10 Nearly Naked Celeb Selfies!

First there was the self-portrait, a project that was undertaken by many admirable men including Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo de Vinci. The urge to immortalize oneself in a photo seems to be an overwhelming one, but one that has been kept in-check through years and years of … well, a lack of technology. Nowadays, the “selfie” has become such a thing that I’ve actually heard my sixty year old father not only uses the word selfie but actually takes a selfie.

I’m hoping beyond hope, however, that he still hasn’t heard about the latest trend: The naked selfie. Of course, celebrities take the lead with this trend, showing off their bodies for adoring fans across the world. Some celebs seem to be addicted to the trend, throwing out numerous pictures of their boobs, butts and what have you, while others are a little more meek, daring to bare only for the briefest of moments.

Whether it’s to encourage publicity, or for the thrill of the reveal (or more than likely: somebody’s egos have yet to be checked), the naked celeb selfies is still a thrill for us onlookers!

10 Alison Pill

The Toronto born actress, well-known for her stint in Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, Alison Pill, accidently uploaded a sexy picture of herself to her own Twitter account, giving us a unusual combination of a naked selfie and a leaked photo. Unfortunately for Alison, such a mistake is quickly picked up by the public and the photo is now floating around for us all the see. Fortunately for Alison Pill, it is a pretty cute photo and there’s nothing too raunchy in it that you wouldn't see on a topless beach anyways!

9 Rihanna

8 Amanda Bynes

7 Lady Gaga

Similar to Rihanna, Lady Gaga's nakedness doesn't really shock us anymore. Lady Gaga, formally known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has thrilled the world over and over with her various hijinks. From wearing all meat outfits, to having a dancer vomit on her, to wearing all types of insane wigs, Gaga has left us all weirded out for the most part. The NY star, who seems to revel in being a bit risqué, also loves to show off her fabulous figure for all the world to see!

6 Adrianne Curry

5 Kim Kardashian

4 Chrissy Teigen

3 Lindsay Lohan

2 Courtney Love

1 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, or Onika Tanya Maraj, is an American singer songwriter, best known for her crazy neon outfits, make-up and shocking hair. Last but not least, Minaj is also very well-known for her more bountiful figure, and her selfies take full advantage of both her crazy style and her full figure to the best of her ability!

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