10 Of The Funniest Video Game Glitches

Millions of dollars and many hours go into the production of video games each year to create realistic worlds for gamers. Sometimes there are major glitches and bugs seen in top games such as Grand Theft Auto, Sims, and Skyrim. When it comes to dealing with any kind of software or programming, mistakes are expected to occur. These can range from body parts being placed incorrectly, such as legs being on a torso. Or, a line of text that should form a cohesive sentence suddenly turning into a mix of random letters. Although the mess up might have been frustrating at the time it happened, they also provide a good laugh.

Here's a list of some of the funniest video game glitches ever.

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10 FIFA 12 - Duck Legs

Via: youtube.com

FIFA Soccer 12 is a video game that was developed by Electronic Arts Canada, and features some of the top professional soccer players in the world. It was released in 2011 on Xbox 360, Playstation, Wii, and many more devices. People experiencing the game would be surprised to see players with their legs positioned above their torso. FIFA 12 gamers also saw that some legs would randomly bend up and down in weird and painful looking positions while players still levitated around the field as if nothing was out of whack. Also, sometimes this would happen to only one of the player's legs as opposed to both, such as with Mats Hummels.

9 Skyrim - Headless 

Via: lusipurr.com

Skyrim is the fifth main installment of the Elder Scroll Series. It is a hugely popular action role-playing video game that millions of people love. However, it is known to have numerous bugs, such as when there was an issue with a character's head randomly falling off. A gamer had the following to say about her frustrations: "So, I was fighting an orc with a battle axe. He started to do a killing animation where my head would have normally just been chopped off and I would die. I went to drink some potions the second he started it and this happened. My body just stood there and a head appeared next to it."

The "invisible head" problem often came at critical times in the game. For example, someone reported on a Skyrim forum that after he turned on TIM, which is immortality, he was repeatedly stabbed. As his character was running away from a bandit, another bandit came and chopped his head off. However, because he had TIM on, he didn't die in the game. There was one thing missing--his head. The poor guy tried to quick travel and load the game multiple times, but all he got was blood spilling out of his character's neck as his head would fall on the floor. Hundreds of Skyrim gamers on multiple forums were discussing the bugs since they had invested multiple hours in questing and refused to start over.

8 Wolf Among Us - Male Stripper 

Via: nerdist.com

The Wolf Among Us is a dramatic episodic video game based on the comic book series called, Fables. During a serious office scene, a main character--Bigby--randomly starts thrusting his hips and mimicking the moves of a pole dancer.

Via: youtube.com

During this critical moment in Episode 3, Bigby is badly wounded and Doctor Swineheart is patching him up while also telling him to take it easy on his body. In the normal version of the game, what eventually happens is the two chat with Snow White and he puts on a shirt. However, it plays out differently for some gamers.

As funny as this is, people later found out that Bigby's dancing wasn't a glitch. A fan was tinkering with the game's animation options and got that result. Director and senior cinematic artist Nick Herman clarified on his Twitter account that other characters also have this pole dancing ability. Here's another picture just because we couldn't help ourselves.

7 The Sims - Baby Issues

Via: thesims.com

The Sims is a highly successful life simulation video game series that has been around almost 15 years, and according to Wikipedia has sold more than 175 million copies worldwide. The Sims may be a great game enjoyed by many, but there have been issues with babies in it. For example, The Sims 4 went through a "baby monster" problem in which some of them look like a mixture between Edward Scissorhands and Wolverine.

Via: stuffpoint.com

Then, there's the issue of toddlers looking like grown men, and even wearing adult clothing.

Via: youtube.com

Perhaps one of the best goofs in the video game is what appears to be a half child half  zombie.

6 Madden NFL - Too Small

Via: digitaltrends.com

Madden NFL 15 has received great reviews, with people saying it's one of the best produced by EA Tiburon in a while. However, sometimes players shrink to miniature size of themselves, such as Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey.

Via: gamerdemon.com

Something definitely looks off with that picture considering Christian is 6'2", 235 pounds in real life. He basically turned into a foot tall man, which happened in the image above in the game's Tennessee Titans Solo Challenge within Madden Ultimate Team, according to GameSpot. As pictures and videos on YouTube of the bug made the rounds, Electronic Arts embraced it. In a statement to the public regarding this, the publisher came out with the following: "This weekend only, Madden Ultimate Team players can experience the Tiny Titan for themselves...Not only will you be able to see and play against the Tiny Titan, it’ll also net you a few coins to help Collect, Upgrade and Dominate in Madden Ultimate Team. Come join the fastest growing mode in the game and compete against the Tiny Titan!" That's a smart way to embrace a mistake while also marketing a product. Good for you, EA!

5 Mount & Blade - Sky Face

Via: kotaku.com

Mount & Blade is an action role-playing game set in a medieval world. It was developed by TaleWorlds, a Turkish company, for Windows and went on sale in 2008. Mount & Blade had a humorous texture glitch, causing mass nightmares for fans when a flattened face appeared in the sky. Well, people thought there was a bug when images like the one above were being passed around on the web. And then gamers started calling people out: "Bullshit. That's not a glitch, all you did was change the file name of the texture or material file to the name of the skybox and put it into the folder for the skybox." And then arguments began on Mount & Blade forums with fans claiming the "sky face" was in fact a glitch. A gamer from Reddit said, "This has been happening too me for like the last 10 months. So like two weeks ago I was like lets take a screenshot, and put it on Reddit. But I was really stoned and quickly forgot." Whether or not the "sky face" is caused by a glitch is still in question, but fans got a good laugh.

4 Halo 1 - Body Problems

Via: wikia.com

Halo is a top-selling military science fiction video game franchise developed by almost 350 industries. It is on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Mac, and more. In all Halo games, there is a character stretch glitch that occurs. This is when an in-game character model is stretched to such an extent that he looks like rubber, or some random substance. In Halo: Combat Evolved, whenever a corpse's body part hangs over an edge, the body would bend at awkward angles when there was a glitch. Sometimes, in other versions of the game, a character's model will have arms that suddenly "arm swim" in it. This is when the arms stretch out in a weird fashion and almost appear to be swimming. Keep in mind that many of these glitches and bugs end up getting worked out in later versions.

3 Grand Theft Auto IV - Swing Glitch


The Swingset glitch is one of the most famous and funniest glitches in Grand Theft Auto IV. When your character goes to the neighborhood of Broker in Firefly Projects, you will notice a small playground. Let's say you want to go check it out by walking over there or having your vehicle drive by; well, that's when things go flying. Your car--or you--will then be launched into the air like a cannon. When you finally reach the ground, you will see blood coming out of your character's body. In terms of when this glitch happens to a vehicle, like a DF8-90 in Grand Theft Auto IV, it will fly in the air very far away from the park. Yet, the character is still able to cruise around in the jacked up car.

2 Skate 3 - Floating Bodies and Cut Off Legs


Skate 3 was developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts in 2010. It's the third installment in the Skate series, and has numerous glitches in it. This is probably the main reason why it's considered the worst of the franchise. A glitch that was seen often dealt with the physics of characters who defied logic by rolling down hills in weird ways, or floating in the air.

There are also moments when you see weird software bugs and part of a skateboarder's legs are missing, like you can see in the image below. There are also instances where a character's legs are twisting around each other, or turned backwards.


Some gamers believe the video game publisher, Rockstar, purposefully released the game knowing there were major issues since other games they were responsible for had similar glitches that year. However, even programmers make mistakes and many of the bugs end up getting fixed in the long run.

1 FIFA 12 - The Kiss

Who doesn't like a nice make out scene? Well, probably the gamers who were playing FIFA 12 and witnessed soccer player Andy Carroll’s embrace and kiss Arsenal goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski. This glitch was seen on a pre-release demo version of the EA sports simulation, and caused a stir on the Internet. The interaction takes place when Lukasz dives toward the Liverpool striker in a goal-saving attempt. Andy ends up scoring the point, but that doesn't deter the Polish keeper. Shortly after the goal, both of them embrace and exchange, arguably, one of the most romantic kisses between two characters in video game history. This glitch occurred due to FIFA 12's new collision detection engine, Impact System, being introduced to make the game more realistic.

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