11 Famous Movies You Should Never Watch With Your Parents

We all love watching movies; whether it's a good comedy film that will make us laugh, or perhaps a film that is so violent, you need to pause it just to digest what you just saw on your television screen. And while it might be easy to sit down and have an evening in with a couple of friends to watch one of these movies, it is highly recommended that you do not try this with your parents. These 11 movies were all controversial in their own right, meaning that if you were to choose this film as the movie you think you can watch with your parents and family relatives, you are clearly out of your mind. From raunchy adult scenes to mother's boyfriends' sexually assaulting their daughter -- all of these films have scenes that will make you feel very uncomfortable. Not necessarily because of what you are seeing in the movie, but more so of who you are watching the movie with. Check out the 11 famous movies you should never watch with your parents below.

11 Bridesmaids


The humor that this movie offers to the “younger generation” is simply hilarious — but your parents may not think the same way. Profound language that many of your parents are totally against give clear signs as to why Bridesmaids is not an ideal movie you would want to watch on movie night with your family. Oh, and your mother will definitely not appreciate the “poo in the sink” scene; her reaction will be anything from disgusted to the point where she’s ready to leave the living room (which might not necessarily be a bad thing).

10 American Pie


American Pie was adored by all teenagers when it hit screens back in 2000. And while it is still known to be a classic film, don’t get the wrong idea by recommending this particular film to your parents. Many who remember the movie can quickly bring up the pie scene in their minds. For me, I can remember where I was, what time I saw that scene and how funny it was. If you need to watch the film again, watch it with people who will understand the jokes — and you can be sure that your parents aren’t one of them.

9 Bruno


Bruno is literally filled with inappropriate scenes. Where do I start? Many of Sacha Baron Cohen's movies are ones that are not recommended to be seen with parents for obvious reasons. The actor holds no boundaries to being a complete clown when it comes to on-screen humor, which ridicules cultures, religion, specific types of women, homosexuality, amongst others. While you will sit and laugh hysterically about the obvious jokes, your father would most likely show an unamused expression.

8 The Wolf of Wall Street


A man who wants to get rich, makes it happen, and splashes his money on ‘cheap women,’ alcohol, houses, private jets and more. What’s not to love about this entertaining non-fictional movie? The portrayal of women in The Wolf of Wall Street is not exactly showing girls in the best light — most are seen as tacky, money-hungry opportunists that fight for wealth and power. Your mother may nag you for laughing at particular scenes she wouldn’t find funny. It’s probably best to leave this one out of your family movie night collection.

7 Fifty Shades of Grey


Sex is a huge topic in the ever-so-popular movie Fifty Shades of Grey. The film sees Anastasia Steele obsess over Christian Grey, a very successful entrepreneur with a crazy fetish. The movie in itself is pretty much based around the twosome sleeping with one another whenever they can, and when they do, it always has to be spiced up in the bedroom. How awkward would it be watching two people making love with your parents? And this would go on throughout the entire movie. I can already imagine the silence in the room as the movie gets to its raunchy parts.

6 Precious


While Precious has been named one of the most heartbreaking films of all time, I’d pull this one out of the family movie night collection, too. Why? Well, this 2009 hit is based on a true story about a young girl who is sexually assaulted by her mother’s boyfriend, and yes, you’ve guessed it — the mother sides with her man. Furthermore, Precious begins having a hard time raising the baby that was conceived from the incident, and her mother shames her only daughter for being too stubborn, often beating her in front of the infant. The whole thing is too much to handle; even for parents.

5 The 40-Year-Old Virgin


If your parents hear a movie titled 40-Year-Old Virgin, nine out of ten times they are going to stop you from putting the flick on — and rightfully so. The film follows the life of a 40-year-old man who is desperate to lose his virginity, having never experienced a sexual encounter with another woman in his life. In other words, you and your parents will watch a man try and find the right girl for him to sleep with for 90 minutes. And just to let you know, some parts are highly inappropriate to watch with family members, so I say no to letting this movie play during a family reunion.

4 Brokeback Mountain


While Brokeback Mountain has become one of many people’s favorite films, it goes without saying that this is not the film you can sit down to watch with relatives. You just can’t. Maybe your sister, but not anybody else. The adult scenes in this movie are enough to make your parents think you’ve accidentally come across the 18+ channel as they eagerly await for you to insert the movie, only then realizing that Brokeback Mountain is the film that you have chosen for the family to see.

3 Magic Mike


Your mother might love watching a bunch of attractive men strip off and dance to raunchy music for 80 minutes, but your father sure won’t appreciate it. I’d also recommend to leave this one out of your home collection of DVDs to watch with relatives, as the movie really only focuses on men who want to make a living out of stripping naked in front of women that splash their men’s hard-earned money for pleasure. Mothers will most definitely love this (as concluded from reviews), but fathers will likely opt out from it the second they see the cover of the film.

2 Matrix Reloaded


The Matrix franchise was a huge success with its trilogy run. And while many still remember many parts of the movies, nobody can forget that infamous scene in Matrix Reloaded, where Neo and Trinity share a passionate romp together on Zion while thousands of people are partying it up to rave music. You would think that this love scene would go on for a couple of seconds and switch up to the next part, but no, the directors of this film made sure that this scene went on for minutes. It showed numerous angles of the couple making love, and anything awkward that runs for more than ten seconds is an instant family night killer. The awkwardness kicks in, and all you can think about is how much you want to run and hide in your room, far away from the awkward moments you just experienced watching an intimate love scene with your parents.

1 Kill Bill


Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill goes down to be one of his best movies to date, that’s for sure. But according to studies, many people have actually opted out from showing this film to their parents — at least while they are with them. While the movie is not as highly inappropriate as some of the other films on this list, it does tackle some very bloody incidents, and one shouldn’t forget the teen sexual assault scenes, along with the idea that an underage girl is made to fight to protect her master. Furthermore, the film often gives the idea that women need to feel important as they try to tackle roles that are often held by men, such as the warrior, the martial arts experts, and the notorious killer.

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