11 Celebrities Who Turned Down Playboy

Founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine recently announced that the magazine will no longer feature fully nude women. The decision was made after careful consideration and as form of keeping up with today’s modern thinking. Content manager Cory Jones said that there will still be a Playmate of the Month but that all photo shoots will be PG-13. The models will still pose in a provocative manner, but will remain clothed. The decision was made earlier last month as an attempt to raise sales. The magazine used to distribute up to 5.7 million magazines back in the 1970s but as of now those numbers have dropped down to 800,000. The decision could be consider as rather bold since the magazine has to basically re-brand itself and the change might polarize some of its current readers.

Maybe if this decision was made earlier, these beautiful famous ladies might have agreed to pose for the magazine. The gentlemen’s magazine is notorious amongst celebrities and many of them have refused to pose for the magazine out of fear for their career. Many celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kate Hudson have turned their back on the magazine and have said they will never pose for it.

Below is a list of the top 11 celebrities who have turned down Playboy’s offer to be photographed by Playboy. The announcement of any of these beautiful women posing for the magazine would definitely call the attention of any casual reader and could possibly help increase sales considering some of these women have never posed nude for any publications.

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13 Katy Perry

Since Katy Perry’s debut, the world has known her as the sexy pop singer who kissed a girl and liked it. Daughter of a pastor, Perry has always gone for a more sexy appeal in the music industry and is easily one of the hottest musicians around. It might surprise some to learn that the singer refused to pose for the famous gentleman’s magazine when she was asked to do a spread for Playboy.

Although the singer models her fashion after burlesque girls, Playboy is something she would not do. Maybe it’s her upbringing that is preventing her from posing as a centerfold.

12 Jennifer Aniston

Via www.eonline.com

Jennifer Aniston is ageless and as time goes by the 46-year-old actress seems to only get younger. In 2009, Playboy approached Jennifer Aniston about a potential $4 million deal if the actress would be the magazine’s centerfold. The deal came after Aniston was on the cover for the January 2009 issue of GQ where the ex-Friends actress wore nothing more than a striped necktie. According to an interview with The National Enquire, Aniston politely declined the record-breaking offer stating that “GQ is art, but Playboy is sex.”

Although Playboy is currently rebranding itself, it’s going to be hard for Hugh Hefner to shake off the image his franchise made for itself. Over half a century has passed by since the initial launch of Playboy magazine, and although several women have posed for it, there are just as many that have rejected the publication's offer to pose nude for them.

11 Kate Upton

Via celebritiespedia.com

Kate Upton, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, revealed at a British GQ event in 2014 that she would not be posing for Playboy anytime soon. The 23-year-old model discussed that although she would never say never to the magazine, she felt that at this point in her career it would not be the right move to make. Why would it? She's literally the hottest model - in terms of appearance and success - out there right now.

Upton is keeping her options open and says that under the right circumstances she could be inspired to do any kind of shoot. It's not like photos of her appearing in the nude are non-existent - thanks to the pigs who hacked her's and other celebrities' phones last year.

10 Nelly Furtado 

Nelly Furtado might be promiscuous but she is not a Playmate. The 36-year-old singer was offered half a million dollars to pose fully-clothed for the magazine but she respectively declined. Furtado told the magazine that doing the spread would only be a “vanity thing and egotistical thing,” however she did say that it’s not something she would never do and might consider it in the future.

With her career falling off the rails, so to speak, in recent years, perhaps a Playboy photo shoot would revive her career.

9 Stacy Keibler

Via prorasslin.wordpress.com

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) diva and actress Stacy Keibler has been on Maxim’s annual 100 hot lists multiple times throughout the years. Keibler has also been approached by Playboy two times in the past. She rejected them both times. The wrestler-turned-actress definitely has the body of a Playmate but she will never be one even though many of her WWE co-workers have posed for the magazine in the past.

Considering how she wrestled half-naked for a number of years in front of large viewing audiences, I don't understand the logic behind her refusal.

8 Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, Sarah Michelle Gellar said no to the magazine when she was asked to pose for it years ago. Besides Buffy, many others recognize Geller for her role in Cruel Intentions, where the actress plays a wealthy and seductive Kathryn Merteuil. I could see that character saying yes to Playboy!

The actress was one of the hottest stars in the industry during Buffy's run and was lusted after by many, but wanted to maintain a conservative image and chose against the photo shoot.

7 Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart turned down a $1 million deal with Playboy after a controversial photo shoot with Maxim. In 1999, the Sabrina the Teenage Witch star posed for Maxim and received a lot of negative comments from it. Archie Comics, which owns the Sabrina series, threatened to sue and fire her for breach of contract.

Hart regretted her decision to do the photoshoot. The actress has also stated that her brother received a lot of backlash from it as well. And because of all that, she chose to say no to Playboy magazine. Good decision, Melissa.

6 Ashlee Simpson

Via www.hawtcelebs.com

Ashlee Simpson was a pop-punk princess in the mid-2000s despite having an embarrassing appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2004. A couple years after the incident, the young singer was approached by the magazine, which reportedly offered her a rumored $4 million to pose for them. Ashlee’s publicist spoke to TMZ after the offer was made and said that although she was considering it, she chose against it.

A bold move considering she is now the mother of two and her career has come to a sudden halt. Maybe a photo shoot with the new Playboy might make the ex-superstar relevant these days.

5 Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Via www.huffingtonpost.com

The star of the Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love-Hewitt has refused multiple offers from various magazines to pose nude, Playboy being one of the main ones. In 2008, Hewitt was named sexiest woman on television by TV guide making her all the more appealing to such magazines.

Although there is no exact figure of what the actress was offered, one of Hugh Hefner’s girls, Holly Madison, told TVGuide.com in 2007 that the actress has the perfect body to be in a Playboy. Now that Playboy is leaving its nude past behind, a Love-Hewitt-Playboy partnership could become a reality.

4 Heidi Klum

Via www.popsugar.com

Heidi Klum is a supermodel and has done hundreds of photo shoots throughout her career. As a model, she’s done all sorts of shoots and has posed naked several times in the past. So it might surprise some to learn that the model has never done a Playboy shoot during her career.

Klum was offered $1 million to pose for the magazine, which she agreed to on two conditions. The first being that the photoshoot would have to be done by a female photographer and the second condition was that the photographs would be in black and white. Playboy did not seem to agree with the terms and instead took back their offer. Bad decision on Playboy's part, who could have used a star like Klum.


2 Jessica Alba

Via www.justjared.com

In 2006, Jessica Alba was voted by Playboy as the Sexiest Star of the Year and a photo of her in a bikini was used on the cover. However the actress never posed for the magazine and never consented to the use of her image. Alba had been asked to pose but the-then 24-year-old star declined the offer and was very unhappy that the publication used her photograph as the cover.

Her attorney’s filed a claim and wanted the publication to pull circulation of the issue for implying that she posed nude or semi-nude for them. They also stated that because Alba had previously rejected the publication, they took matters into their own hands and used Columbia Pictures to retrieve the picture.


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