11 Questions That Full House Fans Want Answered in Fuller House

This February, millennials everywhere will rejoice as they engage in brand new yet nostalgic binge watching of sure to be quality programming as Full House spin-off, Fuller House, hits Netflix. The campy family sitcom that instilled moral values in all of us is back and we are eager to see what has been going on with the Tanner family since we last saw them over 20 years ago.

The spin-off is said to be centered around a newly widowed Donna Jo “D.J.” Tanner who is now raising three children of her own (sound familiar?) with the help of her sister, Stephanie and her best friend, Kimmy Gibbler (sound even more familiar?). It is also said that every member of the original cast will be making appearances on the show, except for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who will not be reprising their role as Michelle.

Fuller House is certain to be a fun trip down memory lane for Full House fans, and a learning experience for new fans who will be taught valuable life lessons, such as it’s okay to drive your dad’s friend’s car through your kitchen by accident when you only tried to listen to the radio because we all make mistakes and we’re a family and we love each other. Still, until the show’s debut, the real Full House fans are left to wonder what and how much of the old show will appear in the new show? What call-backs are going to be made? What’s really been happening with everyone’s favorite San Franciscan family? Thus, the following is a list of questions that Full House fans want answered in Fuller House:

11 Will we see the Tanner house?

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The Tanner house itself is an iconic part of the Full House series. The house, with an attic big enough to fit a family of four, was home to one of the greatest TV families of all time and was the backdrop to pretty much all of our favorite Full House moments. The house itself is a tourist attraction in San Francisco, with tourists going out of their way to take pictures in front of it. The presence of the house from the original show may be a possibility and it would hit us right in the nostalgia bone.

10 How will Michelle’s absence be explained?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have made it clear that they will not be reprising their roles as Michelle in Fuller House. One could assume that the Michelle character would then be absent from the show, but probably not completely ignored in the story. What would characters mention about Michelle in passing that would lead us, the audience, to believe about her whereabouts? Is she dead? Presumably not.

Anything could be speculated as to what Michelle is doing now, as she could be living on the opposite coast in New York City as a fashionista, or travelling the world having made it big in the equestrian scene after overcoming her terrible head injury she sustained while horseback riding in the final episodes of Full House.

9 What big guest stars will be making surprise appearances on the show?

Be sure that some big guest stars will be making appearances on Fuller House, as the original series was chalk-full of surprise guest appearances. Who could forget when Little Richard showed up at the Tanner house? Or when Suzanne Somers needed to borrow a pay phone? Or when Scott Baio almost tempted Uncle Jesse into doing dangerous motorcycle stunts? Full House fans are definitely expecting wacky guest appearances from today’s hottest -- or semi-relevant at best -- celebrities in the spin-off. Will Drake need to borrow an iPhone charger from Kimmy at the local YMCA? Will Joey be opening for Kevin Hart at the Oracle Arena? Or will Pauly D be headlining at the Smash Club?

8 What is the status of Jesse and the Rippers?

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Uncle Jesse is the front-man of rock group “Jesse and the Rippers,” a band that was apparently big enough to successfully tour Japan and jam with the Beach Boys. How is the band fairing in 2016? Since bleeding into reality always makes fiction more interesting, the show could acknowledge that the band did perform on a 2014 episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Is Uncle Jesse still dropping hot new albums? Or are Jesse and the Rippers a washed-up one hit wonder group playing at state fairs? These are questions Ripper groupies want answered. Plus, it will be interesting to see if any new original tracks from Jesse and the Rippers are released via Fuller House.

7 How has Joey progressed in his comedy career?

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It was heartbreaking to watch Joey try his darnedest only to place second on Star Search. Sure, Joey had style of a typical 80’s comic and did a mediocre Popeye. Nevertheless, he was successful enough to land his own children’s television show as a ventriloquist act, Ranger Joe and his sidekick Chuck (who enjoyed “wood” puns). He even dated an even funnier comedienne for an episode played by the super funny Maria Bamford. So, where does his career stand now? Is he even still pursuing comedy? Is he hitting the clubs doing sets on a nightly basis? Is he big in Hong Kong? Does he even have his own podcast? Is he a regular on a sitcom within the sitcom Fuller House? All things are possible and Full House fans can’t wait to be tickled to death by another uncanny Bullwinkle impersonation.

6 Will Steve Urkel return?

Jaleel White reprising his role as Steve Urkel on Fuller House would be the greatest thing to ever happen on Netflix. If you recall, Steve Urkel made a guest appearance on Full House as the cousin of a friend of Stephanie, as he happened to be visiting from Chicago. Urkel waltzed into the Tanner house and taught Uncle Jesse how to walk with swag. Fuller House could be the only opportunity that Family Matters fans have to peek into the world of current day Steve Urkel and the Winslow family. Will Mr. Urkel, or more likely Dr. Urkel, find his way back into Stephanie’s life via some odd circumstance that could only be made possible in the universe of the wholesome family sitcom? Who knows. 

5 Does Stephanie battle addiction issues?

Okay, this may be a stretch for the family-friendly world of Full House. However, it is now 2016 and the world is a grittier place. Jodie Sweetin, the actress who portrayed Stephanie, openly speaks about being a recovering drug addict, even publishing her own book UnSweetined in 2009 where she goes in-depth talking about her battle with drugs and alcohol following her run on Full House. Is this an angle that Fuller House is willing to dive into? Will the show be willing to tell life lessons to new audiences about the dangers of drugs and alcohol? Plus, who could forget the episode where D.J. goes to a school dance and is peer pressured into trying beer. Based on that alone, one could reasonably presume that someone in the Tanner family is probably an alcoholic.

4 What is the legacy of Wake Up San Francisco!?

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Bob Saget's character Danny Tanner and Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis had undeniable chemistry. The Full House audience can assume that the duo hosted their morning show for the entirely of the Full House run -- except for the period where the morning show was co-hosted by Danny and Vicky Larson who eventually formed a romantic relationship with one another. Is Wake Up San Francisco! still on the air in 2016? Is Danny Tanner to San Francisco as Kevin Frankish of Breakfast Television is to Toronto? Either Danny and Rebecca have thrived in their local market or have become national mainstream stars... or have withered away into obscurity. Full House fans want answers and more wacky morning show segments.

3 What is Kimmy Gibbler doing with her life?

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On Fuller House, Kimmy will be a main character assisting D.J. with raising her family. Simultaneously, she is a divorcee trying to raise her own teenage daughter, Ramona. While it has been established that D.J. is now a veterinarian, what is Kimmy doing? How is she supporting herself and her daughter as a single parent? The Full House series painted Kimmy as unintelligent, rude, impulsive and smelly. How could Kimmy possibly be earning a living? Does she have her own Etsy store? Is she living off of alimony and child support payments? Is she a neurosurgeon? Does she have an ostrich farm? She had an ostrich in her backyard as a kid, right? This issue will probably not be a focus for the show, but the issue is interesting enough and she is probably just mooching off of D.J. The Bay Area is an expensive place and Full House fans can only imagine how Kimmy Gibbler is managing to support herself and her daughter in 2016.

2 What about the catch phrases?

If there is one thing that Full House did well, maybe even better than Good Times, is establish catchphrases. Sure, J.J. had “Dy-no-mite!” but Full House had “How rude!” “You got it, dude!” and “Cut.. it.. out!” These phrases and more are burned into the brains of the show's loyal fans and somehow still find their way into everyday conversation. Will these catchphrases rise to prominence once again? Moreover, will new catchphrases be dawned upon the Fuller House audience? Something like, “Waka, waka!” but obviously said by the cutest offspring of D.J.?

1 Do D.J. and Steve fall in everlasting love together?

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It has been confirmed that in Fuller House D.J. is in fact a widow and that Scott Weinger will be reprising his role as Steve, high school boyfriend of D.J. While their love eventually faded during their initial romance together and Steve went away, Steve reappeared in the final episode of Full House, taking D.J. to her high school prom. Did Steve show D.J. a time that she will never forget? I’m sure that D.J. loved her dead husband that the Full House audience has never seen and will never see and maybe isn't even real, but what is real is the love between D.J. and Steve. We can only hope that they find everlasting love together and go on to have many more seasons of wacky adventures and heart-warming moments.

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