10 Most Bizarre Brand Names Ever

There are those who like to celebrate the zany, the weird and the downright bizarre. From strange surnames to fetishes, we all like a good nose about the oddities of life. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to strange foods. For example, in South Africa, you may come across a certain dried beef snack which is otherwise known as biltong.

On the other hand, you may find bird nest soup which can be enjoyed in the Far East, especially in China. This is derived from the main ingredient which is the actual nest from the Swiftlet bird. Meanwhile if you are in Cambodia you may be served up a hearty tarantula stew which is considered to be quite the delicacy in those parts. Each country it seems has a host of strange foods but Great Britain certainly rises to the top of bizarre food chain.

The land of cool Britannia brings together their own personal collection of strangely titled foods. This includes the likes of bubble and squeak which is a melange of potato and cabbage.

In addition, faggots are a well-known treat for many people in the UK. Contrary to the American description, a faggot is a type of meatball which is typically made from offcuts of pork. This features the belly and the liver which is combined with onions and some breadcrumbs.

Spotted dick is another classic British dish which causes much hilarity. This typical steamed pudding is usually made with suet and dried fruits including sultanas. However, there are also different types of products whose names live long in the memory. Here is the roundup of the 10 most bizarre food names of all time.

9 Noisy Butter

If you prefer to eat your tea and toast in quiet then Noisy Butter is definitely not for you. This gourmet French butter may have a touch of Gallic flair but it may cause more problems than it’s worth. It may scream "buy me" but if you want to keep the noise at a minimum there are quieter products on the market.

8 Soup for Sluts

Cheap and fast it may be, but Soup for Sluts is not for the feint hearted among you. It may describe itself as cheap and easy but surely this is sending the wrong message out to consumers! This handy instant noodle snack is quick to pick up, but don't get it confused with the opposite sex.

7 Welsh Lady Ass Fudge

Welshman Tom Jones may cause hordes of women to throw their undergarments at his concerts, but one Welsh lady may not be satisfied at all. This has been setting the social media waves ablaze recently but one person spotted this intriguing product in a leading UK supermarket. The error was eventually rectified, excuse the pun but this does not detract from a major foodie faux pas.

6 Breast Munchies

This epic fail may well just send the Colonel’s face red with anger. Breast Munchies are believed to be golden chicken coated in delicious bread crumbs. Although, surely they should have established the name right before launching it on the shelves? It may contain 100% chicken breast, but hats off go to the marketing team for its name.

5 Camel Balls

Don't get the hump just yet but Camel Balls are flying off the shelves. The packaging is a bit controversial as it has an image of a camel with its undercarriage highlighted. Yet this sour candy treat has a liquid centre if that’s not enough to tempt you. It can be purchased online through a wealth of channels such as Ebay.

5. Terror Juice

Who knows what may lurk behind this particular juice, but Terror is a firm fixture on some supermarket shelves in the world. Its garish appearance and neon coloured bottles ensures that it definitely has the scare factor. It seems that Terror is only a block away.

4 Pee Cola

Produced in Ghana, Pee Cola offers a touch of Africa to consumers who want a refreshing change from the norm. This amusing little number is officially produced in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The drink has been quite popular in the country and has proven to be the ideal alternative to regular Coca Cola. Literally translated as very good Cola you will be hard pushed to find a funnier fizzy drink. Furthermore, you can have the opportunity to engage and interact with Pee Cola online. This is largely in part thanks to their social media channels where you will be able to keep up to speed with the latest Pee developments.

3 Fart Bar

This snappily titled bar originally comes from Poland. Its literal translation is lucky bar but you may not be so certain if you are caught with one of these items in your hand. Wherever the wind may take you, make sure you have your Fart Bar in hand.

2 Poopoo Smoothie

Only just launched in several Burger King chains in China, the “PooPoo Smoothie” has caused one heck of a stink in the Orient and beyond. The drink itself is comparable to the ever so popular bubble tea which originates from Taiwan. Boba tea as it is known has pearl like bubbles of juice which lurk at the bottom of your cup. Once you suck them up through your straw, it releases a genuine burst of fruity goodness which explodes on the tongue. This mango smoothie has only been launched in the last month so only time will tell whether or not if they have made a whoopsie.

1 Barf Detergent

Manufactured in Iran, you don't want to say you’ll be putting some barf in your dishwasher. At the end of the day, do you want to stand next to someone who has had their clothes washed in barf? It may well work, but Barf derives from the Farsi word which means snow. It has been snapped up by millions across the Middle East and has a growing cult appeal. It may be one of the worst brand names of all time but this has not deterred many from using the product.

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