10 Misunderstood Facts About Kanye West You Didn't Know

Kanye West is arguably the most outspoken Millennial. He is a creative mastermind among the richest and most powerful of rappers such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z. Millions of people idolize Kanye. However, his reputation is less than stellar.

Some people may perceive Kanye as being a total jerk. The Breakfast Club’s Charlemagne Tha God labeled him a hypocrite. President Barack Obama once referred to the Midwest MC as a jackass. Others may even question Kanye’s ego, but perhaps Kanye is misunderstood.

Beloved and often criticized, this world-famous musician/producer is known for his infamous tirades and marriage to fame extraordinaire, Kim Kardashian.

Amidst the pinnacle of 50 Cent’s bulletproof career, Kanye contributed in shifting the culture of rap's hard-core wanksta persona to a vulnerable sound with abstract melodies and raw depth. In doing so, Kanye help pave the way for rappers such as Fetty Wap, Young Thug and Future.

Not only is Kanye a multi-talented musician, but he also is a trending fashion designer and rebel of social norms. With his latest album in production, the "Facts" rapper is far from being done. This 21-time Grammy Award winner has compared himself to the likes of Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela and William Shakespeare.

People scoff at Kanye's supreme confidence and explicit truths. Other people may grow curious. Nevertheless, check out the 10 most misunderstood facts about rapper Kanye West.

9 Thoughts About Becoming An Adult Film Star

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Kanye West's talent and influence are often glamorized by the masses. Subsequently, his extraordinary success might be envied and ultimately misunderstood.

During his honorary PhD speech, Dr. Kanye admitted to a group of students at The Art Institute of Chicago that dropping out of college was extremely difficult.

While perfecting his artistry, Kanye worked a tedious part-time job, sold instrumentals and crashed at his mom’s place. Overwhelmed with growing pressures and fear, Kanye thought about pursuing other aspirations.

Becoming an adult film star is an aspiration thought of by many and more times than one may think. “That career choice popped into my head once or twice,” admitted Kanye. He then asked, “Which guy doesn’t want that?

Kanye considered being an adult entertainer before his debut album dropped. It ultimately became a hip-hop classic and Kanye is now notoriously praised for being The College Dropout.

8 Thinks George W. Bush Hates Black People

"George Bush doesn't care about black people," stated Kanye, accusing former President George Bush of being a racist. He has never been one to be politically correct and seldom does he consider the consequences of his radical protests. This is probably why Kanye has given the world some of the realest moments aired on television.

During a live TV fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina days after the storm, Kanye disregarded the lines prepared for him. Instead, Kanye delivered a rant about his frustration regarding the racial injustices that African-American victims were faced with.

“I hate the way they portray us in the media,” Kanye said. “If you see a black family, it says they’re looting. If you see a white family, it says they’re looking for food, and you know it’s been five days,” he continued. “Just to imagine I was down there. Those are people down there… They’ve given [authorities] permission to go down and shoot us.” Kanye's album Late Registration was released and went on to sell 3.5 million copies.

7 Blames Himself For His Mother's Death

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"If I had never moved to LA she'd be alive. I don't want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears," Kanye told Q magazine. The death of a mother can break anyone’s heart. Kanye rapped in Young Jeezy’s hit record “Put On”, “I lost the only girl in the world who knew me best.”

In the Jay-Z and Big Sean assisted track “Clique” Kanye raps, “ Went through deep depression when my mother passed. Suicide, what kinda talk is that?” The residue of his mother’s death gave birth to Kanye’s massively influential 808s and Heartbreak album.

Kanye also founded DONDA, a creative content agency named after his mother Donda West. When asked what he feels he's sacrificed the most to achieve his level of success, West replied, "My mom." She died of heart disease while suffering "multiple post-operative factors" following cosmetic surgery.

6 Kanye Is The Hopeless Romantic

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Hard to believe that behind the straight-faced persona, Kanye is a hopeless romantic. This might explain his passion for mellow auto-tuned raps. He was once engaged to Alexis Phifer. Kanye later became obsessed with “How To Be A Bad B*tch” author, Amber Rose. Kanye said that he, "had to take 20 showers" before moving on from Amber and she fired back, accusing Kanye of using rapper, Travis Scott, as a ghostwriter.

5 Kanye Is “The Greatest Living Rock Star On The Planet”

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Kanye said, “Rap is the new rock & roll. We the new rock stars, and I’m the biggest of all of them. I’m the No. 1 rock star on the planet.”

Kanye believes that nothing is impossible and that his dreams and thoughts are real and inevitably powerful.

When Kanye professes to be something or someone, he’s usually voicing his ambition to become it and believes with all his heart that he will succeed. Some may call this the law-of-attraction. Throughout his career, Kanye has associated himself with greatness and has attracted just that.

On various occasions, the 38-year old rapper has raised his hand and proclaimed to having one of the greatest creative minds of all time.

Kanye once told a crowd in Paris, "No matter how they try to control you… or try to peer pressure you, you can do what you want. I am Picasso. I'm Walt Disney, I'm Steve Jobs!"

4 Kanye Can Predict The Future

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Kanye and R&B/pop sensation John Legend met and started working together in 2001. During his 36th birthday, John revealed to his guests and wife, Chrissy Teigen, that in their before-fame years, “People were skeptical about us, they didn’t know if we had what it takes to be successful.” John went on to say, “Kanye would take me to these meetings and jump on the table and tell people I was the next Stevie Wonder.”

Kanye spoke prediction into existence. Legend has a remarkable recognition list including nine Grammy Awards plus an Oscar Award. Jay-Z said, “From the moment [Kanye] walked through the door… he had it in his eyes, he was saying stuff like 'I am the savior of Chicago'. I was like, 'what you even talking about? You ain't even have a single! But, you know he proved to be prophetic in that way'.”

3 Kanye Escaped Death

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Kanye’s challenges won’t be the demise of his career. In fact, one of the most misunderstood facts about Kanye is that conflict inspires him.

While perfecting the The College Dropout, Kanye was nearly killed in a car accident. Kanye’s jaw had to be wired shut. He was forced to record his debut single “Through The Wire” with multiple jaw fractures. His signature flow has become commentary, controversy and heartbreak. “My jaw was broken in three places,” Kanye said. “I had nasal fractures — I’d be talking to people and my nose would start bleeding.”

The rapper confessed that he is insecure about the lisp and facial injuries that were suffered. “The accident was so painful,” he added. “The first two or three days were like some of the worst pains in my life.” Later, “Through the Wire” was nominated for "Best Rap Solo Performance" at the Grammy Awards.

3. Kanye Was Voted Most Stylish Man

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Kanye has spoken out against classism and any form of social division. In short, Kanye accused the fashion industry of being bourgeoisie. He revealed to Kris Jenner that he feared marrying Kim would “ruin his reputation” as a fashion designer. He’s gone on multiple rants about not being respected nor accepted by the fashion community. Kanye say’s that being a famous rapper put him at a disadvantage.

Kanye’s genuine love for fashion is often misunderstood. Many within the rap community have ridiculed Kanye’s fashion choices (i.e leather kilts and long dress-like shirts). However, Kanye’s fate as recently changed.

Footwear News Achievement awarded Kanye’s expensive shoe line, Yeezy Boosts, the “Shoe of The Year”. "You have to die for what is in you because that thing might inspire someone,” Kanye said. Most recently, GQ Magazine announced Kanye as their pick for the Most Stylish Man Of 2015.

2 Kanye and The Award Shows

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Kanye doesn’t hate the award shows, but he does think they are deceptive. The 21-time Grammy and MTV award winner is notorious for interrupting Taylor Swifts award show speech. He thought that R&B/pop queen, Beyoncé, should have won best female video for "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". Undeniably, Queen Bey had one of the best videos of all time. She eventually won video of the year.

"I still don't understand award shows," Kanye recently mentioned. "I don't understand how they get people who work their entire life… be judged… and have the opportunity to be considered a loser. I don't understand it, bro!"

Kanye claims he saw Justin Timberlake crying after losing Album of the Year.

1 Kanye Is Intimidated By Drake

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Kanye says that Drake was the first rapper who actually scared and put pressure on him. “One of my biggest problems, one of my biggest Achilles heels has been my ego,” Kanye said. “And if I, Kanye West, the very person, can remove my ego, I think there’s hope for everyone.”

Kanye has also said, “I think that that’s been a progression of mine with the advent of a human being named Drake. You know, this idea of holding onto a No. 1 spot. And then you get this guy that comes and blows out the water, every No. 1 of any band ever. Be it me or Paul McCartney.”

While in France, Kanye told Clique, “I was sitting there getting fat. Sitting back just knocked everybody out. And then this guy [Drake] hits the gym… 14 hits, same as Paul McCartney. I’m like, Whoa. OK. Let me go to the studio.”

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