11 Things You Didn't Know About Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is one of the most well known names in Hollywood, but do you really know that much about her? She tends to avoid the media, therefore generally staying out of too many headlines. And while she was often photographed doing “normal people” like grabbing coffee or food shopping with husband Ashton Kutcher when they first began dating, they did successfully manage to keep their relationship as discreet as possible. (This is especially true when considering how widely reported on Kutcher’s previous relationship was with Demi Moore).

Since Kunis and Kutcher had their baby, Wyatt, Kunis has been even more hidden than usual. Luckily, we have a ton of past interviews to pick through if we ever want to learn something new and cool about Kunis.

For instance, you may be aware that she dated Home Alone actor Macaulay Culkin for many years, but did you know that during that time she was at the peak of her obsession with World of Warcraft. Yes, she’s a major gamer.  So, while we might know a great deal about her character Jackie from The 70’s Show, or how scary and provocative her role in Black Swan was, there are so many other interesting things about this brunette beauty left untold.

Here are 11 things you never knew about Mila Kunis — the shocking, intriguing, and the downright strange.

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11 Chuck Norris Taught Her How To Punch

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As crazy as this sounds, it is not an exaggeration. Kunis was acting alongside Chuck Norris in her guest appearance on Walker, Texas Ranger. In the episode, she attended Walker Ranger’s Teen Camp, and she and other girls at the camp are taught the meaning of teamwork. While on set, Norris offered to give Kunis some tips on punching. She has talked about this in interviews, and said his primary tip was never to punch with her thumbs on the inside of her fist. He also told her that after she hits, she should quickly bring her hands back to protect herself. She’s said at the time she didn’t realize having Chuck Norris teach her fighting skills was cool, but of course, as she got older she realized the significance of it. Now she says she tells everyone constantly, “Chuck Norris taught me how to fight!”

10 Lied About Her Age To Audition For “That 70’s Show”

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When Kunis auditioned for the role of Jackie on That 70’s Show, the part required an actor who was 18 or older. Although she was only 14 at the time, she wanted to ensure she’d qualify for the role, so she told casters that she would be 18 soon. She figured that if she was able to effectively act as an 18-year-old, she was certainly qualified for the part. Of course, everyone found out her real age when she was signing her contract, and by that time no one minded. In fact, it’s said people actually found her fib to be funny, and a smart way to land herself the role. Luckily for her, as the show really put Kunis on the map. She starred on the series for the entirety of its run — from 1998 until 2006.

9 Addicted Gamer

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A lot of men would simply love this about the gorgeous Mila Kunis — she is super into gaming, in addition to being a bombshell. In fact, she has admitted in interviews that there was a long stretch of time where she couldn’t get enough of World of Warcraft. Her addiction to the game got so serious that she had to force herself to quit cold turkey.

After that, she quickly found another game to obsess over: Facebook’s Farmville. In an interview with Esquire UK, she said, “all you do is grow wheat. And then you grow blueberries. It's so monotonous and great at the same time.” In addition to gaming, she’s also admitted in the past to be somewhat of a gambler.

8 Her Family Won A Lottery To Leave Ukraine

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Kunis was born Melina Markovna Kunia and was raised until age 7 in the Ukraine. At 7, her family won a lottery that allowed them to leave their home country and move to the United States. According to Kunis, the lottery was quite a complex system, but they were able to win. In the U.S., they completely started a new life with only an estimated $250 to their name. They set up in Los Angeles, and it wasn’t long before Kunis began taking acting classes and auditioning for roles. Her parents, as previously mentioned, took on full-time jobs and the cash quickly began coming in. Kunis has said she was able to successfully learn English with help from the acting classes and her school friends.

7 Worked At Rite Aid While Filming “That 70’s Show”

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Kunis held a couple of odd jobs on the side at certain points throughout the filming of That 70’s Show. One of them was scooping ice cream at a stand in Rite Aid. According to Kunis, she had a very strict upbringing, and her parents were adamant about each having full-time jobs. Because she was not old enough to drive, she relied on her parents to bring her to and from the set of That 70’s Show, and the pickups and drop-offs had to take place around their work schedules. Her mother worked at Rite Aid, so Kunis would often have to get picked up and go directly to her mom’s shift with her there. After a while, she began working there as well. Kunis has said she worked there even past the first season of the show. She stayed until too many people began recognizing her.

6 Mila Kunis The Hobbit?

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It’s a widely accepted assumption that Mila Kunis is very short. It possibly has to do with how teeny she looked compared to her That 70’s Show co-stars — particularly her now-husband Asthon Kutcher, and the show’s other female lead, Laura Prepon, who is 6 inches taller than Kunis. In reality, Kunis is 5’4”, which is almost exactly the average height of women in the U.S., according to AverageHeight.co.

Kunis did an interview with Esquire where she discussed this, noting people will say, ‘you're not five foot four.’ And I'll say, ‘People, I know my height. I’m constantly winning bets — hundreds of dollars.’” On the other hand, Kunis is said to have tiny features, and as anyone can visibly tell, is very thin which makes her appear even tinier. Those close to her even sometimes call her, “Hobbit.”

5 Her Eyes Are Two Different Colors

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Kunis revealed a few years ago to Cosmopolitan that she was blind in one eye for quite some time before receiving corrective eye surgery. She said no one publicly knew about the issue. The blindness was due to chronic iritis, which is an inflammation that affects the eye’s iris. When left untreated, it leads to glaucoma and/or vision loss. According to Kunis, she kept this information mum while it was happening for fear of losing roles because to the health issue. Now she can see out of both eyes just fine. Though the sight issue was corrected through the surgery, it caused her eye to change colors. Her left eye is brown and her right eye is green. It’s very difficult to tell, though, unless looked up close.

4 Angelina Jolie's Younger Self

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Kunis landed the role of Angelina Jolie’s younger self in the HBO film Gia. The movie is about a lesbian supermodel that is struggling with drug addiction and AIDs. Kunis has said she and her family weren’t really aware of what the entire film was about when she excepted the role. It was only after filming was complete and they watched the movie that the pieces came together about how serious of a plot the film had, especially for an 11-year-old Kunis to be involved in.

Regardless, she was honored to be a younger version of the stunning and iconic Jolie. Afterwards, they’ve received praise for being a well-matched young/old pair of actresses. While Kunis’ part did not receive any nominations, some of the film’s other talent ended up receiving various Emmys, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards.

3 She Fell Asleep While Kissing Justin Timberlake

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Yes, this is sort of unbelievable, yet true as well. When Kunis was filming the movie Friends with Benefits, she and Justin Timberlake played love interests. During the filming of a particular kissing scene, Kunis passed out completely. According to the film’s director, Will Gluck, Timberlake had to call cut when he realized she’d fallen asleep. The cast and crew then went on to make a joke of this, noting Timberlake’s moves with the ladies must have not been up to par. Truth is, girl was just exhausted. Kunis and Timberlake ultimately became close friends during the filming of the movie. She even adamantly defended him to a Russian reporter while during press for the film. The reporter asked why Timberlake had left music for movies, and Kunis shut her down completely, saying he can do whatever he wants.

2 She Almost Got “Knocked Up”

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Before Katherine Heigl officially got the lead role of Alison in the box office comedy Knocked Up, Kunis had auditioned to play the part. The movie became a huge hit, but it didn’t stop Kunis from succeeding in another huge comedy soon after. Although director Judd Apatow ended up passing on Kunis for this role in Knocked Up, he later found her to be an ideal fit for another of his movies — Forgetting Sarah Marshall. In the film, she played Rachel, the new love interest of Jason Segel’s character, Peter. The role required her to improvise certain parts, and she did so successfully. The movie moved Kunis past the That 70’s Show era, and onto new things. Critics praised her for her portrayal of Rachel, and she was even nominated for a Teen Choice Award for the film.

1 Potty Mouth At The Ballpark 

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News flash — many women pretend to like sports. However, it seems Kunis is an exception to that rule. She’s constantly spotted at sporting events, including NFL games with her unwavering support for the Chicago Bears, and at baseball games rooting on her Los Angeles Dodgers. While she enjoys many sports, baseball is her primary passion. In fact, she is so passionate about the sport that she almost got kicked out of Dodgers’ stadium after screaming profanities during a 2008 game against the Philadelphia Phillies. The primary issue was that her foul mouth apparently offended a nearby 10-year-old boy. Ultimately, she piped down and they let her stay. But, it doesn’t change the fact that girl loves her teams — even if it means unintentionally upsetting kids.

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