10 Shocking Celebrity Scandals Everyone Forgot Happened

When a celebrity gets into their fair share of trouble, fans and cynics usually think that said celebrity’s image and career will be tarnished forever. But as it turns out, Hollywood is really forgetful. Meaning that today’s celebrity scandals will become yesterday’s news faster than you can say, “I can’t believe he/she did that.” However, every once in a while it is nice to have a reminder that the gorgeous celebrity that you watch on the big screen is not perfect. Like people, celebrities make mistakes, the only difference is that their mistakes are splashed over the front page of every news-stand so all of us normal folk can ‘oooo and ‘aahhhh over the latest celebrity scandal. So as a reminder that today’s hot new story can become yesterday's news in the blink of an eye, below is a list of ten once shocking celebrity scandals that nearly all of us forgot happened. All of these scandals saw the light of day at one point, but now they have all been forgotten to make way for the next big OMG moment. So without further adieu, below is a list of 10 forgotten Hollywood scandals.

10 Rob Lowe's Sex Tape 

Although you may be more familiar with Rob Lowe as the hunk from St. Elmo’s Fire or the overly enthusiastic Chis Traeger on Parks and Recreation, Lowe was in the midst of a huge scandal at the age of 22. At 22, Lowe was involved in a steamy sex tape scandal with a 16 year old and a 22 year old. In addition, another part of the tape showed Lowe and his buddy both having sex with a young model and was actually released as the first commercially available celebrity sex tape. Luckily, Lowe has bounced back from his sex tape scandal and even said in an interview with Oprah that it was the best thing that ever happened to him because, “what it ends up doing is accelerating my alcohol [addition] to where I finally get sober”. So as it turns out, some celebrity scandals are a blessing in a dark and ugly disguise.

9 Jude Law's Affair With The Nanny 

You would think that when you’re engaged to a girl as beautiful as Sienna Miller, you wouldn’t be tempted to cheat. But that definitely was not the case when it came to Jude Law. In 2005, it came out that Jude Law was cheating on Sienna Miller with none other than the couple’s nanny. If that is not cliche enough for you, Law allegedly blamed his unsavory actions on Miller because he was oh, so unhappy with their relationship. Miller and Law split in 2006, but surprisingly got back together in 2009. Unfortunately the timing still just was not right for these star crossed lovers, and Law and Miller chose to go their separate ways once again in 2011.

8 Charlie Sheen and Kelly Preston's Gun Incident 

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In 1990, an infamous gun incident took place in the then-engaged Charlie Sheen and Kelly Preston’s home. The story of what actually happened on the night of the gun debacle has never been completely cleared up. At the time of the incident, it was believed that Sheen accidentally shot Preston in the arm. However, Sheen claims that Preston was the one who accidentally shot herself. In Sheen’s version of events, he says that Preston had picked up a pair of his pants when the gun fell out of them which accidentally caused it to discharge. Whatever the real story is behind the event, we’re pretty sure that Preston is glad that she and Sheen parted ways before things really got crazy.

7 Nude Photographs of Vanessa Williams 

6 Comedian Fatty Arbuckle Accused of Manslaughter

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Fatty Arbuckle was a well-known comedian who became a star after signing with the Keystone Film Company. A few years later, Arbuckle signed a contract with Paramount for a whopping $1 million (which was an astronomical amount of money back then). But on September 5, 1921, at a Labor Day party, Arbuckle’s career and image went up in flames. At the party, a girl named Virginia Rappe became violently ill and died days later. Newspapers took the story and claimed that Arbuckle killed Virginia with his weight while he was violently sexually assaulting her. Arbuckle was eventually arrested for the murder but was never charged with the crime. However, his career would never recover from that horrific night.

5 Peg Entwistle's Jump From the Hollywood Sign 

Peg Entwistle was an actress who famously committed suicide by jumping off the Hollywood sign after being cut out of the film Thirteen Women, at the age of 24. Entwistle first got her start on Broadway in plays such a The Wild Duck, and The Uninvited Guest. Her body was found on September 18, 1932, by some hikers. With her, police found a suicide note that read, “I am afraid, I am a coward. I am sorry for everything. If I had done this a long time ago, it would have saved a lot of pain." Peg Entwistle’s tragic story is currently being made into a movie.

4 Michael Richards' Racist Rant 

3 David Letterman Apologizes To His Wife On Air 

In 2009, David Letterman made a public apology to his wife after it came out that he’d had sexual relationships with his staff members. Letterman said, “When something happens like that, if you hurt a person and it’s your responsibility, you try to fix it. And at that point, there’s only two things that can happen: either you’re going to make some progress and get it fixed, or you’re going to fall short and perhaps not get it fixed.” In the announcement he also thanked his staff for, “putting up with something stupid I’ve gotten myself involved in.”

2 Eddie Murphy Pulled Over With Transsexual Prostitute 

1 Hugh Grant Arrested For Soliciting Sex 

If any woman could keep a man on the straight and narrow, you would think it would be somebody like Elizabeth Hurley, but apparently it looks like she can’t even keep a straying man faithful. In 1995, Hugh Grant (Elizabeth Hurley’s boyfriend at the time) was arrested with a prostitute for “lewd conduct in a public place.” Officer Cory Palka arrested Grant as a prostitute was performing oral sex on him. The officer described Grant as being a “real gentleman” when he was being arrested, so I guess that says something. As per usual, Grant issued a statement after his arrest saying, “Last night I did something completely insane. I have hurt people I love and embarrassed people I work with. For both things I am more sorry than I can ever possibly say.”

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