10 Mistakes You Missed in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

This has been the year of the spy film. The year saw a multitude of subterfuge films hit the big screen including Melissa McCarthy’s comedy Spy, the reboot of the classic TV series Man From U.N.C.L.E and the much anticipated latest Bond film Spectre. And, of course, there was the fourth instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise, Rogue Nation.

Rogue Nation sees the return of Tom Cruise as the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) agent Ethan Hunt as he races against both time and the Syndicate to reinstate the disbanded IMF. Ethan goes rogue to follow the clues and enlists the help of his colleagues, including Simon Pegg's Benji Dunn, Jeremy Renner's William Brandt and Ving Rhame's Luther Stickell. Rogue Nation brings in newcomers like Rebecca Ferguson (The White Queen series, Hercules) as Ilsa Faust and Sean Harris (Macbeth, ’71) as bad guy Solomon Lane.

Rogue Nation follows on from 2011’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and brings in Jack Reacher director Christopher McQuarrie to direct and write the story. McQuarrie also wrote Edge of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher and Valkyrie which all star Cruise. McQuarrie also wrote the 1995 classic Usual Suspects. Joining McQuarrie at the writing table was Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce. With such firepower working on the film, it's is any wonder how many mistakes went unnoticed.

As with any film, especially films with so much action, there are inevitably mistakes that fly under the radar that eagle-eyed viewers spot. Here we list the top 10 that can be found in Rogue Nation that you may have missed.

10 Confused Motorists

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The film’s opening scene caused a huge stir in the lead up to the film. The scene became infamous for Tom Cruise doing his own stunt where he clung to the door on the exterior of a plane taking off. This scene was supposed to take place in Minsk, Belarus where the traffic drives on the right, as is the way in the rest of continental Europe. However, when the plane is taking off and a road can be seen in the distance, the traffic can be seen driving on the left, just like the traffic in the UK.

9 Magic Bullets

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In the final scenes of the film, Solomon is tricked into getting trapped inside a Plexiglas cube that has bulletproof sides. Out of anger and frustration he fires multiple times at the Plexiglas, yet the bullets neither ricochet nor do they embed into the glass. Who knows where they go? Answers on a postcard.

8 Misconstrued Pictures

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When Ethan is showing Benji what are supposed to be pictures of a car crash in Istanbul, Turkey, the photos involve the character of Lane. In the crash, the president of Malawi is supposed to have been killed. In reality, however, the pictures are of a car accident in Norway that involved a well-known skier named Peter Northug Jr. Perhaps the average fan of the movie won't catch on, but for the enthusiasts, this is a mistake you just can't make.

7 Misleading Clocks

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The Big Ben clock in London always rings on the hour, ringing the number of times that corresponds to the hour. However, when Ilsa meets Atlee in London towards the end of the film, the clock rings four times. When the face of the clock can be seen, the time on the clock states it is 9 a.m. Apparently time works differently in London. This was an obvious editing error that really should have been caught by those working on the film.

6 Transmorphing Guns

In the first impressive and atmospheric scene in the opera house, Ilsa loads a magazine into her gun as she assembles it. Later in the scene, she is seen loading individual cartridges in the breach. Her gun appears to have morphed into another gun mid scene with her having to swap it. This mistake is so evident that you just can't beg to question what the editors of the film were thinking when reviewing the final cut. They must have seen such a blatant error.

5 Poorly Tailored Wet Suits

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In the scene where Ethan has to dive from a scary height into a tiny hole and swim to an underwater safe, he can be seen placing Benji’s identity card into a shoulder pocket in his wet suit, however when he retrieves the card he produces it from pocket in the trousers of the wet suit. Maybe there was a hole in the pocket. The wetsuit also has unrealistic blood oxygen expectations. When a person is breathing normally, the oxygen levels in the blood do not drop below 100 percent. Therefore when the film shows that a couple of deep breaths will result in a significant rise in oxygen, this is incorrect. Also, despite what the film may tell us, the blood oxygen level never drops below 70%.

4 Holes In The Time Continuum

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When Ilsa returns to London, she is seen walking through London. In one scene, we see her walking across Westminster Bridge towards the South Bank. In the subsequent scene, supposedly continuous, Ilsa is scene walking from Lambeth Bridge towards Westminster Bridge. Has Ilsa been to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and learned how to apparate? Maybe this is hinting at a Mission Impossible/Harry Potter crossover? Put this one under as an error in the directing department.

3 Imaginary World Bank Employees

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When Ethan speaks of the plane that disappears, he states that the Secretary of the World Bank was on the plane. This is impossible, as there is no such thing as a Secretary of the World Bank, only a President of the World Bank. I guess no one was editing the script before actual use. I mean someone on set should have realized there was no such position as Secretary of the World Bank.

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