10 Women Who Look Like Justin Bieber

As much as we make fun of Justin Bieber, no one can argue that he's popular.  He's one of the most listened to pop artists of the modern age.  His concerts draw more than tittering teenage girls; they draw women and men of all ages.  His following calls themselves "Belie-bers," a ridiculous sounding, but fitting name.

Justin Bieber has made a reputation for himself as a narcissistic, joking, sweet heartthrob.  Is it any surprise that, like any celebrity, he has people trying to imitate his appearance?  You can find teenage boys all over the world working to copy his swept hair and over-confident allure.  Even better, you can find women copying his look- and they pull it off better than he does.

There are a lot who prefer Bieber's style (we know, it's actually hard to argue that Bieber is "mannish," but you get the idea).  In fact, there are actually whole Instagram and Tumblr accounts dedicated to this singular topic.  Check it out: here are ten people who look just like Justin Bieber!

10 The Poser

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When she was getting ready to go to the department store that day, do you think she planned her outfit? Do you think she intentionally chose skinny jeans with an over-sized baseball cap with the hopes of looking like a relative of that cutout of Justin Bieber? Or do you think that she rolled out of bed and threw on her normal garb and stumbled upon this cutout and realized that she looked just like him? In either case, she definitely nailed the chin grab. And Justin's nails would look a lot hotter if he borrowed her neon blue polish.

9 The Beanie Look

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Look at this spunky little cutie, sporting the typical Justin Bieber beanie that's forever unable to cover up those side swept bangs. Better yet, check out the fake dog tag necklace poking out of the white v-neck (yeah, no one's going to believe that Justin Bieber or any of his followers could fight in an actual war). Those large white teeth and the color of her hair lend her to looking just like Justin Bieber; you likely did a double take when looking at this one.

8 The Old Justin Look

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We found this young Bieber look-alike going for the old Justin smolder look.  Just look at those shy, innocent eyes!  Certainly, all the ladies must go for that sexy half-cocked baseball cap and the over-sized headphones (half-on/half-off, true to Bieber style; it's so he can hear you- but only kind of).  You gotta hand it to her, this chick is rocking the Bieber look!  Lucky for us, she's made it easy to find her.

7 Selfie Time

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Oh, the old "my selfie surprised me" pose (which, in and of itself, is an impossibility by the very nature of what a selfie is, people).  She may not look like Justin Bieber's doppelganger, but she's definitely pulling off his style very well.  Between that baseball cap that simply can't contain that fluffy, well coiffed mess of hair and those pink lips that are seemingly always plump and primed for pictures, she's rocking the Bieber look.  Not to mention, Bieber pulls that surprised look on his own Instagram all the time.

6 Blonde Biebs

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 Here's another Justin Bieber look alike that isn't quite trying to trick people into thinking she's the real guy.  She's got that flipped up baseball cap (sticker still on the under side of the bill, obviously, to prove... something) to match the high and tight haircut, matched with those well arched eyebrows and soft, sweet eyes.  She's damn near putting Justin Bieber to shame- and she doesn't even need to try that hard!  Her casual and suave selfie makes Bieber's posed ones look ridiculous (that is, even more than they usually do).

5 Justin Doppelganger

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Can you guess which one is the real Bieber?  The real Bieber is on the right, the impersonator on the left.  If nothing else, the cute and girly beaded friendship bracelet on her wrist might have tipped you off.  Otherwise, she's kind of nailing the look; in fact, she's practically a doppelganger!  In fact, her clear sky blue eyes are even more ensnaring than Justin's brown eyes, with a smile that seems genuine and sweet.  Maybe Justin's the one who should be trying to be more like her!

4 Is That Justin At The Ball Game?

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Everyone loves a good candid shot.  This cute little Justin Bieber look-alike was probably causing double takes all day at this baseball game!  It's nice to imagine her being told that she looks like Justin Bieber right before the picture was taken; she looks so grumpy that she might be compared to Justin!  News flash, honey: when you sweep the bangs of your pixie cut across your entire forehead and wear your baseball cap in any direction other than the typical bill-forward way it's intended to be worn, you're gonna look like a Belieber.  Sorry.

3 Biebs Look-alike Wearing Shades

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Whoa, wait, did someone get a shot of Justin Bieber when he was out camping in Selena Gomez's backyard?  No, wait, never mind; it's just an adorable young lady that can rock a beanie over her pixie cut and the Bieber sized sunglasses.  Better yet, this Bieber look-alike is the kind of Bieber that keeps her Christmas lights up year round and enjoys a cup of hot tea in the morning in a plastic lawn chair before a rousing game of darts; she might be cooler than the actual Justin Bieber.  In fact, she definitely is cooler.

2 "I'm Not Justin Bieber" Girl

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"I'M NOT JUSTIN BIEBER," her hoodie yells to the world from her seat on the park bench.  "WELL YOU COULD'VE FOOLED US," the world shouts back.  Besides her vibrant red hair, the piercings up and down her ears, and the tattoos on her forearms, she's kind of a dead on doppelganger.  In fact, she looks a lot sexier.  She can definitely work that Bieber surprised-smoldering sexy face, maybe better than Justin can.  So lose the sweatshirt, sweet heart, and get used to it: you're working the Bieber look.

1 High School Bieber

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This is actually just a high school girl, going about her normal day.  Her high school peers call her "Bieber" because of the striking similarity.  Look at how this high school heart throb just accrues adoring fans around her!  The Bieber look is definitely working for this youngster.  Justin Bieber has given her the ability to lure in young sweethearts looking for love (though not necessarily looking for a boyfriend).  Who would've guessed?  Justin Bieber has empowered a young woman.  Next thing you know, pigs will start flying.

Sources: tumblr, coed

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