10 Sexiest Female Characters In The Walking Dead

For decades the zombie genre was only ever tackled in the form of shoddy B-movies, delegated to the aging George Romero, who – let's face it – really isn't that good by today's standards. While he's partially responsible for popularizing the genre and bringing it to a mainstream audience, Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead, really do look prehistoric. His movies may have gone down in history as horror classics, but with today's makeup, talent and high budgets, they simply cannot compete.

When The Walking Dead first entered the horror scene, it blew everyone's expectations. What was expected to be another Romero knock-off, with two dimensional characters and a predictable plot line, actually turned out to be... good. Great in fact! It has not only received a huge amount of critical acclaim, but boasts constantly growing ratings, and has managed to bag more adult viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 than any other television series. While exceptional production values and a hugely talented cast is primarily responsible, the vast array of eye candy certainly doesn't hurt.

There are a lot of very attractive ladies in The Walking Dead. Somehow, despite the lack of food and washing water, they all manage to keep themselves looking pretty damn hot. All hell may have broken loose – quite literally! – but I guess “priorities” remain. Enjoy their beauty while you can. Like Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin, showrunners Scott M. Gimple and Glen Mazzara aren't afraid to kill off main characters in the most unexpected moments...

10 Jessie Anderson

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Known for her role as the sexy maid in American Horror Story, Alexandra Breckenridge, is one of the newest Walking Dead girls. She has been a recurring character in season five and six, playing an abused wife and mother of two annoying children. Even though Rick killed her husband, Jessie has slowly been falling for him, which has sparked more than a few family dramas. She recently started “working” as a (sort of) babysitter for Rick's child, Judith, solidifying their bond. It'll be interesting to see how their relationship will develop in the future.

9 Amy

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Remember Amy, the sister of Andrea who was bitten and zombified in season one? She was the first hot female in the series to meet her doom. While Emma Bell's character was short-lived, she had a huge impact on the show. Her death sent Andrea into a spiraling state of depression that almost got her and Dale killed at the end of the first season in the laboratory. Fortunately, she was saved and emerged from the shadows reborn as a brutal zombie killer. She may not have been present at the time, but Amy was at the heart of it all.

8 Sasha

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When she was first cast as part of another group in season three, viewers thought that Sasha, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, would have a relatively brief mortality. But now, three seasons later, she's still going strong. With the loss of her brother, Tyreese and lover Bob in a very short space of time, her character has experienced a great deal of pain; yet her strong-willed personality makes her a firm fan favorite. She seemed flattered to catch the eye of Abraham in the penultimate mid-season finale of season six – is there a romance brewing? Only time will tell.

7 Beth Greene

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Greene, played by Emily Kinney, is one of the few blondes to solidify herself as a core member of the group. She started off as a small, recurring character who everybody expected Carl to hook up with – eventually. Things took a turn during season five, when sexual tensions emerged with Darryl. Not only is she insanely cute, she also has a very sweet singing voice (she's actually a very talented singer-songwriter when she's not acting.) Just as Beth was emerging as an important member of the team – someone who the others could trust and rely on – she took a gunshot to the head.

6 Michonne

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Michonne, played by Danai Gurira, is one of the most mysterious characters on The Walking Dead; although she's definitely not girlfriend material. Remember the two pet zombies she used to have? One of them was her ex. She may have had good reason to hate them, after all, they were responsible for her son's death; but to chain them up after they've turned... well that's just weird. Regardless, Michonne is the ultimate bada**, living alone through the worst of times and using a samurai sword to slay her foe. She even managed to take down Rick when he was having a crazy moment. Although her dark past has been unexplored, there are still plenty of stones left unturned. It's partially the mystery of her being that makes her so sexy.

5 Tara Chambler

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She is the tomboy of the group who we used to hate – remember when she sided with the Governor and attacked the prison? Tara Chambler, played by Alanna Masterson, redeemed herself by helping Glenn escape in the aftermath of the attack. She has since developed into a core member of the group, primarily by helping the useless characters realize their potential. First, she encouraged Eugene to release his inner strength (if only for a moment), and then, more recently, she gave the new doctor some much needed confidence in herself. She is a treasure who, hidden beneath her boyish facade, has a very sexy side indeed.

4 Lori Grimes

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She started off as one of the lead characters who was (accidentally) cheating on her husband, Rick, with his best friend – she didn't know he was alive, so it's excusable. Lori, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, was one of the most polarizing characters in the show; sometimes we loved her, sometimes we hated her. But, for all her attitude and wrongdoings, she certainly had the most emotional death to date. After giving birth to a baby girl, she was eaten by a zombie and shot in the head by her son Carl. While not a typical beauty, there was something mesmerizing about Lori. Whatever she said or did, we forgive her!

3 Rosita Espinosa

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Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita, is one of the underrated beauties of The Walking Dead. This is probably because she only has a minor recurring role. However, Maxim and Playboy have both taken notice, both of which have named her the sexiest character on the show. Rosita is yet to be explored in great detail, but we've seen her in action and she certainly knows how to swing a machete. She looks great in her camouflage army attire and crop top, and really knows how to pull off the pigtailed look without looking ridiculous. Hopefully, in future seasons, the producers will start to establish her character a little more and give us an insight into her backstory.

2 Carol Peletier

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In a poll conducted by WetPaint.com, with the aim of finding the most attractive female character on The Walking Dead, Carol Peletier, played by Melissa McBride, came out on top. She may not have the conventional model-esque good looks that the other cast members feature, but she's certainly got something that people like. Of all the core characters in the series, she has undergone the biggest transformation. In season one she was a timid wife with an abusive husband; but by season three she had blossomed into a zombie killing machine. Then, to top things off, she developed such a brutal heart, she killed off an innocent group member, just because she was at risk of spreading a cold!

1 Maggie Greene

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The farmer's daughter; the forbidden fruit. Maggie Greene, played by Lauren Cohan, is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. She deserves the number one spot for very obvious reasons. She first joined the cast of The Walking Dead in season two as a recurring character. She started off naive and stuck up, reluctant to trust the group and afraid of admitting the truth; however, since her wake up call in the season two finale (when a horde of walkers overran her family's ranch), she has turned into quite the bada**. Somehow, even when she's stabbing zombies in the head and covered in blood and guts, she still manages to retain her sex appeal.

Sources: wetpaint.com

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