10 Most Controversial Movies With Shocking "Bedroom" Scenes

When viewing a movie, most of the time you know what to expect. I mean, you most likely picked the movie, right? Sometimes though, you may be surprised, and other times you might be shocked. This is a list that falls under the latter - the most shocking, controversial and downright scandalous sex movies of all time.

This group of movies runs the gamut from violence to group sex to fetish play. What they all have in common is they show lots of skin and contain plenty of sex.

Just missing the cut was Shame, Steve McQueen’s movie about a sex addict who needs "adult entertainment" to live. Needless to say there are a lot of scenes of him pleasuring himself in this one. The title for Nymphomaniac really says it all; a two volume film that really puts the "explicit" in explicit sex, this movie used adult movie stars as well as some unconventional sex. Not enough? How about fellatio on a pedophile? Yeah, I’m not sure how this one doesn’t make the list. Prior to Fifty Shades of Grey, Secretary was an indie movie that followed the life of a legal secretary (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and her entry into the world of S&M with her lawyer boss (James Spader). Caligula was a movie with so much hardcore sex, the director removed his name from the movie. Now that’s hardcore!

This list has popular movies, little known indie films, and everything in between. The constant is sex and skin, and in one gross case, an open wound. Here are ten of the most controversial skin flicks of all time.

10 Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

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Taking up close to 20 percent of the movie, the sex is the movie, putting many up in arms over what this film promotes. Taken from fan fiction (more sex thriller) novel by E.L. James, it was assumed from the start this movie would be pro sexual fantasy and heavy on the bondage. New flash: This movie lived up to those meager expectations, sparking outrage. Specifically, anti-domestic violence groups have called this movie a step in the wrong direction and tried via protests to limit the number of screens. I guess there was some good that came out of this movie, it did get people to start reading again and also increased the sales of sex toys.

9 Lust, Caution (2007)

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If you read the novella (written by Eileen Chang), saw the film’s trailer or read a synopsis of the movie, you would expect Lust, Caution to be a drama about a spy caught in a romance. Actually, that is still the summary, sort of. Oh, plus there are hardcore sex scenes that last collectively over ten minutes throughout the movie. Apparently these scenes took over 100 hours to film, resulting in a steamy movie was not released in China (due to the graphic sex, later allowing a cut version of the movie), given an R21 rating in Singapore and an NC-17 rating in America.

8 The Brown Bunny (2003)

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Question: What is the movie Roger Ebert referred to as “The worst film in the history of Cannes?” Answer: The Brown Bunny. Okay, here’s what happens. Director Vincent Gallo also a stars in the movie along with Chloe Sevigny do a scene where Chloe performs un-simulated fellatio on Vincent, not stopping until completion. Many adult movie sites have picked up the scene and it was used as part of the marketing of the movie. Not sure how comfortable this would be in the theatre, but I think we can all agree Gallo is the big winner here. Hey, everyone likes good fellatio ... well, apparently not Roger Ebert.

7 9 Songs (2004)

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It’s interesting to find what you can get away with in a movie and still not be considered an adult film. In 9 Songs, a tale about two rock music lovers and their relationship, the stars Kieran O’Brien and Margo Stilley have un-simulated sex throughout the movie and it’s not what you would call gentle sex. It’s explicit and includes full oral as well as the climax. With this feat, O’Brien became the first actor in British movies (non-adult labeled) to ejaculate during a movie (on screen). The movie is so raw it even got a mainstream rating in France (same as adult movies).

6 Last Tango in Paris (1972)

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This French-Italian movie, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, stars Marlon Brando and is pretty well-known for more reasons than being an overall good movie, which it is. The movie is essentially about a couple (a middle-aged American and a young French woman) having sex in an apartment. Their relationship or affair is very much defined through physical interaction. The scene that puts this movie on the list is when the pair has backdoor sex. If you have not seen this movie then you will not get the butter jokes, and that’s too bad because I have a really good joke with the punchline “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”

5 Showgirls (1995)

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If nudity could be described as “shock and awe”, based on the actress doing the revealing, then Showgirls wins that label. Elizabeth Berkley is Nomi. She is also the studious girl from Saved by the Bell television show. No one expected the endless nudity and awkward scenes of sex, especially in the pool. The movie was rated NC-17 and was also a major disappointment. Since its release it has developed a cult following. Sadly, a followup where her other cast mates from Saved by the Bell show up in Vegas for a party that turns into an orgy never happened. They never make the sequels that really need to be made.

4 Lolita (1962)

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There's sex in this movie, but this film was much more controversial due to content of the story being told. Stanley Kubrick adapted Lolita based on the Vladimir Nabokov novel, a story about a professor who marries his landlord to get close to her 14-year-old daughter (Lolita is played by Sue Lyon). He is introduced to Lolita in a back garden where she is only wearing a bikini. The two end up having an affair and then are forced to go on the run away from authorities because, well, she’s fourteen and in 1962 (especially in 1962) this is very much frowned upon!

3 Crash (1996)

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2 The Devils (1971)

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A horror movie, The Devils is centered on a priest accused of being a witch. A lot of big cuts were made to this movie, none of them even making it to the DVD version of the movie. Among these include a hallucination scene where a Jesus and a nun have sex, a Jesus statue getting attacked by a mob of nuns and a scene involving a nun pleasuring herself with a femur. (It’s okay, you can reread that last line.) It was so bad that even Twiggy, famous British model at the time refused to be in the movie – she left when the nuns started getting naked.

1 A Serbian Film (2010)

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The infamous movie that had over 19 minutes cut to avoid an NC-17 rating in America, A Serbian Film, was banned in many countries (including Norway). The storyline is a man named Milos, a retired adult movie star decides to go back into “the biz” for just one more movie. However, instead of “classic” adult movie situations he is forced to perform necrophilia. Milos is drugged and rapes both his wife and son. Apparently this is a message about Serb society, but that doesn’t seem right. Essentially, Srdan Sapsojevic, the director of A Serbian Film, was insane during the filming of this movie.Sources: IMBD, Time

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