11 Most Desired Hot Female Stars Of 2015

Hollywood women must find it hard living up to their titles of being the most desired hot females in showbiz, especially when one considers the fact that the list constantly changes from year to year. 2015 has seen a huge change in those who people think are the most attractive women this year, but it should be said that these lists are usually based off exposure, publicity and fame. An extremely hot actress that has only starred in one measly film is most likely not going to be considered as one of the most desired stars of 2015, simply because the lack of exposure for that particular year wasn't that high. In comparisons, someone like Kylie Jenner, who is constantly making headlines for her beauty tricks and tips, along with her recent 18th birthday, makes her one of the best contenders for such a demanding title despite her young age. Taking their careers, their fame status, and their good looks into consideration, here are 11 of the most desired hot female stars of 2015.

11 Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles really knows how to keep herself looking fit and sexy. One wonders how the ageing RnB songstress even manages to stay so toned 24/7 — how does she stay away from the temptations of chocolate and sweets? Regardless of how she does it, Bey’s growing love for Instagram has proven why she has been ranked as one of the hottest stars of 2015, serving nothing but cleavage and skin in most of her social media photos. Her outfits for performances have also gotten more raunchy as of late. Not that anybody is complaining.

10 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson will never get tired of being considered one of the hottest women in Hollywood right now (all the time). The actress, who welcomed her firstborn to the world earlier this year, really knows how to pull it together when it comes to getting back in shape and showing other moms how it’s done. But wait — we all know that every mom can’t hire a personal trainer and choose when and how they want to work. Still, Scarlett deserves some praise for pulling herself back in shape so quickly. Her male fans are certainly impressed.

9 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday couldn’t come any faster last month when the world made a huge deal about the socialite finally being able to do whatever she wants. And yes, that includes dating a 25-year-old rapper by the name of Tyga. The reality star has become very popular on Instagram over the years, having surpassed thirty million followers earlier this year. What may be quite disturbing is that many outlets have proclaimed the TV-personality to be one of the hottest stars of 2015. While it does seem quite strange when you consider her age, knowing that Kylie has had quite a lot of work done to look so mature for her age, I guess it evens out the weirdness of an 18-year-old being voted as one of the hottest women in showbiz.

8 Emily Ratajkowski

She’s certainly been getting a lot of buzz since her steamy sex roles with Ben Affleck in the popular film Gone Girl, but 2015 has quite frankly been Emily Ratajkowski’s best year so far. Having starred in multiple films since her blockbuster appearance in one of the biggest movies of 2014, many are considering Emily as being a sex symbol, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Though she’s been acting for a while, Emily is receiving a lot of attention these days — not only for her acting roles, but also for her good looks.

7 Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian probably never thought she would be considered to be one of the hottest women in Hollywood — or better yet, the hottest sister in the Kardashian household. The 31-year-old has most definitely beaten sister Kim Kardashian, to the throne of the best looking Kardashian in the family thanks to a consistent healthy regime. The TV star boasts about going to the gym 5 times a week, following a strict diet, along with several visits to the plastic surgeon for the final look. Throw it all together and you get Khloe’s new — and quite stunning — look.

6 Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis kinda lost her good looks when she became pregnant with her first child to Ashton Kutcher. At least that’s what her fans were saying. The actress really didn’t care how big she was going to get, as long as her baby was healthy, that’s all that mattered. Good for her. But when her daughter was finally born, Mila didn’t play around when it came to working out. Following her child’s birth, Mila attended the red carpet for Jupiter Ascending, looking incredibly toned and slim — her male fans were impressed, and so was I. Any woman who can pull it together so fast after giving birth most definitely deserves her credit.

5 Jennifer Lopez

Jenny From The Block knows how to stay healthy and hot, having famously claimed that the gym is like her second home. This woman oozes with sex appeal, always sporting something that allows her flat stomach to show through. Why? Because the singer is proud of the fact that she can show off her amazing abs at 46 years of age. She’s ageing incredibly well, her body looks better than ever, her career is heading for a Vegas residency — I mean, what else can this woman ask for? She’s simply got it all in check.

4 Ciara

While Ciara’s career has stalled in recent years — or shall we say slumped — the songstress continues to get more stunning every time she is seen out and about. Many have questioned why CiCi doesn’t just retire from music and become a full-time model. It would probably work out better for her. Regardless of how well her music career is doing, Ciara has been named one of the most beautiful people of 2015 by several outlets, and it’s not hard to see why. The 29-year-old has an incredible dress sense, which often shows off her toned body parts, such as her muscular arms, her strong legs and of course, the abs.

3 Rihanna

Rihanna has kept quite a low profile in recent months, but she does make an appearance at events, she reminds everybody why she is one of the hottest female stars of 2015. While she’s still working hard on her forthcoming eighth studio album, Rihanna has also dedicated her time to work on her own sneakers for Puma, along with her latest fragrance, and her new clothing line collection. Seems like this girl has it all figured out. And it’s funny because Rihanna knows what works well for her and what doesn’t — fashion misses are rarely seen on this Bajan-beauty.

2 Amber Heard

Her popularity went through the roof when her romance to Johnny Depp was confirmed, but the hotness of Amber Heard would go on to speak for itself. The actress, who has been starring in quite a lot of films lately, is definitely one of the sexiest stars of 2015, having often been compared to Scarlett Johansson, who the actress claims to be a huge fan of. Amber is not somebody who takes herself seriously; she’s free-minded when it comes to daring movie roles or clothes that show off more skin than it should. Her body is incredible, so it’s not hard to see why she’s comfortable wearing next to nothing at red carpet events.

1 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba was everybody’s obsession back in 2006 when she was more or less at the peak of her acting career. The actress then slowly fell off, but thankfully her hotness remained over the years, as she branched out into business and marketing. Alba, the founder of The Honest Company, can happily boast of having established a skincare company that is now worth more than a billion dollars. And on top of that, she looks just as good as she did ten years ago. Now, that’s what you call winning!

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