11 Hot Guys Who Were In Sex And The City Before They Got Famous

Okay, so we know Sex and the City was about four women friends who explored Manhattan’s dating scene, chronicling the mating habits of single New Yorkers.

The show was such a huge hit that everybody loved spending time thinking and talking about the characters. In fact, 17 years later we still talk about Sex and the City, and we even make certain references to the show.

We don’t, however, spend as much time talking about the guys who influenced the show. Yes, the hot guys who made the show what it was even though they only made brief appearances on our screens. Maybe it’s because we have forgotten who they were or we just didn’t care who they were because they weren’t famous back then.

Let us take you down memory lane and remind you which hot guys graced our screens ... and some of them will surprise you.

11 Blair Underwood

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When: Season 6 (5 episodes)

Character: Dr. Robert Leeds

Blair Underwood played the role of Dr. Robert Leeds, a sports medicine doctor who moved into Miranda’s building. He hooked up with Miranda and they had such great chemistry. Unfortunately, Miranda was unable to declare her love for him when the time came, which was kind of sad considering Dr. Leeds was the perfect guy. He was sexy, successful and devoted his time to Miranda, but she was still in love with Steve.

At the age of 51, Underwood remains one of the hottest award-winning actors in Hollywood. He has won awards at the Golden Globes, the NAACP Awards and even earned honors at the Grammys.

10 Gabriel Macht


When: Season 1 (1 episode)

Character: Barkley

Gabriel Macht played the role of a serial “modelizer.” He secretly videotaped himself having sex with models. Did we mention he was also Carrie’s poor painter friend? Sam saw him as a challenge and was more than eager to accompany him on a date. She even insisted on being videotaped.

Macht now stars as Harvey Specter, a hot, successful and self-absorbed lawyer in the captivating TV series Suits, and if you’ve watched the show, you know all about his hot secretary, Donna. What most people don’t know is that they’ve been best friends for more than 20 years in real life. Macht doesn’t eat meat and practices green living. It makes you wonder if that’s the secret to his good looks.

9 Bradley Cooper

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When: Season 2

Character: Jake

Bradley Cooper plays the guy who Carrie picks up at a local bar to make herself feel better after a not-so-flattering photograph of her appeared on the cover of New York. Things were great during their ride in his Porsche until they have to pull over so Jake could grab a cigarette. He not only grabs a pack of smokes, but he also grabs a copy of New York magazine. As soon as Carrie realizes this, she bolts and that was the last time Jake was seen in Sex and the City.

Cooper was voted as the "sexiest man alive" by People magazine in 2011. He has been nominated for four Academy Awards (one for producing and three for acting), coming a long way since his small role in Sex and the City.

8 Jon Bon Jovi


When: Season 3

Character: Seth Bateman

Carrie accidentally met Bateman (Bon Jovi), in her therapist’s waiting room. After a little flirting, they agreed to go on a dinner date, following by drinks later on in the evening. After spending a mind-blowing evening together, they decided to get in between the sheets and have a good time. As soon as their little romp ended, Bateman confessed to Carrie that he had a huge problem committing to women after having sex with them. You’d think Carrie would figure something was up with the guy since she met him at her shrink’s office.

Apart from being an actor, philanthropist, record producer and a singer-songwriter, Bon Jovi has also done charitable work. He has worked on behalf of the American Red Cross, the Special Olympics and he has his own foundation known as the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. He is also a political activist.

7 John Slattery


When: Season 3

Character: Bill Kelley

Who can forget how John Slattery wooed Carrie with his charm, expensive dinners and a glimpse into the fast-paced political lifestyle? Carrie thought everything was all good until she discovered Kelley’s weird sexual fetish for “golden showers.” Carrie figured they just weren’t compatible and ended the relationship.

Slattery is now known for his role as Roger Sterling in the popular AMC series, Mad Men. Thanks to the TV series, he’s won two Screen Actors Guild Awards and has been nominated for several other awards.

6 Justin Theroux


When: Season 1&2

Characters: Jared, Vaughn Wysel

You probably forgot that Jennifer Aniston’s husband once graced our screens in Sex and the City.

In season one, Justin Theroux starred as Stanford’s friend who flirted with Carrie. In season two, he came back as Vaughn Wysel, a guy with problems in the bedroom. His relationship with Carrie didn't work out, for obvious reasons.

Since appearing in the series, Theroux has done really well for himself. He has made it as a director, actor and screenwriter. He was the screenwriter for the movie Iron Man 2, and the executive producer and director of the film Dedication. He has also starred in several TV shows including the popular The Leftovers.

5 Vince Vaughn

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When: Season 3

Character: Keith Travers

While in LA, Carrie met a slick “tall drink of water” who somehow managed to convince her that he was Matt Damon’s agent. She takes him house hunting, makes out with him and even decides to have some fun with him in between the sheets at his house. After having such a good time together, not only does Carrie find out that Travers had lied about the house being his, but he’d also lied about being Matt Damon’s agent. He was just Carrie Fisher’s personal assistant.

Since gracing our screens in Sex and the City, Vince Vaughn has starred in several high profile movies such as The Breakup and Wedding Crashers. He also stars as Frank Semyon in the hit TV series True Detective.

4 Mathew McConaughey


When: Season 3

Character: Himself

Matthew McConaughey made a guest appearance as an exaggerated version of himself. He wanted Carrie to sell him the rights to her book so that he could play the main lead in its silver screen adaptation (as her male version). Carrie wasn’t so enthusiastic about the idea.

We know McConaughey starred in popular movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and The Wedding Planner but more recently, he’s been starring in award-winning movies like Mud, Interstellar and The Wolf of Wall Street.

He’s been nominated for Golden Globe Awards, Film Critics Society Awards and Teen Choice Awards, among others. He’s also won several awards including the Critic’s Choice Television Award for "Best Actor in a Drama Series."

3 Dominic Fumusa


When: Season 3

Character: Jim

Jim hit it off with Miranda, but there was one major problem: he was Carrie’s ex, and from Carrie’s experience, he was a complete jerk. Miranda didn’t heed Carrie’s warning and had to experience for herself how much of a jerk he really was.

After his appearance in Sex and the City, Fumusa made an appearance in the popular hit TV shows Law & Order and CSI: Miami. He currently stars as Kevin Peyton in the TV series Nurse Jackie.

2 Eddie Cahill

When: Season 4

Character: Sean

Cahill played the character of Sean, a guy who had been bisexual, straight and gay. This forced Carrie play a sexual-orientation game, since she didn’t know what to think after Sean revealed his sexual history of making love to both men and women.

After his guest appearance in Sex and the City, Cahill found himself scoring steady TV work. He landed roles in the popular TV shows like Friends, Felicity and CSI: NY. He was also a regular in the most recent season of Under the Dome.

1 Mark Feuerstein


When: Season 2

Character: Josh

Mark Feuerstein played Josh, a hunky ophthalmologist who was also Miranda’s ex. Miranda bumped into him and they reconnected, but there was one huge problem: Miranda had to fake orgasms, just like she did when she was with him in the past. She decided to tell Josh about it and his confidence took a blow. However, he requested Miranda to teach him how to be a better lover, but the whole thing felt like an exam subject for Miranda.

Feuerstein has appeared in several TV shows such as Ally McBeal, Law & Order, and In Your Eyes, among other TV shows. He currently has his own TV show, Royal Pains, where he stars as Dr. Hank Lawson, whose career is derailed after the death of a hospital trustee.

Sources: sylcaster.com, tvguide.com

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