12 Actors You Didn't Know Lied To Get A Role

There is no surprise that in Hollywood, a city built on people who are talented in pretending to be those they are not, there is no shortage of bending the truth. Sometimes actors and actresses have to fib a little bit here and there to help them land that perfect role, or any role to get their foot in the door of fame.

In an industry that relies on good looks and sex appeal, age can be crippling to someone’s career. So, this leaves no shortage of lying about your age. However, with the rise of the internet and free press on the world wide web, it has become harder and harder to lie about your age successfully and easier and easier for everyone to find out when you do. The same goes for lying about your birthplace or nationality.

Even with the internet, and ease of access to their history, actors and actresses still try, and successfully, lie about many different things to land roles and auditions. Here are some of the many lies told in Hollywood, mostly innocent and mostly harmless. Some of them are downright funny and bold, while others would have been so insignificant we would have never known or cared had they not confessed. Here are twelve stars who you didn't know have lied for roles.

12 Robert Pattinson

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Before Twilight came out, Robert Pattinson had reportedly lied a number of times to try to or successfully land different acting roles. Taking advantage of his English accent, he lied and told people he had attended Oxford University as well as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He had also lied about being American for roles before. However, after the Twilight series came out and he received a higher level of fame for his role, he no longer lied to get roles. It seems that when the spotlight turns on you, it gets a lot harder to have your lies go unnoticed.

11 Sandra Bullock

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10 Daniel Craig

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9 Rachel McAdams

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Actress Rachel McAdams has held a number of different roles from Sherlock Holmes to The Notebook. She also had a role in To The Wonder where she had to be around horses a lot. McAdams told the casting directors that she loved horses to help her get the role, when really she is terrified of them. One more slightly larger issue with the lie she told, she’s also allergic to horses and had to deal with that during filming. Talk about a good actress, she had to not only hide her terror, but also possible allergic reactions outside of her control!

8 Rebel Wilson

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Funny girl Rebel Wilson, who has sung her way into America’s heart as Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect movies, managed to fool everyone for a while. The actress, who was claiming to be twenty-nine at the time, was busted by an Australian magazine when they revealed that she was actually born in 1980, which would have made her thirty-six. This is not a huge problem though, seeing as how the actress passed for the sassy and sarcastic college student so well anyways! More power to her. The magazine also pointed out her elaborate stories of growing up were not true, and she really lived a pretty normal life growing up.

7 Anne Hathaway

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6 Liam Hemsworth

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For his role in Last Song, Liam Hemsworth assured director Julie Ann Robinson that he was an experienced volleyball player. However, Hemsworth really barely had any experience in the game. His lie became pretty clear during a tournament scene they filmed in front of hundreds of fans. The director had to actually ask the movie extras in the tournament to lose to Hemsworth because they were making the actor look bad. He apparently asked for a volleyball double for the shooting process, but just had to tough it out for the rest of the film.

5 Carla Gugino

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Probably best known for her roles in Watchmen and Sin City; Carla Gugino is no stranger to Hollywood. The actress, who is now in her forties, started off pretty young. When auditioning for Troop Beverly Hills, Gugino was sixteen years old. However, during the audition she had found out the director was looking for someone slightly younger. No problem for Gugino, as she just said she was actually fourteen. At the time, it was not as easy to figure out an actor or actress’ real age, so she won the role. She apparently found out later, after revealing her lie, that he would not have hired her had he known her real age.

4 Whoopi Goldberg

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While often times actresses will lie and say they are younger than their actual age to get a role, comedienne/actress Whoopi Goldberg went another route when she started acting. Apparently through different auditions around town, she kept hearing that she was too young for the role. So she came to the conclusion that no one would hire her because of her age. So Goldberg decided to start saying she was older than she was, but not just by a year or two. Goldberg apparently told casting directors and agents that she was actually 6 years older than she really was. Clearly it worked.

3 Jessica Chastain

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2 Chloë Grace Moretz

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Stunning young star Chloë Grace Moretz, probably best known for her role in Kick-Ass as the teenage crime fighter, is no stranger to Hollywood. She also isn’t a stranger to great acting, on or off the screen. When auditioning for Hugo, in front of director Martin Scorsese, she had the idea that he only wanted British actors for the movie and she went for it. She managed to pull off a British accent for the entire audition until the very end when Scorsese asked her if she could do an American accent. Moretz responded, “Maybe.” Her trick impressed him and she landed the role.

1 Mila Kunis

When Mila Kunis auditioned for her role as Jackie for That '70s Show, she was only fourteen years old. It was a rule that to be hired you had to be eighteen. So when asked, she said she would be turning eighteen on her birthday and was given the role. Only thing, she did not specify which birthday. So really she was giving the truth since she did not say which birthday she would be turning eighteen on, and became a huge image of the show as the spoiled but lovable Jackie for the rest of its run time.

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