the British Heart Foundation in order to raise money. She has used her voice as a celebrity to raise awareness of the campaign and help attract more donations. She is also named patron of the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity, which she thinks to be one of the best hospitals in UK, as well as the largest.

1 Was An Ugly Duckling

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Shocked? So were we, but such was the confession of Michelle Keegan herself. In an interview published several years ago, the actress quite openly discloses that she wasn't always as glamorous and pretty as we know her today. She said she didn't really pay much attention to her appearance, when she was younger, and was even 'a bit of a geek' during her first year in school. Keegan went on to share that she wore braces for three entire years and carried some puppy fat on her. She didn't start focusing more on her looks until she was 17, and had already left school.

Sources: DailyMail, FHM, Express

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