Top 11 Insane Moments On TV Show 'Scandal' So Far

Quick question…

Being avid fans of Scandal, we wouldn’t be asking this if we knew the answer, but is Mellie short for Melanie, Melody or Millicent? Hmm…. for now, we’ll go with Melanie.

Anyhow, Shonda Rhimes creates some really great TV shows. She is behind medical drama television series Grey's Anatomy, its spin-off Private Practice and How to Get Away with Murder. It should come as no surprise that she too is the producer behind the political thriller series Scandal. The show has its own twists and turns that make viewers crave to watch each episode.

From a former white house communications director to the owner of a crisis management company, Olivia Pope is the main star in this show. In each episode, the team of gladiators in suits race against the clock to defuse new and intriguing problems before they become full blown disasters. At the same time, they also have to deal with their own personal problems.

The story line in Scandal is so thrilling and full of excitement that we decided to compile a list of insane moments that we have seen on the show so far.

Warning: If you haven’t watched the show you probably shouldn’t be reading this because it contains lots of spoilers.

11 Fitz Kills Verna Thornton

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Verna Thornton hired Becky to take out the President, but things didn’t go as planned. You'll probably remember that Verna was part of the Grant campaign, as well as one of the main conspirators in the Defiance Conspiracy. Her deal was that if she took part in the conspiracy, she would be Grant’s first nomination when a position in the Supreme Court came up.

Fitz wasn’t even aware of the Defiance Conspiracy let alone the deal to give Verna a position in the supreme court. Fast-forward to the near future and Fitz finds everything out when Verna tells him how they fixed the election, so that he would become president. She even confesses that she was the one who tried to kill him and she will sing like a canary as soon as David Rosen gets there.

But Fitz wasn’t having any of that. He wasn’t ready to go down for something he didn’t even know he was a part of. So he took off Verna’s oxygen mask and let her die.

10 Olivia Pope’s Mom Bites Into Her Wrists

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Maya Lewis, Olivia’s mother, was killed in an airplane accident… or at least that’s what we thought until she resurfaced. Turns out Olivia’s dad had her mom imprisoned for 22 years. So now that Olivia was asking questions (thanks to Huck and Jake's ability to put two and two together to uncover that her mother wasn’t dead), Rowan decides to transfer Maya to another prison.

Maya requested to see Olivia before she moved, but realizes there’s no way in hell Rowan would let that happen. So what does she do out of desperation? She bites into her wrists so that she could be transferred to an infirmary. Soon as she reaches the infirmary, she escapes.

9 Olivia Finds Out Command Is Her Dad

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Throughout season two, we see a mysterious operative who plants Jake Ballard into Olivia’s life in order to create a wedge between her and Fitz. Jake does his job and manages to seduce Olivia. He even goes as far as planting surveillance cameras in Olivia’s house.

Command sees that things aren’t going as planned and obtains what we’d call a “sex tape” of Jake and Olivia. He gives it to Cyrus, who is instructed to make sure Fitz watches it. Olivia was oblivious to all this until she walks out of her apartment into a media circus asking her questions about being the President’s mistress. Command’s men pull her into a limo where he was waiting.

That’s when Olivia realizes that Command is her dad.

8 Jake Kills James Novak

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Okay, so you remember James was a journalist and Cyrus’s husband. When they got married, Cyrus had promised James that they’d adopt a baby, but Cyrus doesn’t hold up his end of the deal so James decides to go back to work. His boss at The DC Times gives him his old job back as a Chief White House Correspondent.

James begins snooping around and before long, Cyrus realizes that his husband is close to learning the truth about Defiance. Fast forward to season three, and James loses his job after Mellie does an exclusive interview with another reporter. Cyrus, out of guilt sets him up on an interview with Daniel Langston.

As it so happens, Langston is into guys and he makes a move on James. Sally finds out that her husband slept with James and she becomes so furious that she stabs him in the back with a knife. Long story short, James and three other journalists are on the brink of telling the entire world how Daniel Langston died and Jake handles things by killing them all.

7 Olivia’s Dad Kills The President’s Son Before The Elections

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Rowan was on a revenge mission. He ordered Tom Larsen, one of his B613 operatives to assassinate Jerry Grant. Jr. (IV) after Fitz was re-elected to serve office for a second term. Rowan felt he needed to do this because Fitz had taken away his child from him so he was just returning a favor.

Maybe someone should have told Rowan that Olivia isn’t a child anymore and she can make her own decisions. What we don’t understand is, how could Rowan think this was fair? His child, Olivia, was still alive while Fitz and his family had to mourn the loss of their son whom they will never see again.

6 Sally Langston Murders Her Husband

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Viewers found out fast how religious and conservative Sally Langston was. She was reluctant to give Fitz her support during his campaign after his scandal with Amanda Tanner became public knowledge. According to her moral beliefs, what the President did was a sin.

She is highly religious but we never thought she would go as far as killing her husband and covering it up. When she found out that he’d cheated on her with not a woman but a man, Sally went nuts and stabbed him in the back!

5 Huck Tortures Quinn

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Huck is obviously crazy, but he took it to a completely new level of crazy when he tortured Quinn. After scrubbing an image of the crime scene, Huck found out that Quinn was the one responsible for killing the security guard who was their link to Omar Dresdan. He needed to know whom Quinn was working for. Since she wasn’t willing to give up the information easily, he yanked her teeth out!

4 Jerry Grant Assaults Mellie


In a flashback to Santa Barbara, way before Mellie and Fitz got into the White House, we are shown a drunk Big Jerry ranting about being a good father to Fitz simply because he never beat him as he was growing up. Then he starts touching Mellie, who resists him. Big Jerry wasn’t taking no for an answer, so he forced himself on her and raped her. This really makes us feel really sad for Mellie, especially for all the things she’s had to endure from Fitz.

3 Fitz Is Almost Assassinated

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Fitz learns there is going to be a big gala for his 50th birthday party and he is not so enthusiastic about it. He arrives at the party in a presidential limo with his wife. Olivia and Edison arrive, too, looking like a power couple. While in the car, Mellie tells Fitz that she didn’t want to go to the party and tries to convince Fitz to bail out. It’s too late for that though as Fitz steps out of the limo. As he waves to the crowd with a plastic smile plastered on his face, Fitz is shot!

2 David Rosen Wakes up to a Dead Woman’s Body

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So David lost his job as a U.S. attorney, he tried to start his private practice but that didn’t go so well, his relationship with the woman he loves failed and now, to make matters worse, he wakes up next to a dead girl with fresh blood still dripping from her body. And he’s holding a bloody knife in his hands that could be a possible murder weapon. If you thought things couldn’t get any worse, the police are banging on his door because they were responding to a disturbance call.

Thank God, Olivia managed to save him from that mess.

1 Olivia Admits She is the President’s Mistress

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Olivia came clean and admitted to the press that she was Fitz’s mistress. Everyone, including Mellie, is shocked that Olivia had the guts to admit that she was the President’s secret girlfriend. Meanwhile, Fitz is in the background proud and smiling that his secret is out and the whole world finally knew he was having an affair. He could finally make it work with Olivia…or can he?

Mellie is, of course, willing to put this whole drama behind her and move forward, but when Fitz publicly drives to Olivia’s apartment to take her out on a date, she is furious and ready to impeach him.

Sources: madamenoire.com, scandalwikia.com

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