11 Stars Who Accidentally Flashed Us In Movies

Let’s just admit it. When most people see the latest attractive women and men who’ve become massive stars in the film industry, most of us wonder what they look like without all of their clothes. Many of them are talented actors who end up appearing in the buff in a film where the story makes the scene make sense. Some of them, when looking for a paycheck, show off their bodies for no other reason than producers knowing many, many people want to see it. Either way, we’re not here to complain.

Then there are times when audiences if they pay enough attention, got to see actor’s naughty bits without anyone realizing it. The stars in question may not have wanted you to. Hell, in some cases the producers, directors, and editors may not have even noticed what was on display. Don’t fret; we’re always here for you. Let us walk you through the most noteworthy times unexpected and unintended nudity appeared in films.

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11 Katherine Heigl in Side Effects

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Released, just after she first came to true prominence with her role in Grey’s Anatomy, Katherine surprisingly served as the producer of this film where she showed as much flesh as she ever has. A film obviously made for little to no money, Side Effects starred the actress as a pharmaceutical rep and in what seems like a calculated move, she dances topless in a random scene. After convincing a doctor to try the drug she is pushing, the film cuts to her undressing and shimmying topless in her room. Facing away from the camera, she takes her bra off, but near the end of the scene, momentum and the chosen angle showed more than the actress intended.

10 Amy Smart in Crank 2: High Voltage

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Amy Smart has never been shy to show off her chest but it took a film that was shot with a frenetic pace for cameras to catch more than they were supposed to. A franchise where the main character must keep his adrenaline pumping like crazy or die, his girl played by Ms. Smart, ends up having public sex with him. In the sequel, when she jumps on someone’s back, it was noticed that you can see some of her private parts, so to speak.

9 Gabrielle Union in Bad Boys II

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Gabrielle Union has worked non-stop since she first burst onto the acting scene and in those years, she has earned her fair share of admirers. As alluring as any of her fellow film stars, she has never willingly shown off her private parts but dogged nudity enthusiasts picked up on a moment in Bad Boys II where her clothing betrays her. In the midst of all the Michael Bay movie panoramas, cuts, and unrelenting action, Gabrielle’s nipple says hello while she is shot from below.

8 Kristen Bell in Spartan

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First coming to prominence when she starred in the cult show Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell has a very loyal fan base who eagerly awaits her next project. A true beauty, many of those people have celebrated once her roles began to include sexier elements. Nude but covered in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, dancing in her underwear in House of Lies or showing off a bit of butt in The Lifeguard, she has proven she is no prude. In the film Spartan, she played the President’s daughter and she is being held against her will. Her character wants to escape but it is her boob that exits her shirt when her character is punched in the stomach.

7 Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction

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Quentin Tarantino's Second film hit the film world like a nuke and is remembered for many, many things, but the fact that Bruce Willis’ little friend is viewable for a brief moment is mostly forgotten. A boxer who wins his fight, against the wishes of a deadly criminal, Butch as played by Willis, escapes to a motel with his girlfriend Fabienne. After jumping into the shower, Bruce’s member is covered with a strategically placed towel but when he sits to finish drying off he raises the towel to his head, exposing himself for seconds.

6 Cameron Diaz in Vanilla Sky

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In one of her best performances where she ended up showing off more than just her acting skills, Cameron plays Julie Gianni, a gorgeous and famous woman who sleeps with Tom Cruise’s David Aames. Overcome with despair that her lover has fallen for another woman she eventually attempts to kill them both unsuccessfully. When David, struggling with his sanity ties someone up, we see Cameron wearing lingerie with her wrists bound together. When she rolls over her nipple barely escapes its covering for the briefest of moments.

5 Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Know What You Did Last Summer

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Known best, for playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the hugely popular television show, Sarah Michelle Gellar also tangled on the big screen with a serial killer in this nineties slasher flick. One of a group of friends who ran down a man in the middle of the night and concealed their misdeed, they are being hunted by someone seeking revenge. In a pivotal scene, Sarah after appearing as the “Croaker Queen” feverishly tries to escape the madman while donning a dress. As she frantically pulls at a rope, the shot comes from above, which reveals that her nipple is peaking out, to say hello.

4 Tom Cruise in All the Right Moves

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Inarguably one of the biggest film stars of all time, Tom’s good looks earned him the accolade of being named The Sexiest Man Alive in 1990 by People Magazine. Some fans were so interested in seeing what the man was packing that during his infamous Risky Business dance scene, they sat working the pause button again and again. They may not have realized another movie, All the Right Moves, released the same year was the movie that had the goods. Sure, you need to have impressive pause timing and the ability to ignore the incredible body of Leah Thompson, but this film is the nudity destination for fans of the famed Scientologist.

3 Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Tuxedo

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When a taxi driver played by Jackie Chan takes on a job for a wealthy espionage agent, he comes into possession of a special tuxedo that grants him the abilities of a trained spy. He then gets paired up, with an alluring and brilliant scientist who mistakes him for his former boss, and dreams of being a field agent. In one scene, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character falls into the clutches of a henchman. Forced underwater, she struggles to escape his clutches, and thanks to the eagle eyes people who exhaustively look at screengrabs, we know the actress unintentionally served up a nipple for a slight moment.

2 Denzel Washington in Ricochet

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An incredibly talented actor who is inarguably a very good looking man, Denzel has made a lot of amazing films but it is one of the crappier movies he starred in that appears here. Portraying an everyday cop, he develops a blood feud with a criminal played by John Lithgow. You didn’t come here for a rundown of the movie’s plot, however. So we’ll just tell you if you are skilled with a remote you should pay attention when Mr. Washington is getting undressed in a cop locker room.

1 Natalie Portman in Closer

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In the build up to the release of this unrelentingly vulgar film, word got out that Natalie had shot fully nude scenes for her role as a stripper in Closer. Ultimately cut from the film, it was reported that the nude footage was burned by the director, but a flash of inadvertent nipple is still plainly visible. After she sits spread eagle for her customer, she goes to stand up and you can see more than you were supposed to, for a few ticks. Natalie may have shown off her butt in the short film, Hotel Chevalier, but this film gives the best glimpse of the rest of her.

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