10 Male Celebs Who Had Kids At 55 And Older

George Clooney just got hitched, but at the ripe age of 53, everybody – including his father-in-law – has been speculating when he and his wife will start a family. At this rate, he’ll be in his mid-50s by the time George Jr. comes into the world. Unlike women, men can procreate at any age, but the question remains whether they should or not. Studies have shown that men who father kids at an older age run the risk of their child being born autistic or developing genetic mutations. Another study discovered that two-thirds of kids born to parents 40 years and older happen to be girls. (This statistic doesn’t bode well for all-girls Bruce Willis.) Even though men who have kids after 55 may not live long enough to see their kids grow up, it does force them to take better care of themselves. Celebrity men who do start a family for the first or a second time later in life, usually have more time to be present for the kids, since they’re already established and aren't working all the time. Also, it makes these men feel much younger to have younger kids. Luckily for every man on this list, they found a much younger spouse to help take care of the kids.

10 Alec Baldwin - 55


Last summer, Alec Baldwin became a dad for a second time. His much younger wife, Hilaria Thomas, gave birth to their daughter Carmen. Since his show, 30 Rock ended in 2013, before the birth of his child, he’s had more time to dedicate to his family, which also includes his daughter with Kim Basinger, Ireland, who’s 19 years old now. Baldwin admitted he made mistakes the first time around parenting, so he’s now focusing on being a better father.

9 David Letterman - 56

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Before becoming a father almost eleven years ago, the talk show host had reservations about having kids at all. “I just thought, when the topic would come up, I can’t do both. I can’t try to have a successful television show and be a father,” he told CBS This Morning, in 2012, “and I was wrong about that — because as difficult as being a father is, it’s entirely complementary with everything else in your life.” David Letterman’s partner for over 25 years (they finally married in 2009), Regina Lasko, gave birth to Harry Letterman in November of 2003, when she was 42. Letterman’s due to retire next year, which will enable him to spend more time with his family.

8 Michael Douglas - 58

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7 Bruce Willis - 59


It’s all daughters for Bruce Willis – five to be exact. Even though he wants a son, time may be running out for the actor to have a male heir. In his early 30s, Willis and then-wife, Demi Moore became parents to Rumer Willis, who’s now in her mid-20s. Two more daughters followed, with their youngest born in 1994. Willis took an almost 20-year break between fathering kids until he married Emma Hemming, five years ago. Since then, they’ve welcomed daughters Mabel (2012) and Evelyn (May of 2014).

6 Paul McCartney - 61


With his first wife, Paul McCartney raised four kids, including his wife's daughter from a previous relationship. A few years after Linda died, he married Heather Mills -- she was 26 years younger than him. They had daughter Beatrice in 2003, when he was 61 years old. At the time, McCartney’s adult children’s ages ranged from late 20s to early 40s. Besides a parent to young Beatrice, he’s also a grandfather to six grandkids, two of whom are older than Beatrice.

5 Jeffrey Tambor - 65


"The Arrested Development" and "Transparent" star has five kids, with four of them having been born since 2009. Tambor’s oldest is close to 40, and his youngest kids just turned five (they’re twins). Tambor, who remarried in 2001, welcomed a son in December 2004 and became a grandfather a few days later. Two years later, again in December, Tambor and his wife had another son. When the twins arrived in the fall of 2009, their brood was finally complete.

4 Hugh Hefner - 66

3 Steve Martin - 67


When comedian Steve Martin became a first-time father at 67, the tabloids were shocked, because they didn't even know his wife was expecting. Martin didn't announce the birth until the winter of 2013, and still hasn't stated the child’s name or gender. In the past few years, Martin’s acting has taken a backseat to his music career, which probably allows him more time to spend with his child. The only thing Martin has said about his family life is he thinks his wife -- who’s over 20 years younger than him -- is a great mother.

2 Charlie Chaplin - 73

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Charlie Chaplin married four times and had 11 children between the years 1919 and 1962. He married his first wife in 1918, and they sadly had a child that died three days after birth. After two more failed marriages, he settled down with Oona O’Neill, who was only 18 years old when they married in 1943 (he was 54 years old). They got busy and became parents to eight kids, born from 1944 to 1962, with the youngest being born when Chaplin was 73. Chaplin died in 1977, but at least he lived long enough to see his youngest child grow into a teenager.

1 Anthony Quinn - 81

When the Mexican actor died at the age of 86 in 2001, he left behind 11 kids. There’s a 55-year difference between Quinn’s youngest child and oldest living child. He fathered his first child in 1939 (it died a couple of years later) and proceeded to have four more kids with his first wife. He divorced her and married Jolanda Addolori, in 1966, and they had three kids. While still married to her, he had a couple of kids in the ‘70s, from an extramarital affair. Then in 1993, he had a daughter with his secretary (he was still married at the time), and in 1996 at the age of 81, he fathered his final child, a son named Ryan. The mother is his former secretary, who was over 40 years younger than him. They eventually married and stayed together until his death.

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