11 Of The Sexiest Celebrity Look-Alikes

Celebrities are ever-present in the media spotlight. Whether plying their trade as actors in film or television, taking to the runway as a model or taking on another well-known role within popular culture - we can’t get away from them.

With their popularity seemingly endless, especially with the likes of social media behemoths Twitter, Facebook and Instagram adding to their cause, it’s incredible to see the array of non-celebrities who look to take that next step in being just like their celebrity idols.

Admittedly, some attempts to forge a look reminiscent to famous celebrities can often fall foul of reality, but others have managed to even fool people into thinking they are indeed said personality. Some of these specific individuals have certainly done their research in looking the part and in doing so are well and truly on our radar when it comes to their popularity and the way in which they present themselves.

For those of you who are unaware of such people, feast your eyes on these stunning celebrity doppelgangers and we guarantee you’ll be searching for their Instagram accounts in no time!

Here are 11 Of The Sexiest Celeb Look-Alikes.

11 Claudia Alende - Megan Fox

via Esquire

She became the ultimate object of desire when she took to Bumblebee's bonnet in Michael Bay's Transformers Franchise, but it looks like Megan Fox has a double out there waiting in the wings.

Hailing from Parana, Brazil, Claudia Alende suddenly found herself with thousands of Instagram and Facebook followers when it became apparent that the Miss Bum Bum competitor looked exactly like Fox.

This stunning woman undoubtedly possesses the sheer beauty of Fox and even boasts having no surgery whatsoever, making her all the more appealing. Does someone want to buy us a ticket to Brazil?

10 Tiffany Claus - Angelina Jolie

via celebuzz

Tiffany Claus has made a living out of the Angelina Jolie's look and even featured in movies as her famous double.

Having appeared in films Meet The Spartans and National Lampoon's The Legend of Awesomest Maximus, Claus has certainly been showcased to the masses as the most popular of Jolie look-alikes.

While many would look to simply forge a career from this visual status, Claus is very much in touch with acting and had previously gained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree.

She's much more than just a pretty face.

9 Gabrielle Waters - Kylie Jenner

via The Mirror

As far as current celebrity status goes, if your surname is Kardashian then it's pretty hard to avoid the spotlight. So when you're a dead ringer for Kylie Jenner and you decide to start dressing like her, too, then it isn't too long until you're getting the attention.

That's the case with 19-year-old Gabrielle Waters from Michigan, who has been declared as the Kylie Jenner ultimate double. Very much gaining her own following via Instagram, Waters applies similar make-up and clothes to maintain her look.

When you look like someone who recently found herself in the midst of a Victoria's Secret fashion show then the world is your oyster.

8 Heidi Agan - Kate Middleton

via Today

Forget your film stars, models and television personalities, the real deal is looking like one of the royal family members.

And that's just what the very fortunate Heidi Agan has found, jumping from a waitress job in a UK restaurant chain to becoming a £3,000-a-day double of Kate Middleton.

But while looking like Kate would seem like an absolute dream, it does come with a few negative points, especially with death threats heading Heidi's way. Receiving them from both Twitter and Facebook, it is the ultimate downside to the role, but one that this woman brushes off and keeps up the British end.

Just remember to bow and curtsy when you see her...

7 Natalie Reid - Paris Hilton

via celebuzz

Many women would kill for the looks of Paris Hilton and while Natalie Reid's uncanny resemblance to the daughter of the hotel tycoon saw her suddenly see fame, she's more than happy these days to avoid the spotlight because of the similarities.

Having been overwhelmed by the media coverage she received from the moment she was noticed in 2006, Natalie has since looked to move on to a credible acting career and even took to dying her hair in an attempt to remove herself from the Paris Hilton comparisons.

6 Lynsey Nordstrom - Jessica Simpson

via New York Post

Much like her celebrity counterpart Jessica Simpson has never had issues with, Lynsey Nordstrom took her look-alike status to a whole new level some years ago as she was recruited by the New York Post to aid the New York Giants in their quest for the Super Bowl.

That's right, Nordstrom was utilized in the crowd as a device to put Tony Romo - notorious for dropping his A-game with his partners in attendance - off his game. It just so happened that Jessica Simpson was a flame and the sheer sight of Nordstrom was clearly enough as the Giants went on to win the game.

In all fairness, Nordstrom is certainly someone who could get the attention of both teams' players plus the whole crowd!

5 Tatiana Turan - Angelina Jolie

via tatianaturan.com

If it wasn't enough for Tatiana Turan to impersonate Jennifer Lopez as part of her living, she also poses as a pretty impressive look-alike for none other than Angelina Jolie.

Having applied her trade as a doppelganger for Mrs. Pitt for over 10 years, Turan has an impressive BA in Drama that has allowed her to pursue a career in professional acting.

Due to her likeness to Jolie, Turan has featured in a multitude of movie, television shows and gossip columns, while featuring in lists focusing on individuals who are dead ringers for various celebrities.

4 Morgan Jensen - Taylor Swift

via thegloss.com

The majority of girls out there quite simply idolize Taylor Swift, so when you're ridiculously similar in looks to the "Shake It Off" singer then it's an opportunity that shouldn't be wasted.

That's exactly what Morgan Jensen from Arizona did when she decided to post a picture of her in Taylor Swift mode on Tumblr, only for the country singer-turned-pop princess to share the image herself, declaring "Even I thought it was me!"

Sending Morgan into shock with the sharing of her image as her idol, the super fan admitted that she was shocked by Swift even acknowledged her and can often be found impersonating the singer outside her concerts.

3 Chelsea Marr - Angelina Jolie

via E Online

Who'd have thought yet another Angelina Jolie look-alike would surface, from the cold realms of Aberdeen, Scotland no less? Chelsea Marr, 24, was found via UK website The Lad Bible as she was singled out as one of the best Angelina Jolie look-alikes ever.

Having admitted to lip fillers and some surgery on a broken nose, it is staggering to see just how much Marr really does look like the Hollywood star, but it is something she stays firmly grounded about.

While others have pursued careers because of such looks, Chelsea passed on the opportunity to become a model or an impersonator and instead works for an oil company.

2 Jimena Sanchez - Kim Kardashian

via The Mirror

Dubbed the "Mexican Kim Kardashian," Jimena Sanchez is one personality who is adamant not to be tagged with the look-alike label and has instead followed her path to fame. Admittedly more than happy to flaunt her Kim-esque behind, Sanchez is actually a television presenter for Fox and is less than a fan of those Kardashians.

She told the Mexican Mail, "They don't seem to do anything, certainly nothing you could call talent. I dedicate my life to other things, I don't think we're anything alike."

We're not sure about the latter statement but can't argue with the first point...

1 Line Brems - Cara Delevinge

via Fashionista

Danish model Line Brems caused a stir just a few months ago when she took to the runway and immediately drew comparisons with current top model, Cara Delevingne. Possessing bushy eyebrows and the distinct look of the famous model, Brems certainly had her moment in a career that is only just kicking off.

But despite the multiple discussions about her being a Delevingne double, she doesn't quite see the comparison.

"It's flattering to be compared to Cara; I think she's very beautiful, but I don't think we look alike!" We beg to differ...


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