10 Of The Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials

Having marked their territory in our hearts with the help of their action sequences, romantic endeavors and brilliantly executed problem-solving, celebrities seem to have everything working out for them. That is, except for the wardrobe malfunctions and terrible personal life gossips. Despite being uber-cool, intelligent and having a knack for creativity like singing, acting and show-hosting, some of these celebrities have a thing or two that shadow their perfect records. Nope, we are not talking about the occasional scandals and cat-fights. We speak of the commercials-gone-wrong, of course.

Despite seeming quite easy to handle, acting in a commercial can be pretty tough. You see, it demands all of your attention, strengths, dancing skills and acting skills. No one would know this better than our beloved celebrities. While some of the commercials were done, prior to gaining fame and big bucks, others are quite recent. We do wonder what made these celebrities wish to act in these commercials. If it was money, was it really worth making a fool out of themselves? While a few of these stars look a little awkward (Almost as if they are trying to feel the script, only to fail horribly), others seem a little too enthusiastic. Either way, we could not bring ourselves to buy their acting, regardless of how much we wish to, only because we love them so.

Some of these ads had physics-defying scenes, while others seemed rather creepy, but they all have one thing in common, they are undoubtedly regrettable.

10 Muhammad Ali’s D-Con Roach Powder Commercial


To be honest, we are huge fans of Muhammad Ali and his boxing skills. Thus, his D-Con Roach Powder commercial has upset and puzzled us greatly. As a result, we are placing it at number 10 on this list of Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials.

A fierce-looking man who definitely had the ability to knock you out with a punch, Muhammad Ali is seen praising a mere cockroach killing powder. Why? We could only guess. Muhammad, we admire you greatly and you did not need to pretend to compare the roach powder’s strength to yours.

9 John Travolta's Tokyo Drink Commercial

Another nonsensical energy drink ad, John Travolta’s Tokyo Drink commercial has landed itself in 9th place on this list. For some strange reason, there is tons of dancing going on here. That seems okay to you? Here’s the best bit: people are seen dancing around in a gym, on the exercise machines.

The commercial has a background song which sounds like the guy is waiting for the night, to get to see his lady love. Umm, what is the connection between that and the energy drink? Also, John, you need not do that awkward shoulder blade jerking dance move.

8 Keanu Reeves' Corn Flakes Commercial

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Let us start off by saying, we love you, Keanu. We really do. But don’t do that again, please. Saddened by the fact that the only time we saw Keanu’s bright smile, it was directed towards cereals, we have decided to put his Corn Flakes Commercial in the 8th place on our list of 10 of the Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials.

In this advertisement, one can watch Keanu dancing in between long, dining tables. At a certain point, he even throws his arms back into the air, in a very non-Keanu-like manner (We are assuming that it was part of the dance routine). Making an immensely cute waiter, Keanu steals a glance around the room before digging into the Corn Flakes.

7 Dennis Hopper's Tsumura Commercial


A bizarre ad that has us stumped, Dennis Hopper’s Tsumura Commercial comes in at number 7 of this list. Honestly, we are still wondering what Dennis was trying to convince us to buy, a rubber duck or the bath products? Also, we are reeling from the fact that we saw him bathing in the ad, with a rubber duck. In other words, we have been mentally scarred.

In the commercial, we see a man taking Dennis to a washroom, showing him a yellow, rubber duck. Dennis asks him if it is for him. The next thing you know, Dennis is in a bathtub, playing with that duck. Oh Dennis, please tell us why.

6 Charles Barkley's Taco Bell Commercial

A face that is well known among the entire basketball-crazed human population, Charles Barkley somehow managed to put a blot on his reputation. Barkley’s Taco Bell commercial comes in at number 6 on our list of 10 of the Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials. That is not much of a surprise for all of you Barkley fans, we are certain.

Sadly, poor Barkley was made to rap in the commercial. We will do you a favor and spare you the lyrics; it might leave a bad taste in your mouth, as Barkley goes on to tell us how the box of Taco Bell rocks for men with dreadlocks. Uhuh, very informative, bro.

5 Night Shyamalan's American Express Commercial

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A strange and creepy advertisement, Night Shyamalan’s American Express Commercial lands itself on the 5th position on this list. Now, we need to get this straight - we find the commercial a little insulting and weird. It seemed as if he was making fun of the average restaurant.

In the ad, Shyamalan is seen in a restaurant, where crazy things are happening. A baby pram moving down the hall, people looking at each other like they have been possessed by demons, ready to be killed by Sam and Dean (Supernatural, anyone?), melting skin (Just take a look at the commercial, you’ll know) and a fly-eating woman are some of the highlights of the ad. We think you now know why this is on our list.

4 Nicolas Cage's Sankyo Pachinko Commercial


Actually, all of his Sankyo Pachinko commercials confuse us. Collectively, they fall at number 4 on our list of 10 of the Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials. A series of Japanese, quirky ads, the Sankyo Pachinkos seemed to consume all of Nicolas’s love.

With two Sankyo Pachinko ads where he acted strange, screaming about some nonsensical sentences, Nicolas had us questioning his sanity. In one of these commercials, he seemed overly joyous about finding triplet sisters. Another ad had him exclaiming that he loved Pachinko, while in the middle of an interview. Even though these commercials seem to be from eons ago, we are disappointed in you, Nicolas. You knew better.

3 Brad Pitt's Edwin Jeans Commercial


His beautiful wife, Angelina Jolie probably has no knowledge of this commercial. A guaranteed embarrassment for her and the kids, Brad Pitt’s Edwin jeans commercial comes in at number 3 on our list. If you watch the ad, you would know why.

Of course, it is quite common for the average female to be obsessed with the buttocks of famous actors. So, when Brad comes in with a jeans ad, you’d think you would want to watch it all day long, to admire his rear? Wrong. In the commercial, Brad actually feels his butt and requests passersby to stare at it. What has marketing come to, nowadays?

2 Mr. T's FlavorWave Oven Commercial

Where do we start? Okay, firstly, Mr. T’s FlavorWave Oven Commercial has earned the 2nd place on this list of 10 of the Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials. Secondly, we honestly think it was too far-fetched. Lastly, Mr. T, you need to refine your acting skills, because we could tell you were definitely not having the time of your life, as you pretended to portray.

Although the entire commercial is about fifteen minutes long, we found a shorter version of it that focuses on Mr. T alone. Not only does he manage to look out of place, with his big hoop earrings, at the start of the advertisement, he also manages to confuses us with the exaggerated “Mmm”s. Additionally, we wonder if the hostess of the show in the ad, had an odd name; Mr. T keeps referring to her as “dollar”.

1 Arnold Schwarzenegger's Japanese Energy Drink Commercial


Our Terminator is well-known for having starred in several Japanese commercials. However, after tons of thinking and musing and considering, we have decided to put his Japanese Energy Drink Commercial in 1st place on this list. You see, all the ads are extremely bizarre and hilarious.

There seems to be a couple of these energy drink commercials, all of which look like a joke to us. In two of them, we see Arnold being bullied by his friends or colleagues (They spilled some icky stuff on him and hit his nose with a stick), resulting him in running to a corner of the room to drink the drink. In one of these ads, in a matter of seconds, we see him obtaining flying powers. He zooms off into the air, while his colleague seem to be showered with Cheetos (It looked like Cheetos to us).

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