10 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Taylor Swift

These days, people know pretty much everything about Taylor Swift. She’s one of the biggest stars in the music industry, and whenever she steps outside her front door she is instantly met by insatiable paparazzi. Plus, with the exception of a few friendships that she’s maintained since childhood, the majority of her friends are equally famous and successful models, actresses, and musicians. She basically lives her life under a microscope.

However, that wasn’t always the case, and there are plenty of things about her childhood and teenager years that Swift is slowly sharing with her eager fans. These fun facts help her audience understand more about who she is as a person, and what her life was like growing up – and it sounds pretty magical. She’s apparently always been incredibly ambitious and driven to succeed, and she’s also apparently always been unusually creative and creatively skilled. It was really only a matter of time before she became a superstar – she just happened to do it at a far younger age than others. So, if you thought that you knew everything there was to know about Taylor Swift, hold on – here are 10 things about her that just might surprise you.

10 She Wanted To Be A Financial Adviser Growing Up

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Since Taylor Swift became a superstar at such a young age, it’s easy to assume that she’s wanted to be a musician ever since she could sing and pick up a guitar. However, that’s not the case. It seems that Swift was influenced by her father, Scott Swift, who works in the financial industry. Growing up, she had her mind set on being a financial adviser just like her dad. While her career took an entirely different path, we bet she has her fair share of interactions with financial advisors to handle the millions and millions of dollars she’s making in her successful music career.

9 She Was The First SNL Host To Write Her Own Monologue

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While Saturday Night Live has a team of talented writers who frequently feature in skits themselves, when it comes to the celebrity hosts, they’re generally provided material that has been crafted especially for them. Not if you’re Taylor Swift, though. When Swift was tapped to be the celebrity host on an episode of the infamous comedy show, she wrote a song entitled “My Monologue Song,” for the performance. Safe to say, the crowd and the audience at home loved it. Who knew she was so funny?

8 She Was The Youngest Songwriter That Sony/ATV Had Ever Hired

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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is quite the songwriter. While most young starlets trying to make it in the music industry just sing the songs that are given to them by their team, generally penned by some other songwriter, Taylor Swift has kept things close and personal throughout her entire career by writing nearly all of her own songs. In fact, she’s a bit of a songwriting prodigy – when she was just 14 years old, Sony/ATV music publishing hired her as a songwriter, and she holds the distinction of being the youngest songwriter that they’ve ever hired. What an accomplishment!

7 She Wrote A Novel About A Shark When She Was 14

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Yes, even if it sounds completely bizarre, it’s true. When Swift was a 14 year old on summer vacation with her family, she apparently found a shark that had washed up on the family’s dock near the water in Stone Harbour, New Jersey. The incident apparently spurred on her creative juices, and she ended up locking herself in the den of the family’s vacation home and writing a novel based on the situation. We’re still holding out for her next hit single involving sharks – I mean, if anyone could make wildlife a hit, it would be T-Swift.

6 Her first job Was Debugging Christmas Trees

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While Taylor Swift was already well on her way to becoming a superstar at a time when most teenagers are starting their first jobs, she didn’t miss out on the experience – she, like most teens, had a less-than-glamorous first job. As many know, Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania before her family made the move to Nashville to allow her to pursue her country music career, and it would seem that a young Taylor was entrusted with the task of debugging the Christmas trees for the buyers. As she describes, “We all had jobs. Mine was picking the praying mantis pods off of the trees, collecting them so that the bugs wouldn’t hatch inside people’s houses.”

5 She Was Named After Another Talented Singer-Songwriter

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Ever wondered what the inspiration behind Taylor Swift’s first name was? Well, she’s shared that information in an interview – it turns out that her parents named her after the talented singer-songwriter James Taylor, because they enjoyed his music and figured a more unisex name like Taylor would help their daughter move up in the business world. While we have a feeling that Taylor Swift would have become a superstar regardless of what her name was, it’s still pretty neat that she has a special connection to another talented musician. James Taylor himself heard the story at one point (the two shared the stage in 2011 for a duet), and stated that “It’s hugely flattering and was a delightful surprise when she told me that.”

4 She Wrote “Our Song” For A Talent Show

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Taylor Swift has had an endless string of pop songs lately. However, back in her country days, “Our Song” was one of the hits that put her on the map. The catchy tune and relatable lyrics made it a favourite among music lovers in all age groups. It wasn't long before everyone was wondering who the curly haired blonde with the guitar was. However, “Our Song” wasn’t written to be a chart topping hit. It was written for a talent show at Swift’s high school. Apparently, once she started hearing classmates singing the song in the hallways of her school after the show, she realized there was something special about it – and she turned it into a hit!

3 She Has Music In Her Blood

While Taylor Swift’s parents have always been nothing but supportive of her music career, she’s not one of those young superstars whose parents are musical legends themselves. However, if you look a little further up her family tree, you’ll uncover some musical talent. Her maternal grandmother, Marjorie Finlay, was an opera singer and entertainer who hosted a television show in Puerto Rico. Swift remembers her grandmother’s vocal skill well, saying that “She was always singing, either around the house, or every single Sunday she’d get up and sing in front of the entire congregation at church.”

2 She Finished Her Last Two Years Of High School In 12 Months

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Taylor Swift’s musical career began to take off when she was still a teenager in high school, so what’s an ambitious young musician to do? Take matters into her own hands and accelerate her education, obviously! Taylor Swift began completing her high school credits through homeschooling after a while to accommodate her burgeoning music career. She actually ended up finishing the coursework for her junior and senior years of high school in just one year so that she could graduate and pursue her music career 110%. Whereas other starlets tend to drop out of school to pursue their entertainment industry careers, Swift chose to fast-track hers.

1 She Walked Away From A Major Record Label Deal

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After developing her skills as a songwriter and musician, Taylor Swift caught the eye of a major label and was offered a recording contract with RCA Records. It’s something that many aspiring musicians dream of – but Taylor wasn’t star struck. When she found out that she would only be allowed to record songs that were written by someone else, and might not even be able to release her music until she was a bit older, Swift just turned them down and walked away. However, her skill didn’t leave her unrepresented for long – Big Machine quickly came calling, and Swift has been with their label ever since.


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