10 Of The Best Big Screen Bromances

According to Urban Dictionary, the term “bromance” describes the complicated love and affection shared by two (or more) straight males. There is even a Wikipedia entry on the concept of the “bromance”, meaning it is officially legitimate. Even though close friendships among men is nothing new, the word to describe it has only begun to pick up steam in the media in the last few years. Men are more open and willing now than ever to admit how close they are with their buddies, and the resulting friendships are sometimes just as deep as a romantic relationship. Hollywood isn’t new to the concept of the male friendship either, with huge franchises, like The Hangover, going so far as to make “the wolfpack” a thing.  In celebration of the bromance, here is our list of the best movie bromances of all time.

10 Felix & Oscar - The Odd Couple

Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon star as two guys who move in together after their respective divorces. Released in 1968, The Odd Couple was one of the first films to focus on the concept of two men, who despite disagreements and very different personalities, are good friends. They may want to kill each other at times, but ultimately they would do a lot for each other. There are many opportunities for comedic moments when the two men clash over differing points of view, but in the end they realize that they actually make each other into better people. The chemistry between the two characters even spawned a TV series that ran for 5 seasons.

9 Woody & Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story

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In the first Toy Story film, Woody and Buzz start out as rivals competing for the affection of their owner, Andy. But by the end of Toy Story 2, Buzz is on a mission to save Woody from a life locked in a museum. They may be different toys, but they have their love of making kids happy, in common, and through that they are able to understand each other, and build a strong bond. Together they watch their owner grow up, and they work hard to make sure they aren't separated, because their friendship is forever.

8 Bill & Ted - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

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Bill and Ted have the kind of bond only two people who do the impossible together, can have. While traveling through time in a phone booth, their similar personalities are what make them the perfect travel buddies. Their mission is to experience historical events in person so they can come back to the present and pass their history class. The safety of a future society depends on their friendship staying strong, making their bromance the most important platonic male relationship, like, ever. The film spawned a sequel, Bill and Ted's Bogus Adventure, and a third addition is in the works.

7 Wayne & Garth - Wayne's World

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Wayne and Garth's friendship was developed over numerous Saturday Night Live skits, and Mike Myers and Dana Carvey's characters were so popular that they went on to do two films. In the first film, the rock solid friendship between Wayne and Garth is threatened by Wayne's love interest, Cassandra. But in the end, their bromance is too strong for a woman to come between them, and they figure out how to balance their bro time with romance.

6 Schmidt & Jenko - 21 Jump Street

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Sure, it was the 1980's TV show starring Johnny Depp that created the undercover cop concept that led to the 2012 film version of 21 Jump Street, but the bromance between Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) was what really made the film. The two characters go undercover as high school students to bust an unknown drug dealer, but by then they are already best friends. Their strengths and weaknesses compliment one another, and they use that to help each other. They may have been polar opposites in high school, but their differences are what keeps this bond strong throughout the film.

5 Saul & Dale - Pineapple Express

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This stoner comedy, starring real life bros, James Franco and Seth Rogen, portrays an unlikely bromance between drug dealer, Saul, and his loyal customer, Dale. Saul is not your typical drug dealer, and Dale is not interested in being friends with him at first, but when they find themselves running from a drug king pin, their relationship blossoms. Their mutual love of marijuana, and shared enemy ends up bringing them together, whether Dale likes it or not.

4 Harold & Kumar - Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

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Harold and Kumar are another one of those pairs that confirm that opposites attract. Harold is a responsible guy who is consistently influenced by his less conscientious best friend, Kumar. After smoking weed one night they decide they absolutely need to eat at White Castle, and embark on an epic adventure. Their differing personalities lead to a lot of butting heads, but they manage to get past their arguments in favor of their mutual goal: hamburgers. Sometimes a bromance is as simple as that.

3 Sydney & Peter - I Love You, Man

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2 Seth & Evan - Superbad

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The perfect example of the high school bromance is none other than Seth and Evan, two socially awkward teens about to graduate and go off to separate colleges. The whole film takes place in the span of one night, but it is clear that Seth relies on his friendship with Evan a little too heavily. He isn't sure what to do when it seems like they might start drifting apart. The high school bromance is one of the strongest bonds because they pretty much know everything about each other, including their crushes, most embarrassing moments, and hopes for the future. Seth and Evan have a fight that could end their friendship, but they manage to bond again after a drunken heart to heart.

1 Harry & Lloyd - Dumb and Dumber

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Not many people would be able to tolerate someone like Harry, except maybe someone else who is just like him. Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey play two friends whose limited intelligence holds them back, to say the least. But they are always there for each other, no matter what. Maybe because they don't know any better, but either way, their bromance is a classic case of bro soul mates. When Lloyd has to drive across the country to return a briefcase to the girl of his dreams, of course Harry offers to join him. They manage to do everything the hard way, but they barely notice. They may not be smart, but at least they have each other.

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