10 of the Strangest Celebrity “Addictions”

It can be very easy for the media to make or break a celebrity’s reputation through stories and photographs, exposing some of their deepest, darkest secrets. Magazines like US Weekly and People, and celebrity gossip gurus like Perez Hilton, seem to take delight in embarrassing stars, by revealing their humiliating mistakes, painful break-ups, and when they partake in any activities considered “abnormal." But the ten stars in the following list are quite open about their unusual addictions, obsessions, and habits; some of which may or may not give us a whole new impression of those we look up to. Although we may find ourselves engaging in similar odd behaviors, these little quirks seem all the more ridiculous when conducted by glamorous and poised Hollywood icons.

10 Katy Perry – Dental hygiene

At least the first time Katy Perry kissed a girl, and liked it, she probably had minty, fresh breath to go with the taste of cherry chapstick! Katy’s addiction to dental hygiene is one that stretches too far, even for dentists. In a YouTube interview provided by World Entertainment News Network, the pop star admitted her phobia of cavities goes far beyond the normal brushing after eating and making sure to floss her teeth; Katy cleans her pearly whites at least six times a day, each time with a brand new toothbrush, which she keeps multiples of on hand at all times. Apparently the seriousness of her habits has led to dental problems such as gum erosion and the loss of enamel. Her strange obsession is thought to be partly from having 13 cavities as a kid, and also because of her desire to have “Britney Spears white” teeth growing up.

9 Nicole Kidman – Chocolate cake

Despite her thin Hollywood figure, Nicole admitted to Contactmusic, her strange infatuation with cakes and pies, especially chocolate cake. Eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise is part of Nicole’s daily routine, however Nicole can’t help but give in to her weakness for baked goods. Although she admitted she can’t have a piece of cake 'every' day, the redhead with a rockin’ body admits she indulges in her cravings three or four nights a week! Having a sweet tooth is hardly considered abnormal, but the amount of cakes Nicole indulges in, compared to her petite physique, makes her addiction very strange when compared to those of us who have the cellulite to show for it!

8 Scarlett Johansson – Buffalo chicken wings

After following a strict diet of “clean eating” involving lots of salmon and kale, in preparation for her role as an athletic heroine in “The Avengers”, sex appeal seems to no longer be a concern for Scarlett. The actress now splurges on all the foods she missed, and told FOX 411’s Pop Tarts column she is “addicted” to buffalo chicken wings, which she “just can’t stop eating." After sporting an incredible figure in her black Versace dress at the premiere of “The Avengers," Scarlett herself, insisted it is only a matter of time before she packs back on the pounds, and will have to be “rolled down the red carpet” next time you see her.

7 Rod Stewart - Steroids

A steroids addiction in the athletic world may not be uncommon among 6 feet tall athletes who play for the MLA or NFL, but isn't it strange when the victim of this performance enhancing drug addiction is a 5”7, 80's rock star? In an interview with Mojo, a popular British music magazine, the 69-year old rocker admit that his abuse of the medication during the 1980's left him with a permanent “shrunken manhood."  Rod did not feel the need to appear “bigger” or “more masculine," but he took steroids to reduce the swelling in his throat from blowing out his voice so many times on stage. The steroids offered temporary relief from vocal pain for his performances and enabled him to sing, but made him bloated and even caused internal bleeding. Steroids reduce the swelling of any membrane, but unfortunately for Rod, that included some other unwanted side-effects.

6 Jesse Eisenberg - Foster cats

After being granted his nickname, “The Sexiest Geek Alive” by Entertainment weekly, Jesse Eisenberg admitted his peculiar obsession during an interview with Conan O’Brien: foster cats. Even though his geeky personality has earned him a positive reputation in Hollywood, especially when starring as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, Jesse still plays into this classically nerdy stereotype by collecting cats in need. The film star will foster the kitties until they find permanent homes, or sometimes even adopt them for himself. His addiction may be unusual, but at least his willingness to fill his NYC apartment with foster cats shows that, not only is Jesse a sexy geek, but one that’s compassionate towards animals too!

5 Simon Cowell - Climbing Trees

Not only does 54-year-old, Simon Cowell always need to start his day by climbing trees, but that is just one of the check marks on the list of an entire morning routine. In an interview with GQ Magazine, Simon admitted that, upon hitting his alarm button twice before waking up, he has his breakfast brought to him in bed every morning. He does not simply ask for a glass of orange juice and some toast, his breakfast includes: oatmeal, tea, papaya juice, and not one, but three different kinds of smoothies. He then watches an hour of old cartoons like, The Flinstones or The Jetstons to put him in a 'good mood' before he tackles his tree climbing ritual, and proceeds to conquer the day ahead.

4 Jessica Simpson - Nicotine gum

Before you let the image of America’s sweetheart smoking a cigarette tarnish your opinion of her, you should first know that despite having a problematic addiction to Nicotine gum, Jessica Simspon has never actually smoked a cigarette. Although the product is designed to help smokers quit an unhealthy addiction, Jessica relies on the gum for energy. She told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that her strange dependency started when a friend’s mother gave her a piece, most likely mistaking it for regular chewing gum. The singer admitted that the sensation she gets from it is like “a party in her mouth," and feels it is like the equivalent of drinking three Red Bulls.

3 Sandra Bullock- Hemorrhoid cream

For a woman turning 50 this year, Sandra Bullock is recognized for being in great shape and having beautiful, smooth skin. Despite what you may think from the title, Sandra does not have hemorrhoids; instead she repurposes the medication as a face cream, allowing her to sport a youthful and wrinkle-free face. Apparently it is not so strange to cosmetology experts and beauty enthusiasts, as hemorrhoid cream is known to do wonders to reduce the appearance of lines under the eyes. Sandra admit to Glamour Magazine UK that in all her days of being a Hollywood film actress, learning the secret of hemorrhoid cream to reduce the signs of aging on the set of “Miss Congeniality," was by far the most astounding (and useful) piece of information she has ever heard.

2 Kristin Chenoweth – Quarters

It was reported that the Oklahoma-born star, Kristin Chenoweth told Ellen DeGeneres that she has an obsession with hoarding quarters. She doesn't know what it is that gives her this fixation with one type of coin, but the star keeps stashes of quarters in her car, and jars of them at home. In fact, the first thing Kristin does when she comes home from a shopping trip is sort through her change and stash away her precious favorites. Kristin thinks her obsession may possibly stem from her earlier days as a starving actress, when she needed to collect quarters for the laundry machine. Now, obviously the proud owner of her own washer and dryer, Chenoweth still gets an excitement from putting a quarter in a parking meter. The actress admits it’s a weird addiction, and even takes pictures of her collections and sends them to close friends. Perhaps the strangest part of her obsession is not only does Kristin hoard the coins, but she also cleans them using Purell hand sanitizer.

1 Salma Hayek – Breastfeeding

Shortly after giving birth to her baby girl, Valentina, Salma Hayek admitted to David Letterman that she is like “an alcoholic” with her breastfeeding. No matter how much it hurts or how “fat” she gets, Salma just doesn’t want to give up a mother’s most natural bond with her baby. Apparently a lot of celebrity mothers are quite open with breastfeeding in public, including Maggie Gyllenhall, Kourtney Kardashian, and Angelina Jolie. Salma, however, is even open to breastfeeding the children of strangers! In 2009, a video went viral, circling the internet of Salma’s goodwill trip to Sierra Leone, when she breast-fed a week old infant whose mother was too malnourished to produce the milk herself. By recalling this “wet nurse” experience, common in many countries and even practiced in the United States, Salma was able to nourish the baby, instantly calming him from crying. Her addiction may be somewhat strange, but she has been supported by many mothers, saying it is a beautiful way to help raise awareness that Sierra Leone has the highest infant mortality rate in the world.

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