10 Successful Celebs With The Worst Reputation

It’s hard to believe that even when you do something that is horribly wrong in Hollywood, your talents can easily make up for it, and you are granted a pass to continue living your expensive and lavish celebrity lifestyle. These ten celebrities, who are listed as the ten successful stars with bad reputations, really do know the meaning of going through a struggle, being disliked, yet still being filthy rich and very successful. Some of these stars are known to have hit their ex-girlfriends while others have been arrested on multiple occasions for having put other people’s lives in danger. Some were divas and some had such bad tempers, they would throw their cell phone at a member of their own staff — all out of frustration. But don’t think for a second that these celebs have been deeply affected by their mistakes. Each entry sees a celeb that has faced a couple of rough patches in their career, but have maintained their wealth, their fame and their success, while the only thing that may have been hurt in the process was their reputation.

10 Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl was once considered the new Jennifer Aniston. She had everything; the money, all the acting gigs she could only imagine, a steady TV career, and more. But all that changed when Katherine turned into a diva and had gotten so carried away with her success, that people in power over in Hollywood could no longer see themselves working for her. It was often said that Heigl would throw tantrums on set over her scripts, she would be rude towards staff and always looked at herself as the special one out of the casting list. Her career is still going steady, but the Oscar buzz has long been gone.

9 Kanye West

If Kanye West wasn’t so great at rapping and songwriting, nobody would put up with his stinky attitude. The New Slaves artist has often shown that he genuinely believes he stands above everybody else in the world, feeling the need to share his opinion on almost anything and everything — even when his opinion is downright wrong. Having ranted about award shows not giving awards to the likes of Beyonce, and more recently stressing his anger at not being more successful in fashion, a lot of people have questioned how Kim Kardashian’s husband still has a career.

8 Donald Trump

He is (and probably always will be) a billionaire, having turned around his former position as a bankrupt businessman, struggling to turn his empire into gold. But now that he has all the money he could possibly want, Donald Trump has made sure to annoy people even more, having confirmed earlier this year that he would be running for president. His comments have been so controversial that there are little to no chances he would ever be elected to run the United States, having infamously stated that he would want all the illegal Mexican immigrants out of the country. 

7 Justin Bieber

Having started his music career at the age of 16, Justin Bieber was bound to face some boundaries along the way. Having notoriously been known as the good boy who turned bad in the industry, Bieber was known to get into physical altercations, along with several arrests, multiple drug scandals involving sizzurp, and being caught cheating on Selena Gomez in public. JB was literally doing all the things that were going to ruin his reputation as the sweet boy he once was. Justin remains to be one of the most successful pop stars in the world, having recently scored his first Billboard number 1 with, What Do You Mean?

6 Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is very well-known for being the supermodel that she is. But did you know that Naomi also has a really mean and angry side to her? During 2006-2008, Naomi was caught up in several lawsuits regarding incidents, including throwing a cell phone at her assistant’s head before getting herself into another physical confrontation. The model never shied away from the fact that she had a violent past and needed to learn how to control her anger. And while she’s not the most liked person, Naomi is still getting booked for dozens of modeling shows every month.

5 Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s reputation was nothing more than a peaceful, sweet and caring teenager who was often compared to the likes of Michael and Janet Jackson. His music was selling incredibly well and everything was going great, up until he decided to put his hands on Rihanna and leave her bruised and battered. The incident, which took place in 2009, had a significant effect on Brown’s career because, though Chris continues to sell reasonably well when it comes to his music, he will always be reminded about the Rihanna assault by others. Chris has faced the judge over twenty times since the incident, so keeping himself out of trouble has been a real struggle for the singer.

4 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is one of the richest actors in the world, having produced and starred in some of the biggest films ever made. But his private life has shown that he does not know how to conduct himself outside of the film business. In 2009 and 2010, multiple recorded tapes from ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, surfaced on several websites, which see the actor threatening to hurt her, amongst other things. He insults her appearance, makes it known that she can’t hurt him because of who he is and that she needed to respect him. This particular incident had shown Mel in a completely different light and having, therefore, affected his reputation in more ways than one.

3 Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler’s reputation has been in the drain for as long as I can remember, but her career is based on foul-mouthed jokes about others, so it all makes sense. The comedienne, who ended her run with E! last year, is now steadily working with Netflix, but her position is no different. From time to time, Handler jokes about celebrities and their private lives, which has made her one of the wealthiest comedians in the States. While her reputation might be bad, she’s still making millions a year from making fun of others.

2 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen’s drug-filled rants, his infamous engagement to a former adult entertainment actor, and his wild behavior that had him fired from Two and a Half Men all lead up to him being a lunatic who remains successful in Hollywood. It’s crazy to think that despite having such a negative reputation on him, Charlie is still one of the richest men in Hollywood, having made $1 million per episode on the former CBS show. He has since moved on to other businesses, which see him make an estimated $9 million a year, which is still a lot, to say the least.

1 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has never really mastered the likability factor. She has been branded as a diva her entire life. Matter of fact, many of her musical peers do not like her because she has often dissed them subliminally, thinking they wouldn’t know who she was talking about. Mary J. Blige infamously admitted to disliking Aguilera with a passion, simply because she is extremely unkind and has shown this to many people in the music industry and to her fans apparently. Perhaps that would explain why Christina has not had an album that went platinum since 2006. She’s still making $15 million per season on The Voice, which is so-to-say her only income as of right now.

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