11 Of Gigi Hadid's Hottest Photos

For being the flavor of the day that she is, 21 year old (mostly swimsuit) model "Gigi" Hadid has not been as prolific as one might assume. Thanks to the selfie outlet for beautiful narcissists, Instagram, and other forums like it, this bikini-clad babe has been able to milk each and every image for all they are worth, and having only really been in the spotlight for two, maybe three years, tops.

Gigi appears quite selective in the jobs she signs onto and has officially shot only a handful of photo spreads, and only for a select few companies as a spokesmodel (mainly for Guess Jeans and Seafolly swimwear) and a select few male-targeted magazines (Sports Illustrated and Vogue) as eye candy. Her European-meets-Middle Eastern looks, naturally sexy and wild blonde hair, and all around killer body aside, Hadid is also known for incorporating her current love interest into her photoshoots. Strangely, even in these photographs, more often than not, Gigi is wearing a two-piece outfit that could double as (or was designed to be) a swimsuit.

Though this might be a publicity gimmick cooked up by any number of photographers, editors and agents along the way, we the lucky masses get to lap up these sexy images of Gigi in swimwear, via social media and websites like The Richest. Enjoy these 12 'Must See' Gigi Hadid Photos.

11 Gigi Hadid For Guess Jeans

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It is truly a shame that only the majority (rather than 100%) of the outfits Gigi Hadid has modeled on behalf of Guess are swimwear. This is one of multiple shots from Guess Jeans that made the present list and arguably has the rising starlet wearing the least revealing swimsuit of the bunch; though, chances are that any "swimming" beyond wading into ankle-deep water is actually out of the question in this heat-soaking, black bikini-summer dress combo. Even with maximum coverage, Gigi still smolders through the page with an intense gaze and stance reminiscent of a ballerina.

10 At Victoria's Secret/Pink Spring Break Event

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Gigi is pictured here with Rachel Hilbert, long-time spokesmodel for Victoria's Secret offshoot brand, Pink; most familiar to people when written in all caps on pampered lady celebrities' behinds headed to the gym or a shoot. The two hotties co-hosted 2015's Victoria's Secret/Pink, Spring Break event and pictures of Hadid and Hilbert in these bikini tops and jean short bottoms abound. Hilbert is arguably dressed sexier (translation: in tighter/cut-off clothing) and posing more loudly, but Gigi's aloof expression and relatively toned down attire still command the viewer's attention first.

9 First Shoot As Seafolly Spokesmodel

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Gigi Hadid is the face of Seafolly Australia; her swimsuit-adorned likeness is plastered across the company’s website. With her sister Bella, whose figure and facial features live up to that name, presenting healthy competition in the modeling world (for example, Bella Hadid was named 2016's Model of the Year at a Los Angeles-based fashion awards ceremony in March), the jury is still out on the question of which Hadid sister is dominating in the world of endorsement deals and spokesmodel-ing.

8 IG_GIgi


From the looks of it, this is actually a shot of Gigi in her underwear but in front of the ocean...and for somebody as clearly comfortable with her physical form in all states of undress, her "lingerie" could probably double as swimwear. This lovely image comes to us from the model’s personal Instagram account—it simultaneously gives hope to females tired of conforming to society's standards vis-á-vis makeup and then shatters this hope into a million tiny pieces when they realize only Gigi Hadid can pull off the just-rolled-out-of-bed look.

7 Water + Clothes = Swimsuit

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According to gamedayr.com, this photograph is a Gigi Hadid/Instagram original; yours truly got a couple hundred pics into this Jordanian- (or by some accounts, Palestinian-) Dutch-American beauty's IG account before giving up and taking Gamedayr's word for it. Either way, thank God that this picture was taken and posted, and you are very welcome for scouring the WWW for you and digging this image up. The eldest daughter of a model and wealthy real-estate designer, it is safe to say that Jelena Noura “Gigi” Hadid needs no safety net or backup plan.

6 More Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Action

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Do not trust any biographical statement about Gigi Hadid's modeling career that does not mention swimsuits or Sports Illustrated magazine... Still, it is nothing short of an impossible task to choose the "must see" pictures from these photo spreads. Everyone is uniquely sexy and uniquely Gigi. Go pick up any of the last three annual Swimsuit Editions of the magazine and make your own determinations--anything Hadid Jr. (whose mother Yolanda [and sister Bella] was also a successful model and reality TV star on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) does for Sports Illustrated is a gift from the heavens above.

5 For Seafolly Swimwear Some More

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This is another shot taken in the name of marketing for Seafolly swimwear but could just as well be an advertisement for whatever brand of golden headphones she is sporting, or whatever other baubles and accessories she is wearing, or whatever makeup she is wearing, or whichever beach this photograph was taken on, or just an advertisement for being alive and at the same time in history as the Internet and Gigi Hadid exist. The Aussie swimsuit designers at Seafolly struck gold when they landed this youngest lady Hadid as their cat-walking billboard.

4 More Guess (Jeans) Work


This picture is another that technically deals with swimwear in that our model is on a beach and wearing wet clothes that could be worn over a bikini… One can imagine there is a bikini bottom under those shorts but most people when first viewing this Guess Jeans ad photo are probably more interested in what is under that jacket... not that Gigi's outfit in this image leaves much to the imagination. Hadid worked with the mostly denim-clothing designer powerhouse in 1997 for a very brief stint and only ended up working with Guess again fifteen years later.

3 In A Sports Illustrated Swimsuit...Issue


Another smoldering image from one of Gigi's multiple Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue spreads. The newly 21-year old and professional adult model since 2011, save a Baby Guess gig she took on at 2 years of age, is more accurately described here as appearing in a swimsuit issue rather than in a swimsuit--there is more fishing net than bikini covering her body, though, fun fact: nets and suits are both commonly made from nylon. Her 2014 pictorial where she and 11 other models were named Rookies of the year is the one that started the phones at G. Hadid's agency, IMG Models, ringing even more earnestly with endorsement deals and exotically located modeling jobs.

2 Bathing Suit Implied

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The only sign of swimming water in this photograph is that water worn piece of shipwreck Gigi is using as a chair--but the ocean was around during this Guess Jeans shoot, we already know that from the other photos from her Guess (ad) work that made this list. The only explanation for setting this image and picture number 4 above beach-side is a photographer or editor somewhere along the line envisioned Miss. Hadid on a topless beach on a chillier day, and on a day she forgot her bathing suit and so kept her denim bottoms on out of necessity.

1 Made You Look


The only photo of the gorgeous Gigi Hadid wearing practical and totally un-sexy swimwear, to keep her warm in what are presumably neither tropical nor calm waters--a wetsuit, meant to keep the body insulated from cold and the roughness of the wax and sand between surfer's body and board; never to be worn on a runway, or even modeled on an eye candy host of Spring Break revelry. This kind of suit is not designed by Hilfigers or Seafolly, but by Vans and Ocean Pacific. Bodyglove should hit pause on the practical wetsuit design to design a sexy suit that fits Gigi's body like a glove.

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