10 Video Game Worlds We Desperately Wish Were Real

Let’s face it, everyday life isn’t all that interesting most of the time. We escape into movies, books and other sorts of fictions to entertain ourselves in a world flowing with the mundane. Although books and films are still some of the most popular means of "escaping" the real world, video games prove to be the most realistic option to date. Combining the fantastic imaginative settings imagined when reading a book and the visual awe of seeing it first hand on a screen, video games add that key missing component; interaction.

By interacting with worlds that are getting to be more and more real looking as time goes on, gamers can now escape into wild fantasies. But as is often the case with most things, we become spoiled and demand more. It’s every gamer’s fantasy to visit some of their favourite gaming worlds. They provide us with the ability to do the impossible, experience things we could never experience in our lifetimes and create things beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.

As time passes and we start to become more and more intertwined into society, the wish for theses fantasies to be real burns even brighter. It becomes both a means of escape and a door to a much missed past.

Here are the top 10 video game worlds we want to live in. Be sure to voice which worlds you’d want to live in in the comments section!

10 The Milky Way – Mass Effect

Via wallpapervortex.com

Some people dream of travelling the world, but why limit yourself? Mass Effects Milky Way contains a bevy of stars and planets ripe for the picking. With a whole galaxy at your fingertips, who wouldn’t want to make good on that childhood dream and explore the vast wonders of space?  Add in intergalactic conflict, a plethora of different alien races, and some awesome futuristic weapons and that there becomes every sci-fi nerd’s wet dream.

9 LittleBigPlanet – LittleBigPlanet

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LittleBigPlanet is so over the top, with so many obstacles to get through that the fabric of everyday life as we know if would be forever changed for the weird. What makes this world special is its unique ability to become an outlet for your creativity. Oh, how fun life would be if you could create potentially anything you thought up on a whim, and make it a part of the world. Life in LittleBigPlanet seems like a child’s daydream on mescaline, and that’s what makes it the perfect place to just enjoy and cut loose.

8 The Assassin’s Creed Universe – Assassin’s Creed

Via hadewallpaper.com

Time travel has always been sort of confusing, and kind of frightening if you really get down to it. The whole bit about your actions in the past having negative repercussions in the future is sort of off-putting to those of us who don’t wish to destroy modern society, and there’s always the slight chance that stepping on something leads to you never even being born. So how does one experience the adventure of time traveling, but keep it relatively safe? The Animus. How awesome would it be to visit the stages for some of history's greatest eras, wars and revolutions? Now factor in that you’re an Assassin who moves in the shadows and plays a surprisingly large hand in some of history's most important events and you’ve finally got something good to do on Sundays.

7 Rieze Maxia – Tales of Xillia

Via ingame.de

In a place where humans, monsters and spirits co-exist – although the monsters may freak you out a bit – Rieze Maxia is a visually stunning world with tons to do. Either in its huge cities or small countryside villages, Rieze Maxia is a world ruled and supported by magic. The entire world is powered by something called "Spirit Artes", magic that’s been channelled to be used in various ways. Citizens of Rieze Maxia are born with something called "Mana Lobes", which depending their size allows them to expel more Mana depending on the individual, to be used in various, and ridiculously convenient ways. So not only can you juice your whole house but you’re born with more power than some superheroes. Hey, and you’d never have to pay the electric bills.

6 Skyrim – The Elder Scrolls

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Swords, magic, dragons and walking... so much walking. The land of Skyrim is huge and full of possibilities. Looting dungeons, exploring the vast wilderness and going on a seemingly never ending amount of quests ranging from the simplistic to the downright suicidal, Skyrim has it all tucked away in 9 different holds. Walk into one hold and fight off a dragon, walk into another and you’re right in the middle of a gruesome murder mystery, or you could just buy a big-ass house and stay there. More of an outdoorsman? The seemingly endless fields of Skyrim lead to all sorts of crazy dungeons, hideouts and burial chambers. If being human doesn’t quite do it for you there’s always the possibility that you might get bit by a Vampire (not the moody, shirtless kind) or maybe get turned into a Werewolf (again, not the moody, shirtless kind), and being able to use kick-ass destructive magic just makes everything that much easier, you know for BBQs and such.

5 The Kingdom Hearts Universe – Kingdom Hearts

Via cartoonpacks.com

Who didn’t love Disney growing up? Disney characters have found the way into the hearts of countless children from all kinds of generations. But as we grow older our interests tend to stray towards other things, and while this world is still in our hearts it is set aside for other interests. The Kingdom Hearts series gave the world a unique blend of Disney characters as well as some Final Fantasy characters. What could be better than fighting along side your favourite childhood heroes? How about having the opportunity to actually visit some of your favourite Disney worlds? With so many to explore, life would literally be like a Disney movie, with all the familiar settings and characters right where you’d expect them to be.

4 Rapture – Bioshock

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Life under the sea seems dreamlike. There’s a sort of peace that comes in watching a school of fish swim by or just staring into the deep blue ocean’s depths. Rapture is a world where this dream is the everyday reality. Having come together at the beginning of the 1950s, Rapture is a place built on the core beliefs of capitalism and personal gain. Rejecting all religion and instead forcing those who chose to practice their faiths to do so in private, Rapture's atheistic views and focus on business serve as a welcoming environment to those wishing to get ahead in life, just make sure you’re a decent shot first.  So probably not the ideal place for you "Ned Flanders" types.

3 Hyrule – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Via zeldauniverse.net

There’s nothing quite like a Hyrulian’s pride, and for good reason. The kingdom of Hyrule is home to a number of different races, interesting people, shops and brave warriors. Horse riding, monster slaying and cave exploring are just some of the ways you can spend your days in Hyrule, though living expenses can get a little tight if your pouch can only hold 99 rupees at a time. This is a world where a few notes of music literally hold all the power, so it may be best to keep the instruments out of the reach of some of those moody musicians.

2 The Mushroom Kingdom – Super Mario

Via deviantart.com

Straight out of a weird acid trip, the Mushroom Kingdom is a pretty diverse place. With desserts, islands, forests, mountains and volcanoes – among other areas – it’s got a lot of wildl and crazy stuff going on. Could you imagine your daily commute? In a world where pipes are the way to travel, brick smashing serves as a viable form of income and eating questionable mushrooms you find on the ground gives you super powers, it’s hard to find something that doesn’t completely blow your mind. It’s so beautifully weird and unique that it’s just overflowing with joy, and you know that there’s an adventure to be had since a certain someone can’t seem to figure out how to install a lock on her door.

1 The World of Pokémon – Pokémon

Via wall321.com

Whatever culture you’re from it’s always a special moment when you finally come of age. To some people it means taking your first drink or being met with new responsibilities. If you happen to live in the world of Pokémon, then it means that you’re a ten-year-old running around unsupervised, trying to catch a plethora of super powered wild animals and fight them for sport. Let’s go with that. Long trails, dark caves, big cities and a ton of annoyingly far-reaching, tall grass, you conquer theses challenges with the help of your companions, your Pokémon. As you travel together and fight rival trainers and gym leaders and explore the mysteries of the land you grow a bond with theses super powered pocket monsters. Does it seem a little dangerous? Sure. But so is walking over to the local drug store, and in retrospect getting cornered and driven insane by a horde of Zubat seems a lot better than getting hit by a four-door on your way to pick up your mom's Tylenol.

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