Top 10 Sexiest Female YouTube Stars

Ever want to watch a video of a cat falling down stairs? Or how about a group of guys paragliding? Have you ever wanted to watch anything, anything at all? YouTube literally has EVERYTHING.

But if you forget popular celeb music videos, talk show segments, random cat videos etc., (can you tell I like cat videos?) YouTube is famous for making amateurs into stars. From aspiring music artists to bakers, YouTube has provided a means for anyone to become famous. Just by creating an account on YouTube, anyone with a network connection can upload, download, and watch (almost) any video they can think of. Literally.

Arguably the most popular channels on YouTube are female DIY-ers. Women who bake, do makeup, hair and so forth. These women have serious raw talent and YouTube can literally enhance their career as they can grow a following and over night turn into a celebrity. Not to mention the fact that these YouTube "stars" are paid serious, and I mean SERIOUS money. They are some of the most watched and imitated people in the world. What's even more amazing is that they make an entire living within the comforts of their home (OK, they probably have press appearances and photo shoots, but hey- the majority of their career is played out at home). They are also able to control what they want you to see and how they want you to see it.

Below is a list of some of the most talented women on YouTube, and as a bonus, they are also the sexiest YouTube stars you'll ever see.


10 Jenna Marbles (Real Name: Jenna Mourey)

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9 Miss Glamorazzi (Real Name: Ingrid Nilsen)

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Beginning her YouTube career in 2009, Nilsen now has over 3.8 million subscribers. This venture, which started out v-logging as a means to battle her fear of public speaking has taken the virtual beauty and fashion world by storm. This native Californian has been dubbed the first YouTube personality to represent the brand Covergirl and she's been a judge on the hit reality show Project Runway: Threads. It was reported, early last summer, Nilsen released a video with her coming out as a lesbian. This video, of course, went viral and as a result, empowered so many other YouTubers to come out online as well! Nilsen is now reportedly dating fellow YouTuber Hannah Hart!

8 Nerdy Nummies (Real Name: Rosanna Pansino)

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7 iJustine (Real Name: Justine Ezarik)

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This girl's story is crazy. Justine Ezarik first became famously known for her "300-page iPhone bill" which she received for one month's service right when the iPhone came out in 2007. Insane. Imagine a 300 page bill? Anyway, smartly, she made a video showcasing this bill that instantly went viral- hence her name "iJustine". This one video brought her acting jobs in the Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds and even the popular game show The Price Is Right. She's even won awards for Web Personality/Host in 2011 and Best Lifestyle series in 2015. Her fan base on YouTube is outstanding! Hell, I wish I got a 300 page iPhone bill. Ha. K maybe not.

6 Dulce Candy (Real Name: Dulce Tejeda)

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Dulce Tejeda left Mexico at the early age of 6 and grew up in Southern California. After high school, she decided to join the military. This is where her idea of positing videos began. She initially started with a couple simple beauty videos, but after a 15-month tour in Iraq, Tejeda came back home and started working as a mechanic. Having felt like she lost the femininity in her life, she started outputting more videos and in no time reached over a million subscribers. Once she returned to the YouTube scene, her beauty and fashion how-to videos majorly took off and has led her to work with brands such as Macy's and L'Oreal!

5 Zoella (Real Name: Zoe Sugg)

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This British beauty rose to fame while she was working as an apprentice at an interior design company when she began blogging. Her amateur blog named "Zoella", driven by design concepts, fashion, beauty and lifestyle quickly reached a thousand followers in 2009. Now in 2016 "Zoella" has received over 540 million hits on YouTube and she is one of the most watched YouTubers in Europe! She's also expanded her empire to writing a novel entitled Girl Online.  When the book was first released in November 2014, it broke the record for highest first-week sales from a first-time novelist. Sugg is reportedly dating fellow YouTube star Alfie Deyes.

4 Ricebunny (Real Name: Michelle Phan)

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3 Superwoman (Real Name: Lilly Saini Singh)

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Lilly Singh, better known as Superwoman is the hottest trending Canadian-Indian woman on YouTube. Born in Scarborough, Ontario, this 27-year-old tomboy is known for her outrageous humor, rapping and her motivational speaking. She’s extremely popular in the South-Indian community because she targets the hilarious cultural and traditional views of the Indian community through skits and spins it by showing us the hilarity in it all. Singh's most popular YouTube videos are "How Girls Get Ready," "Types of Kids at School" and "Girls On Their Periods." She's also starred in her own rap music video "LEH" and has regular celebrities on her channel such as Shay Mitchell, Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran.

2 Macbarbie07 (Real Name: Bethany Mota)

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Arguably the most loved YouTuber, Bethany Mota has transferred her popularity to the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars. She has also collaborated with fashion labels such as Forever 21 and she is a motivational speaker that regularly tours and speaks about the effects of bullying. This beauty grew to fame with her anti-bullying videos that instantly went viral. She's not only a humanitarian, good natured and seemingly down to earth, but she is exceptionally gorgeous. Mota often speaks about women empowerment, self love and adoration and about her struggles as a teenager and a victim of bullying. She has recently branched out into the fashion and music world. Hopefully these ventures are as successful as she is!

1 The Beauty Bybel (Real Name: Carli Bybel)

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Carli Bybel is hands down the sexiest female You Tuber ever. With her tiny frame, long brown hair and her gorgeous blue eyes it is no wonder why Carli takes the Number 1 spot. Through video blogging, which mostly consist of DIY make up tutorials, she gives women the chance to learn the art of makeup in subtle and dramatic styles. Her fashion sense is also something else. She's regularly photographed for her innovative, fun and flirty styles that are perfectly suited for casual hangouts, date nights or beach wear. Not only that, but she is also one of the faces of Bellami Hair which is one of the best hair extension companies out now. Bybel has an effortless beauty about her that make women want to cry, but we love her and can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for her.

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