10 Things The "Industry" Never Told You About Ron Jeremy

Even if you’ve never seen an adult movie in your life, it’s likely you have heard of Ron Jeremy. Jeremy, the macho king of the skin industry, is as much of a pop culture fixture as one of the most epic adult movie stars of all time. If you are familiar, you may be surprised what you don’t know about the legend.

A lot sets Jeremy apart from his “peers” in the industry. For starters, he doesn’t look like the typical adult movie star; he looks more like the guy that would fix your furnace. However, what he misses in initial appearance he makes up for down below, as well as in his “on command” ability to perform, a skill that many of his associates wish they had. With over a thousand adult films to his name, Jeremy is an iconic figure in the world of adult entertainment.

Just missing the top 10 is the fact that Jeremy has appeared in five non-adult films directed by John Frankenheimer, including 52 Pick-Up, George Wallace, Dead Bang, Reindeer Games and Ronin.

Okay, it’s time to hear the real story on Jeremy. We’ve got his educational background, a dark Disney secret and of course, numbers of adult films. Oh, a number of STD cases, we’ve got that covered as well. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Ron Jeremy.

10 Jeremy's First Calling Was Teaching

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We have all had teachers we remember, but I’m guessing anyone that had Jeremy as a teacher looks back either fondly or in horror, given how his career turned to adult movie fame. Jeremy was a high school teacher prior to getting into the sex industry and even holds a master’s degree in Special Education. I surmise that if I take the time to view Jeremy’s vast catalog of work he plays a teacher at some point, brining his career full circle. In fact, I don’t need to view thousands of hours of his work, I’m pretty sure he was the strict instructor who had a girl (or girls) that needed a certain type of discipline and detention wasn’t the solution.

9 Jeremy Is A World Record Holder

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Jeremy has appeared in a lot of well-known classic adult movies including Debbie Does Dallas 2 and Terms of Endowment, but did you know he has appeared in over 1,750 movies? Does that sound like a record? It is, Jeremy holds the Guinness Book of World Records for most appearances in adult films. During his career Jeremy was known for a few things, endurance was one of them. Obviously that was in reference to his on-scene work, but let’s face it, it applies to his life in general. Jeremy clearly had no problem punching in every day. It’s good to love what you do.

8 Jeremy Appeared In A Disney Show

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So there was once a Disney children’s show titled Bone Chillers on ABC. It was about kids that attended a school named Edgar Allen Poe High School. Jeremy was on this show. He played the character Blisterface, a monster in the school. The producers made Jeremy up in an unrecognizable disguise so no one would know this “known” adult movie star was in the show. Given adult stars didn’t make as much as non-adult movie stars Jeremy was always taking on other jobs to make money. Despite the disguise I’m sure there were some parents watching with their children and realizing “Oh my God, that’s…”

7 Jeremy Is Cheap

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Jeremy is a millionaire, but he has a reputation around Hollywood for being a real cheapskate. We have all heard of musicians, sports or movie stars that don’t tip or refuse to spend any of their own money on anything, well Jeremy is allegedly part of this club. In a documentary released in 2001, Jeremy would travel in a unique way, electing to substitute garbage bags for traditional luggage. That’s pretty extreme, but also one way to hang on to your millions. Anyone else immediately think of a role where Jeremy plays a garbage man and ends up sleeping with a neighborhood of hot moms? No? Me neither…

6 Jeremy Was A Rap Star

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Today someone says “rap star” and you probably think Kanye West or Kendrick Lamar, but there was a brief time when you could include Jeremy a star in the world of hip hop. Jeremy recorded a track titled “Freak Of The Week” that was on the Billboard Charts for 27 weeks. He has always been open about how most of his money was made outside of actual acting and this was one of those areas. Jeremy used his adult movie stardom to sell T-shirts, autographs and yes, even a rap song that became a hit for over half a year.

5 Jeremy Is An Accomplished Piano Player

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Apparently Jeremy is quite the piano man. He even plays the pipe organ – insert your own organ joke here if you wish. Jeremy has never really done anything with this and to my knowledge has never used this talent in his movies which is a shame. I could definitely see a piano man storyline in a smoky bar where women come up to drop dollars into his jar, ask advice and end up, uh, well, let’s say incorporated into his piano playing. Yeah, I wish Jeremy was still doing movies, I could totally bang that script out in 30 minutes.

4 Jeremy Changed His Name

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Jeremy got his start by first appearing in Playgirl. His girlfriend at the time submitted a picture to the magazine and it wasn’t long before he was getting work in films. The picture was submitted using his full name, Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, but the problem was that after the picture was published, his mother, Rose Hyatt, started getting calls due to her name in the book as R Hyatt. It was mostly gay men calling, wanting to talk (and meet) with Jeremy. At one point she had to leave her premises and his father ordered him to change his name, hence dropping the Hyatt and going with Ron Jeremy.

3 Adult Movies Wasn’t In His Blood

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Sometimes our careers are chosen from our bloodlines, for example, police officers have generations of police officers, teachers breed teachers and race car drivers somehow breed race car drivers. That was definitely not the case for Jeremy. His mother was a book editor and his father was a physicist. I don’t think there is any DNA mixing reason there to make an adult movie star. Jeremy’s whole family is made up of lawyers, diplomats and even a member of the CIA. That’s not to say Jeremy never played a CIA agent in one of his movies, it’s just saying he never went down the path to become an actual member of the CIA.

2 Jeremy Never Contracted An STD During His Career

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One of the more shocking facts is that Jeremy never got an STD during his adult film career. Given he started his career just prior to the AIDS epidemic he is a very lucky man. I guess his entire career he was a “lucky” man. Getting lucky was his job after all. Jeremy has stated that although he never caught any diseases on screen, he did once get gonorrhea prior to his film career, when he was still a teacher. So the lesson here is that it’s safer to be an adult movie star than it is to be a high school teacher. (Note: Not an actual lesson.)

1 The Hedgehog Nickname Is Not What You Think

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First time I heard Jeremy’s nickname was “The Hedgehog” I thought (just by looking at him and being vaguely familiar with his work), yeah, that makes sense. The actual nickname has nothing to do with his look or work in films. Instead he was traveling to California expecting warm weather, but where he was going was in the mountains where it was snowing and cold. Jeremy was wearing only shorts and T-shirt. After arriving he was cold, took a shower and when he came out he was pink and his hair was sticking out and very straight. Someone said he looked like a hedgehog and it stuck.

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