10 Mind-Blowing Movie Theories That Actually Make Sense

Despite the fact that many films leave fans wanting more, sometimes movies actually disappoint the viewers. This can happen for a variety of reasons but one of the most often cited is the fact that a film may leave too many unanswered questions. This may happen because the film does not adequately explain important plot points or because there seems to be contradictions and the story does not make sense when all of the events are considered.

While there is very little that can be done to solve such problems, some fans like to propose their own theories about films that help to explain the events or present a new perspective of what really happened. In many cases, these fan theories are little more than interesting ideas, but some of the most shocking and unbelievable ones actually make perfect sense and can, in some circumstances, even improve the movie experience.

10 Skynet Needs Humans


Skynet is a super powerful computer that is capable of controlling almost all of earth’s defenses and weapons, while simultaneously taking command of an army of Terminators. After becoming self-aware, the A.I. starts a war with humans that decimates but never destroys the entire race. The reason that Skynet never wipes out humanity according to one particular theory, is that it does not want to be alone. It was made with war as its singular purpose, so if it killed every human, it would no longer have a use, as there would be nothing else to go to war with, leaving the intelligent system alone and without purpose.

This is the explanation for the bizarre events that it carries out, such as sending Terminators back in time that end up giving people the technology to fight back in the films. The theory is especially compelling, as Skynet has control of all nuclear weapons and could easily release chemicals and biological warfare weapons that could easily rid the planet of almost all life.

9 Neo Never Left The Matrix


One of the most established fan theories about The Matrix series of films, has at its heart the premise, that Neo and the other humans living in Zion are not free and unhooked from the computer system. Instead, they are simply in a different simulator that lets people who can’t live peacefully in the original simulation, think they have escaped.

This theory definitely makes the sequels make much more sense and fit in with their predecessor far better. It also gets rid of the convoluted way that Neo suddenly acquires super powers in the real world that are never adequately explained that would otherwise just be another convenient way for the protagonist to end the story.

8 Pixar Movies Are All Interconnected


If you’ve ever watched any of the Pixar movies, you will probably be aware that they all contain small easter eggs and little nods to each other, with the pizza delivery van appearing in almost every Pixar film. One person has gone even further and has found a way to connect the stories of every Pixar movie together in a coherent way, with each film part of the same universe. The incredibly long and detailed theory takes into account various factors, such as the lack of humans in Cars and the fact that magic from Brave can explain why animals and toys seem to have human-like intelligence. A more concise version puts the films in chronological order and details how each affects the other installments.

7 Jack Dawson Was Just Rose’s Conscience


This well received theory claims that Jack Dawson wasn't a real person aboard the Titanic in the film, but was in fact just her conscience in a form that would appeal to her. While travelling on the ship, Rose was depressed about having to marry someone she didn't like and was deeply unhappy about the general state of her life. Just as she is about to kill herself, Jack appears and stops her. This manifestation is simply too good to be true, being almost the exact opposite of her husband and helping her to overcome her unhappiness. Jack also seems to know a lot about Rose, despite only just meeting her. The final piece of evidence for the theory comes in the form that near the end of the movie, when it is revealed that there are no records of Jack, and Rose says he only exists in her memory.

6 Sandy Died At The Beginning of Grease


During Grease, it is made clear that Danny and Sandy actually meet on a beach and that the young girl was saved from drowning. This theory states that in reality, Sandy really did drown and that the entire film is just a fantasy that takes place in her mind as she is dying. This explanation for the entire story of Grease and all the events that take place, at least makes some sense, as it no longer requires viewers to just accept constant singing, the extravagant actions of the characters and why at the end of the film, the car that Sandy and Danny are in can suddenly fly as they leave the fair.

5 Stormtroopers Are Ordered To Miss


The incompetence of the Imperial Stormtroopers during the events of the original Star Wars trilogy have given rise to the belief that the soldiers are just not very good at their job. However, at other points in the movies, it is made perfectly clear that Stormtroopers are very well trained and excellent marksmen. They overrun the rebel ship in A New Hope incredibly easily, and Obi Wan argues that it must have been Stormtroopers who destroyed the Jawas transporter, as the accuracy of the shots is very high. A theory posted online claims that their inability to shoot or imprison Han, Leia and Luke is because they were ordered to appear to be trying to capture them, but not actually harm them. This allows the Millennium Falcon to be tracked and for Vader to carry out his plans effectively.

4 Ferris Bueller Is Not Real


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a comedy film that sees a rather timid and shy boy named Cameron, who is taken on a whirlwind adventure by his much more adventurous friends. The events that take place and the happy ending just don’t sit right with some people who argue that they would be impossible to carry out in reality. A prominent theory that explains away those issues is that the entire film is just in the imagination of Cameron, who is struggling to stand up for himself and take control of his life. He fantasizes about the silly things he does with Bueller and Sloane, to escape his own reality and finally come to grips with his life.

3 Aladdin Takes Place In A Post-Apocalyptic Future


The Disney favorite Aladdin seems to take place in the distant past, with strong Arabic themes and references to the culture from that time. However, one theory points out that this cannot be possible. The Genie specifically states that Aladdin’s clothes are “so 3rd century” during a particular scene, and also makes it clear that he has been trapped in the lamp for 10,000 years. This means that the Genie must have been around during the 3rd century to be aware of the fashion trends of the time and that the film must be set at least 10,000 years after that. It is argued that the world the movie takes place in is a post-apocalyptic future where only the Arabic culture has survived and the word Arabia has evolved into Agrabah.

2 Signs’ Aliens Are Actually Demons


One of the best theories in recent times has to do with the film Signs. It contends that the aliens shown in the film are not really from another planet, but rather demons returning to Earth. The theorist points to the fact that there is never any clear alien technology shown, and the creatures are simply naked beings that are accompanied by strange lights in the sky. The killer evidence though, comes in the form of the fact that the “aliens” are killed by water in the house. This would seem silly if an alien force attacking a planet is severely sensitive to water, as it covers two thirds of the surface. Additionally, the water in the house is actually holy water belonging to the priest who lives there and has the same effect you would expect holy water to have on a demon.

1 Willy Wonka Is A Murderer


This theory is slightly darker than the rest of those that are in this article, as it claims that Willy Wonka is not the friendly sweet manufacturer he makes out, but is instead, a serial killer who revels in murdering children.

There’s plenty of evidence that points to the fact that Mr. Wonka had the whole scheme planned from the very beginning. Every time a child suffers an unfortunate fate, the Oompa Loompas are ready to perform a song and dance number that would be almost impossible to come up with spontaneously. More importantly though, the vehicles that are used to transport the chocolate magnate and his guests around, only ever have enough space for the current amount of guests, meaning that Wonka knew that they would lose a child in each section of the factory.

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