11 Most Horrific Disney Movie Villains Of All Time

Disney has come up with some truly terrifying villains throughout the years. Luckily, in true Disney fashion, the heroes always end up beating the villains in the end. However, that doesn't mean that the villains don’t get in a few scares before they are ultimately defeated. The list below is filled with terrifying villains that haunted our nightmares when we were children. All of these villains would stop at nothing in order to get their way. Some of them wanted to stay beautiful forever, others just wanted a nice fur coat, and others still just seemed to love the thrill that came with being truly evil. Whatever these villains' reasons were for their positively malicious ways, I’m guessing not one of us would want to run into any of these fictional characters on the street because you never know, one of them might just be in the mood to cut off your head. So to celebrate everything Disney (and lets face it, everyday is a good day to celebrate Disney), below is a list of 11 of the most horrific Disney movie villains of all time. All of these villains would do anything in order to get their way, making them truly evil.

11 Lady Tremaine 

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Lady Tremaine definitely gives stepmothers a bad name. Throughout the movie, the wicked stepmother locks up her stepdaughter, forbids her from going to the ball, and raises two snotty, malicious children. Even though Lady Tremaine never actually puts her hands on poor Cinderella, the emotional abuse that she puts Cinderella through is enough to send any stepdaughter running for the hills. What makes Lady Tremaine even scarier is that she will do anything in order to advance herself and her daughter’s social status, even if it means ruining someone else’s life. Let’s just be glad Lady Tremaine isn’t our very own wicked stepmother.

10 Ursula 


Ursula is Ariel's arch rival in The Little Mermaid. She is a dark and sinister villain who has a knack for manipulation. In the movie, Ursula tricks Ariel into signing a deal that will make her human. The catch is that Ariel's voice is taken away when she trades in her tail for legs. Ursula uses this information to try and trick Ariel's prince into marrying her, which is pretty evil if you ask me. The only reason Ursula isn't higher up on this list is because she actually seems to care a lot for her henchman Flotsam and Jetsam. But even though Ursula seems to have a little love in her heart, it's obviously not enough to keep her from the dark side.

9 Gaston 

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Gaston is basically a misogynist who can’t take a hint. As far as cartoons go, Gaston is a pretty handsome one, and he knows it. So when he makes Belle the object of his affections, he figures that she would be all too lucky to be his bride. However, Belle isn't really into Gaston, but that doesn’t stop Gaston from cooking up all kinds of plans in order to make Belle his bride. First Gaston tries to manipulate Belle into marrying him by threatening to throw her father in an asylum. When that doesn't work, Gaston forms a mob to kill the beast. Of course, good eventually beats evil and Belle and the beast end up living happily ever after.

8 The Queen of Hearts 

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The Queen of Hearts is a deranged ruler who chooses to reside over her people by threatening to cut off their heads every other minute. What makes this villain truly terrifying is that she is undeniably psychotic. Instead of talking things out like a normal person, the Queen of Hearts seems to believe that the answer for everything lies in decapitating someone. She is also prone to mood swings, which means that if anyone says anything wrong, there goes your head. To top it all off, when Alice embarrasses the Queen at a simple game of croquet, the Queen sentences her to death.

7 Shan Yu 

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Shan Yu is undeniably one of the most bloodthirsty Disney villains of all time. Shan Yu is the main antagonist in Mulan and the evil leader of the Huns. Throughout the movie, Shan Yu shows his ruthlessness by killing anyone in his way. Although most of the villain’s kills are implied (it is still a children’s movie), Shan Yu always makes it clear that he is prepared to kill anyone in order to take over China, even the innocent. Some of the more terrifying instances are when Shan Yu kills a messenger because only one person is needed to deliver a message and when he implies that he has killed everyone in a village.

6 Governor Ratcliffe 

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Governor Ratcliffe is the main antagonist in the Pocahontas films. He is ruthless, manipulative, and will do anything to gain power. What’s worse is that Ratcliffe can’t seem to find any fault in his actions. He actually believes he is a good person and simply thinks that he is doing everything for the good of the crown. If you’re still not convinced that Ratcliffe is one of the most evil Disney Villains, here is a particularly terrifying quote from Pocahontas, “This is my land! I make the laws here! And I say anyone who so much as looks at an Indian without killing him on sight, will be tried for treason and hanged,” (Disney.wikia.com).

5 Cruella De Vil 

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There is something particularly terrifying about someone who would want to kill 101 Dalmatians just to get a soft fur coat. Cruella’s evil mission to kill harmless puppies makes her one of the scariest Disney villains of all time. Cruella De Vil is a wealthy heiress who has a thing about soft fur coats. If you want to know more about Cruella, the song really says it all. It goes, “Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil!/ If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will!” (Disney.wikia.com). So basically if you're not scared of a puppy killing mad woman, nothing will ever scare you.

4 Doctor Facilier


Even though Doctor Facilier is one of the newer villains on this list, that does not make him any less terrifying. Doctor Facilier, who also goes by the name of Shadow Man, is the main antagonist in The Princess and the Frog. Facilier is a villain who just loves to mess with people. He looks into people’s futures, and then gives them a way to change their futures for the better, which of course end up backfiring on his victims. He is also sadistic and cruel with a thirst for power that can never be quenched. So basically, he’s a villain you want to steer clear of.

3 Maleficient 

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Maleficient is so high up on this list because of her terrible temper. Only Maleficient would curse an innocent baby after she wasn't invited to a party. The fairy is basically pure evil and is responsible for pretty much every misfortune that occurs in King Stefan’s kingdom. To top it all off, Maleficient clearly thinks she is better than all the other well-behaving citizens because she doesn't really care what anyone else thinks. One of her more famous lines is, “You poor simple fools, thinking you could defeat me. Me, the mistress of all evil,” (Disney.wikia.com). Maleficient is clearly one terrifying villain.

2 The Evil Queen 

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The Evil Queen is the original villain and today, she is still just as bada** as ever. The Evil Queen is Snow White’s nemeses in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The main reason why the Queen wants Snow White dead and gone, is because she’s jealous that Snow White is prettier than her. This of course means that the Evil Queen must kill Snow White immediately. But she doesn't just want her dead, she wants Snow White’s cut out heart brought to her so that she can be absolutely certain that she is the fairest in the land, making her one ruthless villain.

1 Scar 

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Scar is another villain on this list who is insanely power hungry. In fact, Scar wants power so bad that he is willing to kill his brother and leave his nephew fatherless. What’s more is that Scar manages to convince his nephew Simba, that it was Simba’s own fault that his father died. This basically means that Scar only cares about himself, being King, and that nothing can soften his cold heart. When Scar finally does get a hold of the Kingdom through his trickery, he rules like any villain would, ruthlessly. Luckily Simba comes back and manages to save the day.

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