10 Straight Celebs Rumored To Be Secretly Gay

If you think about it, it's kind of awkward that it's socially acceptable for a person's sexual preference to be up for debate. Personal matters such as who you like to go to bed with really shouldn't be anyone's business but your own. But the modern day public practically demands that they be well informed on the rich and famous' sexual practices; so inform you we shall.

Many believe that sexual orientation shouldn't be approached in such a black and white manner, insisting that most people, both men and women, lie all over the spectrum, and there really isn't anything wrong with this. However, when you're in the public eye, it can pose to be a bit of a problem for your image. For a public figure, it's very important that their image be crafted in such a way to appeal to a key demographic. Everything from what they wear, to who they know, to what they own, and even who they prefer to go to bed with affects how they're perceived.

As a result, many famous people are forced to hide the intimate truth about themselves, and will even go so far as to arrange fake heterosexual relationships with other willing celebs to help maintain the charade. A good example would be Kristen Stewart, who only recently began openly dating women after years of hushed whispers questioning her true sexual orientation while "dating" Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. The allegedly fabricated union worked to both maintain Kristen's appeal as a leading lady, and popularize the wildly successful franchise. Below are 10 more openly straight celebs who are rumored to be secretly gay.

10 Kanye West


Famed rapper Kanye West is known for his explicit womanizing lyrics, and his highly publicized relationships with young women in the past including, Amber Rose, Selita E. Banks, and most recently current wife Kim Kardashian. According to several reports however, the Stronger recording artist is believed to have been carrying on a very steamy clandestine love affair with Italian Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci, for the past several years. The rumor was brought to life back in 2011 after the openly gay Givenchy Creative Director did an interview with Vogue Homme revealing his best sexual encounter with a "famous man," and dropping hints that vaguely described his good friend for years, Kanye West. The very tight pair were even spotted wearing matching outfits at Riccardo's 40th birthday party last summer.

9 Leonardo Dicaprio

A-lister Leonardo Dicaprio is very well known for having dated likely the longest list of supermodels in Hollywood, but if the rumors are true, the Titanic star is a closeted homosexual. In 2013 Leo was suspected to have been secretly messing around with his The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire. According to a Hollywood reporter named Marlise Elizabeth Kast, Tobey's mother, Wendy Brown, confirmed to her that the two had been intimate in the past, referring to them as free spirited guys, and adding, "Most of the friends they hang around with are gay. They're comfortable with that. But I think Leo and Tobey are the crossover between men and women. They have feminine traits they are willing to accept. They aren't ashamed to have any sort of title, even if that means someone calling them gay." The two who've been friends since adolescence vehemently denied the reports.

8 Zac Efron

High School Musical star Zac Efron was speculated to be bisexual back in 2012, 2 years after ending his 3 year relationship with fellow actress Vanessa Hudgens for unclear reasons. In an interview with The Advocate that yearZac revealed he isn't bothered by rumors that he might be gay, "seeing nothing wrong with it," and adding, "I might’ve been less aware of it back then, but without question I had gay role models when I was growing up." Earlier this summer when Baywatch co-star The Rock Tweeted this to Zac, "BIG NEWS: Welcoming my dude @ZacEfron to #BAYWATCH. Our movie will be big, fun and RATED R.. Like me when I drink. It's BIG. Me and bud @ZacEfron been talkin' bout this one for a long time. And someone get my baby oil." The 27 year old actor Tweeted back this questionable response saying: "So stoked brother - baby oil for 2 plz."

7 7.Will Smith


Married man of 18 years Will Smith, has constantly denied rumors of an open marriage between he and wife Jada Pinkett Smith, insisting that they are one of the happiest couples in Hollywood, but many speculate their matrimonial bliss receives outside assistance. Back in 2012, The Star reported that Will and long time buddy Duane Martin were secret lovers. A source close to the couple told the magazine, "Will spends significantly more time with Duane than he does with Jada and the kids. And as time goes by, Jada is growing more upset about it." Will and his long time friend Duane, who is also a married man to actress Tisha Campbell, were reported to be "inseparable," spotted out several times, wining, dining and going on a private cruise to Trinidad. The alleged undercover loving was cited as the main reason behind the rumored impending divorce between the A-list couple that year.

6 John Travolta

Grease star John Travolta’s sexuality has been whispered about throughout his entire career, despite being married to actress wife Kelly Preston for nearly 25 years. In 2012 John suffered severe public humiliation when he was hit with a flurry of sexual assault lawsuits; all initiated by men. One male masseuse alleged that the actor stripped naked for the appointment and tried initiating unsolicited sex. The unidentified massage therapist also claimed that what followed was John masturbating on the spot, and sharing that he achieved all of his fame and fortune due to sexual favors he had performed early on in his career for other men, as well as shockingly admitting that “Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity.” John vehemently denied all allegations made against him.

5 Tyga

26 year old failed rapper Tyga is most famous these days for dating the youngest sugar mama in recent history, 18 year old Kylie Jenner. This past year has been quite the bumpy ride for the Rack City rapper, with several news reports of him cheating with a transsexual mistress who still has her male equipment. According to reports, Tyga's affair with transsexual adult star Mia Isabella, goes as far back to when he and Blac Chyna were still engaged nearly 3 years ago. The transsexual adult star backed up her claims by leaking private text messages exchanged between her and the rap star, which included his nudes, made very distinctive thanks to his personal tattoos.

4 Kevin Spacey

Actor Kevin Spacey's sexuality has been speculated over for several years now. In 2000, paparazzi captured the actor cozying up to a male model in LA, and another time in 2008, he was photographed off the coast of Croatia with a naked male laid across his lap, bottom up. When asked in the past why he hasn't been open about his sexuality, Kevin's answer is "People have different reasons for the way they live their lives, You cannot put everyone's reasons in the same box. It's just a line I've never crossed and never will. I don't live a lie. I am different than some people would like me to be." The 56 year old doesn't exactly go out of his way to appear particularly "straight" by using the easiest method in Hollywood, known as Bearding. Bearding is when a closeted celebrity publicly dates or even marries a woman in order to appear heterosexual.

3 50 Cent


2 Young Thug


24 year old rapper, Young Thug, who's been the topic of controversy since the onset of his career, particularly for his highly questionable lyrics and open admission to wearing women's clothing, has frequently denied the consistent rumors that he's a homosexual.  Despite the constant homophobia within the hip hop industry, homosexuality is still highly prevalent in the male dominated field, and homophobia is used to emasculate, which is why most "down low" hip hop artists remain closeted. Many find Young Thug's stage name to be quite ironic being that he's known to paint his nails and wear dresses.

1 Richard Pryor


Comedic legend Richard Pryor once admitted to a brief sexual escapade with a transgender female who still had her biological male equipment. Richard opened up about the affair in his tell all autobiography Pryor Convictions, saying, “I never kept him a secret. My best friend for instance, knew I was f**king a dude, and a drop-dead gorgeous one at that. I even admitted doing something different was exciting. But after two weeks of being gay, enough was enough and I went back to life as a h***y heterosexual”. The controversial comic only admits to a two week liaison with the transsexual, but during a set at the Hollywood bowl in 1977, Richard admitted to yet another same sex encounter, this time as a teenager, with a young roommate named Wilbur Harp, who he’d kept in contact with for decades afterwards, even inviting him out to private vacations after becoming successful. The late comedian, who identified as hetero, was married to 7 different women throughout his life.

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