11 Of The Hottest Models Who Date Ugly Guys

Hot Models Date Ugly Guys

Models: women want to be them and men want to date them, but they seem to be in a league of their own. They made a career out of being attractive so you'd think they would only surround themselves with bombshell guys as well, but you're wrong. More models (than you would think) are actually dating average looking guys.

Society assumes that models are vapid and centered on outward appearances, but the love interests of some of these ladies speaks otherwise. These supermodels could date anyone in the world, but instead they chose these less-than-super looking boyfriends. So maybe they're actually in it for personality and believe that appearance really is only skin deep...

While most of these guys were able to snag a model girlfriend/wife, many of the relationships didn't last too long. Maybe it's due to the high pressure celebrity relationships face from constantly being in the spotlight, or maybe it's because the men were overly jealous and felt inadequate next to their stunning wives. Either way, at least they're able to say they dated one of the world's most famous models.

11 Adriana Lima and Marko Jarić


The Brazilian supermodel and Serbian basketball player have had quite a ride. The two met at a party in 2006 and got engaged two years later. A year after that, they tied the knot in Wyoming and were married for five years. The couple had two daughters together before they filed for divorce last year.

10 Shannon de Lima and Marc Anthony


Shannon de Lima is a model, fashion blogger and designer of a line of swimwear and Anthony is a singer, record producer, actor and produces television shows. From the point of business moguls, the two seem like a great match. However, when you see them together, their appearances don't really measure up.

Anthony had been married twice before meeting de Lima (once to Jennifer Lopez) and had four children total, while de Lima brought another child of her own into the mix. Anthony's relationship with JLo deteriorated and ended in a divorce in June of 2014, and by November he was married to de Lima. The two seem pretty happy now, but who knows how long it will last.

9 Marisa Miller and Griffin Guess


Another Victoria's Secret model married to an okay-looking guy; Marisa Miller is known for her work with Victoria's Secret, as well as Sports Illustrated and is working on becoming an actress. Griffin Guess is a well-known music producer and has worked with people such as Kanye West. While their two worlds don't seem to overlap, the couple has sustained a relationship for nine years.

Miller and Guess began dating in 2005 and tied the knot a year later. The couple seems to be happily married and have had two boys together. Miller has reported that she loves being a mom, especially to boys since she never had brothers. It's nice to see a celebrity couple stay happy together!

8 Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy

Talk about long term. This duo has been together for nearly 14 years; proving that even if she's out of your league you can make it work for the long haul. Shields first entered the modeling world when she was 11 months old and continued pursuing the career throughout her life, which paid off because she's a mega-celebrity. Chris Henchy has made his name as a successful screen writer and producer.

The two met in the Warner Bros. lot in 1999, were engaged a year later and were married a year after that. You'd think that such a quick romance would lead to disaster, but the two have been happy together since then. They're often spotted around New York with their two daughters as a picture perfect family.

7 Heidi Klum and Seal

Heidi Klum is one of the most famous models in the industry, known for appearing in Victoria's Secret and also for working with Project Runway, a reality television show. Her ex-husband Seal, is a world renowned musician. The two seemed like a mega power-couple except for their disparity in appearance.

They got together in 2004 and were married a year later. They kept a tradition of hosting extravagant Halloween parties and renewed their wedding vows every year on their anniversary, but these customs couldn't keep them together. Three children and eight years later the pair divorced in 2012.

6 Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel


Billy Joel is a world renowned musician and Christie Brinkley is one of the most famous supermodels in history, and it was their talents that brought them together. While they were separately vacationing in St. Barts, Joel hopped on the piano and drew the attention of the model and her friends. They all hit it off and when back in New York, Joel started dating both Brinkley and one of her friends. However, Brinkley was asked to star in one of his music videos and the hours they spent on set led to a relationship.

About three years later (1985) the two were married and Brinkley served as Joel's muse to the album An Innocent Man. Joel was constantly touring on the road, which put a heavy strain on their relationship. In 1993, he cheated on Brinkley and the two realized their relationship was over. After their divorce, Joel continued to spiral down and turned to alcohol. A pretty sad story for a man who snagged a supermodel.

5 Paulína Pořízková and Ric Ocasek


The grungy rockstar and the gorgeous supermodel; a modern tale of beauty and the beast. Pořízková and Ocasek were a classic story of a guy getting a girl way out of his league and people speculated that the relationship was bound to be short-lived. Pořízková was a poster child for Vogue and Sports Illustrated and had an illustrious career, even though she claimed that "modeling sucks". Ric Ocasek was the lead guitarist for the band Cars.

Pořízková first spotted Ocasek on MTV in 1984, and was instantly intrigued. She later claimed that he was her dream man - "a combination of Mr. Spock, David Bowie, Jesus Christ, and Chopin". Conveniently, she was cast as a main character in one of his music videos later that year and the two hit it off, so much so that Ocasek divorced his wife and he and Pořízková began a secret relationship that lasted years.

4 Anastassija Makarenko and Mickey Rourke


You may not know who she is because she's from Russia, but she lives in LA now and has made a movie appearance in A Good Day to Die Hard and has done modeling for GQ, Bernd Berger and Geiger. You're probably more familiar with Rourke who is an actor, screenwriter and a retired boxer. Together they form an interesting looking pair.

Rourke's personal life is kind of messy, he was married twice before meeting Makarenko and was charged for spousal abuse in one of the relationships. Following both divorces, he was known as a womanizer and confessed to sleeping with 14 girls IN ONE NIGHT. However, he said that once he met Makarenko he changed, never cheated on her and truly loves her...who knows if that's true.

3 Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore


You may not be terribly familiar with this couple because they're Italian, but Gregoraci is a pretty big Italian underwear model and television personality, and Briatore is a successful business man. Not only is he currently married to a hot supermodel, but before her he dated Heidi Klum and is the father to her child that Seal raised. Briatore gave up the rights to the child and let Seal adopt her as his own; talk about a complicated family.

After he and Klum broke up, he began dating Gregoraci shortly after and the two tied the knot in 2008. In 2010 she gave birth to their son and this time Briatore is involved in the child's life. Surprisingly the two are still together.

2 Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie


You may not know these guys either, but Padma Lakshmi is an American actress, model, television personality and cookbook host and Salman Rushdie is a British author. In 1999, the two attended the same party and were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. They dated for five years and in 2004 were finally married. However, their marriage was pretty short lived because in 2007 they filed for divorce. I guess Rushdie couldn't handle being married to someone so gorgeous, or it just didn't work out because he was 23 years older than her...

1 Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall


Anna Nicole Smith was most known for her career jumpstart with Playboy, but continued to garner notoriety from her "interesting" life. In 1991 while working as a stripper in Houston, Smith met oil-tycoon J. Howard Marshall and the two started having an affair. For two years he lavished gifts on her and asked her to marry him, which she always denied. However, she eventually caved and divorced her husband in 1993, and a year and a half later she married Marshall.

She was 26 AND HE WAS 89! Obviously she married him for his billions of dollars, but she continuously denied it. However, she admitted to never kissing him on the mouth or sleeping with him more than 10 times. Fortunately for her, a little more than a year later he died and a battle over his estate ensued. Before Smith was able to settle any of his fortune, she was forced to declare bankruptcy and was found dead in a motel from a drug over-dose.

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