10 Rock Stars Who Snagged Women Way Hotter Than They Are

Every great rock star only needs one thing to make it big - talent - and the same goes for getting the ladies. You often don't see musicians with wives who don't look good in the photos on the red carpet. Oftentimes, the wives are actually way hotter than the rock stars in question. We've compiled a list of eleven rock musicians who have wives that are way better looking than they are. While the ultra-rich old-school men are on the list, you'll be surprised by some of the newer musicians who managed to snag some of the hottest models, actresses and even wrestling personalities in the business. While being a rock God's wife is a profession on its own, many of these gorgeous women have made a name for themselves, some of them even prior to having a ring put on them.

10 Keith Richards and Patti Hansen

Rock God Keith Richards is well known for his slurred speech and weathered alcoholic look, but the Rolling Stones guitarist managed to snag himself one of the hottest wives in the business. Voted the 4th best guitarist of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, Richards has also been married to gorgeous model Patti Hansen since 1983. After leaving suave General Hospital actor James DePaiva, Hansen took up with Richards and the couple will celebrate 33 years of marriage this year. Modeling since she was 16 after being discovered at a hot dog stand, Hansen has been on more covers than her husband, including Vogue, Esquire and Harper's Bazaar. Turning 60 this year, she could still be the face of Revlon.

9 Alice Cooper and Sheryl Goddard

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Welcoming you to his nightmare, Alice Cooper, the godfather of shock rock, while very glam couldn't be considered sexy. At almost 70 years old, Cooper's marriage to ballerina and choreographer Sheryl Goddard has lasted almost 40 years. While she did file for divorce during Cooper's struggle with alcoholism way back in 1984, the couple reconciled and have managed to stay together all of these years. Part of the reason their union may have lasted is Cooper's admission to never having cheated on his wife, which is a pretty tall order for rock star of his caliber. Despite being married for four decades and having birthed three children, Goddard looks amazingly good.

8 Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach

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Marrying a Beatle may have been every girl's dream at one time, but the aged 75-year-old rocker could beat former bandmate Paul McCartney in a hot wife competition. He's been married to former Bond girl and actress Barbara Bach (also known as Goldbach) since 1981, after her split with an Italian businessman who fathered her two children. With her own spread in Playboy, Bach was seen as an international sex symbol for many years, although hasn't acted since the mid-80s. Now 68-years-old, Bach is one of the hottest sexagenarians out there.

7 Duff McKagan and Susan Holmes

Former Guns 'n Roses bassist Duff McKagan looks like a 50-year-old rocker. He's since cut his signature wild blond and permed hair, making him more attractive to the ladies of 2016, but he doesn't need to worry about that with sexy wife Susan Holmes. The 5'10" model has graced the pages of Vogue, Playboy and Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition and now has her own swimsuit collection. The two have been married since 1999, after McKagan's two ultra-short marriages didn't work out and he became sober for good after a health scare.

6 Tom Petty and Dana York Epperson

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Tom Petty may have been breaking hearts in the late 70s, but the 65-year-old looks a little worse for wear these days. His scruffy blonde hair and beard betrays the rock star he once was, but that doesn't seem to bother his super-hot wife Dana York Epperson, who is 13 years his junior at 52, but looks quite a bit younger, unlike Petty. Petty met his wife of 14 years at one of his concerts after his divorce from former wife Jane Benyo. The former groupie is probably pretty happy with Petty and his $38 million fortune.

5 Joe Walsh and Marjorie Bach

Well known for his work in the band The Eagles, almost 70-year-old Joe Walsh has been married five times. The fifth time must be a charm as he and his gorgeous wife Marjorie Bach have been married since 2008 and as shown in his previous marriages, eight years is usually his limit. Bach is actually the sister of Barbara Bach, married to Ringo Star and number 8 on this list of rock stars married to women way hotter than they are. The Bach sisters must aim low in the looks department and high on the rock star God attributes.

4 Trent Reznor and Mariqueen

While Trent Reznor has many women very willing to jump in bed after his hit "Closer", he isn't what you'd call traditionally sexy. The former band geek suffered from depression, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts during his time as frontman of Nine Inch Nails. In 2009 he married Filipino rocker Mariqueen Maandig and the two now have two children together, as well as their own band How to Destroy Angels. The sexy singer/songwriter also has no qualms posing naked with her musical instrument, upping her sexiness factor.

3 David Draiman and Lena Yada-Draiman

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Disturbed frontman David Draiman might look like a Wall Street banker if it weren't for his many piercings and his fearless facial expressions, but former WWE hottie Lena Yada thinks he's just as hot as she is. Born in Hawaii, the 37-year-old model, actress and wrestling personality married Draiman in 2011 and they now have one child. Complications during Yada's pregnancy forced the awesome father to cancel his tour with the band Device in 2013, showing us all that looks really aren't the most important part of being a man.

2 Dee and Suzette Snider

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Loudmouth Dee Snider was best known for his huge hair and makeup in the band Twisted Sister. More scary than sexy, the heavy metal rocker is married to his long-time spouse Suzette Snider. Married since 1981, when she was just 20 years old, the female Snider has not aged a bit in her time as a rock wife. Four kids later and 35 years of marriage later, the gorgeous, blonde Suzette could still stop traffic. The Snider family tried out their reality show Growing up Twisted, which only lasted one season, despite Suzette Snider's Heather Locklear-looking looks.

1 Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie

Rob Zombie's signature long dreadlocks, full facial hair and basically homeless person look is loved by millions. Some might even call him sexy, but let's face it, if he wasn't a musician and actor he may not have scored his smoking hot wife Sheri Moon Zombie. The 45-year-old actress, model, dancer and fashion designer married Zombie on Halloween in 2002 after being together for nine years. A self-proclaimed "scream queen", Moon definitely married the right man for the job.

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