10 Things You Didn't Know About Amber Rose

Amber Rose is one of a kind. She's one of the few celebrities who can rock a buzz-cut and make it look so good. She's made her presence in the spotlight known and worth her while. But don't let the pretty face fool you, she reminds us with a quickness that she's a thoroughbred Philly girl who isn't afraid to keep it real. In her interviews, Rose prides herself on being as transparent and down to earth as possible. She's misconstrued by many but will always fess up and clear allegations when it's time to. Whether it's who she's dating or her past relationship with ex-bf Kanye West, Rose does not dance around the truth.

Many criticize her for sexual behavior, but Rose makes it her mission to inform people she's only human and enjoys sex just like the next person. When she's not being scrutinized by her critics, Rose is alleviating double standards and reminding her Rosebuds to be unapologetic. Even though she's made it clear that she doesn't hide behind closed doors, here's 10 things you may not have known about Muva Rose!

8 She Didn't Ask To Be Famous

This may come as a surprise for most, but Amber Rose admitted in an interview that she did not ask for the fame. She was approached by a woman who asked Rose if she wanted to star in a music video. Rose stated she was taken aback but went through with the gig. After Kanye West spotted her in a music video, her name became the talk of the tabloids. While the two were dating, Rose even admitted that fans would ask to take a picture with her instead of the rapper. But before the fame, Rose said that her haircut was so unique and edgy that she caused car accidents back in her hometown. With or without Kanye, Rose was bound for a bright future on her unique look alone.

9. She's Starred In Several Music Videos

Even before Kanye West, Amber Rose had several modeling and video gigs. As mentioned before, she never envisioned starring in a music video but rolled the dice and went through with it. She has appeared in Young Jeezy's "Vacation", Nicki Minaj's "Massive Attack" and Fabolous' "You Be Killin 'Em" video. Her appearance in Ludacris' "What Them Girl's Like" is the video which most notably took West's breath away. She had a model contract with Ford Models in 2009 and starred in print ads for Louis Vuitton.

7 She Used To Date Women


It is surely no secret that Amber Rose is not shy about her sexuality. Rose has stated she dated two women over the span of six years before her very publicized relationship with Kanye West. But contrary to popular belief, it wasn't just for show. Rose genuinely believes that love is love and is actively supportive of the LBGTQ community. Recently, Rose and her BFF Blac Chyna, celebrated marriage equality by wearing matching white suits and sharing a kiss on the BET Red Carpet.

6 She's Really A Brunette


Before fans fell in love with her edgy style and fierce haircut, Rose was actually a brunette! Although she likes to playfully experiment with wigs and different colors from time to time, her buzz-cut has made her iconic and inspired others to cut their hair that way as well. She credits the inspiration for her haircut to none other than Sinead O'Connor. She cut her tresses off at 19 and cried right after. It reportedly took Rose a little while to adjust to her new haircut but fell in love with it thereafter.

5 She Thanked Kim Kardashian For Her Marriage To Wiz


In an exclusive marriage interview to Star magazine, Rose explained that the reason behind the split between her and former boyfriend Kanye West, was because of Kim Kardashian. Rose went on to explain that Kanye and Kim had an affair while Rose and Kanye were still together. In typical Kardashian fashion, Kim allegedly sent photos to Kanye West and that is what led to their breakup. In her interview, Rose stated:

I want to thank her, because if she was never a homewrecker, then I never would have met Wiz, and I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now.

Since then, Rose has let bygones be bygones.

4 She Met Wiz Khalifah Through Twitter


Go ahead and ditch your Tinder account because finding love has been made possible by Twitter! It was no secret that Amber Rose was once deeply in love with rapper Wiz Khalifah. She has stated in interviews that she cried for months after their split. But who knew that one could fall so deeply in love with someone they met through twitter? In an interview, Wiz answered that if there was one girl in the world he could be with it would be Amber Rose. Apparently, that was enough to charm her. She later messaged Wiz and told him "That's really cute". The two fell in love afterwards and ended up having a baby boy together. Since their split, Rose posted a picture of her and Wiz to Instagram, which has #TeamWizAndAmber hoping for the best between the two.

3 She Has An Unapologetic Silly Side

If you aren't following Amber Rose on Instagram, you are missing out on a few good laughs. On occasion, Rose has posted memes pertaining to funny sexual innuendos. What's even better is that she has no shame in posting them either! She's made it obvious that she is not afraid to admit she's a sexual being and comfortable with every inch of her body. Perhaps that's why she mocks her critics by posting outlandish things and getting the last laugh.

2 She Hasn't Had Any Plastic Surgery

In today's world of silicone and surgery, it is easy to assume that celebrities of all sorts have had some type of work done. Given all of her curves, it is no wonder why so many have speculated that Rose has had surgery done. However, Paul S. Nassif, a plastic surgery specialist in Beverly Hills, strongly believes that Rose does not appear to have had any surgery done due to her natural bends and facial highlights. After giving birth to Sebastian, Rose took to Instagram and revealed the secret to her natural body stating:

"Absolutely no surgery just diet & exercise. Most celebs give u false hope when u have a baby (My son was 9lbs) and in 3 months ur supposed to be skinny again..... It's not realistic in most cases It takes 6 weeks to heal before u could even work out.”

The baby weight has indeed made her a MILF if she wasn't already smoking hot before!

2. She's Pretty Cutthroat


Her gorgeous smile may take your breath away, but so will her Philly attitude. Muva knows when it is time to clap-back and stand up for herself. This past year, she took to Twitter to respond to Khloe Kardashian's sub-tweets in reference to Rose's Breakfast Club interview about Kylie Jenner. Following that, Kanye West was interviewed and joked that he had to take 30 showers after dating Amber Rose to be with Kim Kardashian. After the feud, Amber Rose cleared the air and stated that her Tweets were not malicious and that she actually credits the Kardashians for making something out of nothing.

1 She's Against Gender Inequality

It's easy to be just a pretty face with no platform to stand against social issues in today's world. That's not the case for Amber Rose. Rose's latest campaign, Amber Rose Slut Walk LA, has awakened feminists and misogynists and caused debates all over the internet. Rose has made it her mission to fight gender inequality when it comes to sexual liberation. After constantly having her sexual freedom held against her, Rose decided to orchestrate her own 'Slut Walk' in hopes to stop 'victim-blaming' and 'slut-shaming'. The event took place on October 3rd and thousands were in attendance. Through the event, she hoped to empower women and enlighten people on an ongoing issue with double standards in society.

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