10 Hollywood Beauties Who Are Anti-Plastic Surgery

It takes pure confidence to adhere to your own beauty ideal. In a world where it's so much easier to just go along with the crowd, these 11 women deserve kudos for not being afraid to go against the grain, and define their own standards of beauty. Celebs who very obviously don't fit the mold don't get enough credit for not buckling under the pressures of physical perfection. Their brave example is inspiration to embrace ourselves, and our own so called "flaws." Today more than ever we do need these shining examples in contrast to the plastic surgery obsessed stars who saturate the media, brainwashing young impressionable minds to believe that their insecurity driven mutilations are the standard of beauty.

Constantly being surrounded with magazine images of super human models and celebs with perfectly proportionate, symmetrical features, can cause our self esteems to take a beating. Feelings of inadequacy are easily aroused when we're constantly told that if you don't fit the cookie cutter image, you don't count as beautiful. But when there's only one standard of beauty, eventually everyone tries to meet that standard, only to come out looking like clones of one another. Individuality, uniqueness and confidence are the true mark of beauty, and these fearless women are proof. Below are 10 unconventional beauties who've refused plastic surgery.

10 Gisele Bundchen

Newly retired 34 year old Gisele Bundchen, was once told that she could never have a successful modeling career because her nose was simply too big for her face. The determined young woman went on to become the highest paid supermodel in the world, and never did succumb to the pressures of needing a cute button nose. The Brazilian born beauty of German descent has always had strong features, including her strong nose; referred to in the past as masculine. As the supermodel has matured over the years, she's long grown into her nose, though still noticeable, it's not as prominent as during her teen years. Now a mother of two, the successful, world renown supermodel looks to be aging gracefully, and is estimated to be worth an astronomical $300 million.

9 Barbra Streisand

72 year old living legend Barbra Streisand has countless accolades and achievements to her name. Among her many, the Oscar winning multi-platinum selling songstress is reportedly most proud of never having had a nose job. In an interview with 60 minutes, Barbra admits that as a young aspiring actress, her own mother constantly reminded her of her odd looks, scrawniness, and told her she wasn't pretty enough to ever become a movie star. Needless to say she was way off. Barbra's very distinctly ethnic nose has become her trademark, and her most recognizable feature, apart from her signature angelic voice. TOWIE star Ferne McCann, who made rhinoplasty appointments for years, and then cancelled at the last minute, sites Barbra as a major inspiration saying, "Barbra never changed herself for anyone and neither will I. She’s been criticized throughout her career but has embraced it. I love women who come out saying: 'Screw you, this is how I look – either like it or lump it.'"

8 Lea Michele

Singer and Glee star Leah Michele revealed on Chelsea Lately that a former manager once tried to talk a 13 year old Lea into getting a nose job. The actress candidly expressed, "They were like 'How old are you?' I said 13, they said 'Great, as soon as you turn 15, it's time for a nose job.' We were like 'Okay, we are out of here!' Obviously I didn't get it done. Wherever she is, I mean she can go f*** herself." In one episode of Glee, Santana, played by Naya Rivera refers to Lea's character's nose as "her beak." Much like her idol Barbra Streisand, Lea's nose has become her trademark, and we'll even go so far as to say is likely part of the reason her beautiful singing voice is so resounding and powerful. We couldn't picture her without it, and probably wouldn't be able to recognize her either, much like Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey became virtually unrecognizable after her nose job.

7 Sarah Jessica Parker


While appearing on Watch What Happens Live, Sarah Jessica Parker discussed a false rumor with Andy Cohen about allegations of the Sex and the City star wanting to cosmetically alter her "witch hands." Sarah had this to say exactly, "There was an article about my hands and how ugly they are and how I should go have cosmetic surgery to fix them and I have been contemplating the surgery or I had the surgery," she said. "And then there was a really crude drawing of my hands as a witch's hands. Literally, I was in the car like dizzy. I felt like I needed to be hospitalized. But it really got me to thinking. And here's what I thunk: I thought, 'Really? This is how low?' Like we are now going to attack, to suggest an appendage is now worthy of . . . it was so ridiculous, so outrageous to me because, here's the thing, we'll wrap this up, I love my hands." The actress of Jewish descent has also faced major criticism in the past about her nose being too large, but has been adamant about not going under the knife to alter it and still managed to snag one of the most iconic roles on television as Carrie Bradshaw.

6 Georgia May Jagger

Daughter to rock legend Mick, Georgia May Jagger is eternally grateful to her mother for never forcing her to wear braces to correct a gap between her front teeth. The young woman is quoted as saying, "When I was at school, I wished I could have braces to correct my teeth. I eventually gave up. I’m glad of it today." Georgia, one of today's most sought after models, modelling for Chanel, H&M, Vivienne Westwood and many more, has an edgy and unique look thanks to the gap between her teeth, perfectly suitable for high fashion. The recognizable face of Rimmel cosmetics admits that she's constantly targeted online by cyber bullies who taunt her to get braces, and refer to her as a "buck toothed wh*re." Georgia handles the matter by saying, "People have got to be pretty bored and unhappy to be going around on other people's pages. You've just got to keep your head up and think, 'You know what, I'm not going to bother with that. I'm not going to lower myself to the level of arguing with that.'"

5 Vanessa Paradis

When asked if she's ever considered "fixing" her teeth, French singer, model and actress Vanessa Paradis says, "Why would I fix them? I was born with them. I can spit water through them. They’re useful!” On the topic of plastic surgery to reverse the natural signs of aging, Vanessa asserts that because she doesn't work in America, she doesn't feel any pressure to go under the knife. The unique beauty is best known for her 14 year relationship with movie star Johnny Depp, that ended in 2012 after two children. The two were never married. She addressed their separation in French Elle magazine saying, "Love is the strongest and most fragile thing we have in life. Nothing is ever for sure, but when something in love doesn't work from the beginning, it's never going to work. Don't push it."

4 Kelly Ripa

While the Live! With Kelly and Michael host admits to regular botox injections saying, "Every seven months or so my eyelid skin rests on my eyelashes. So I feel like it makes my makeup artist’s life easier, and it makes my eyes look a little more open on TV, which is where I happen to work right now," Kelly Ripa insists that she will never go under the knife for a breast augmentation. The AA sized Kelly admits to being too much of a "wimp" to go through with it and says, "You know what’s so funny? I used to always think, ‘I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it,’ and then I just started thinking, you know, someone’s got to represent the small girls. I mean, there are a lot of us out there. They’re not making all those small cup sizes just for me. Plus, I would think, why tamper with something? What if something went wrong?”

3 Emma Thompson

Actresses Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz teamed up to create the British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League, making a pact to never get plastic surgery or botox treatments. Whether Kate's looks are the result of good genes or good doctors is still up for debate, but Emma has very obviously remained true to her word and chosen to age gracefully saying, “It’s not a normal thing to do, and the culture that we’ve created that says it’s normal, is not normal.” It's difficult to argue with the very true statement. Emma very honestly adds, "I'm not fiddling about with myself. We're in this awful youth-driven thing now where everybody needs to look 30 at 60."

2 Anna Paquin

True Blood star Anna Paquin says that she's never been bothered by her naturally gapped teeth, and feels that tampering with your looks as an actor limits the jobs you can take. More specifically she says, “Interestingly enough, I don’t really care about my teeth, but I think any woman on this planet could say, ‘I wish my a** was smaller, my arms were thinner and I had green eyes, not brown.’ I think anyone is as critical as they have the energy to self-obsess, but I also know as an actress you are more limited if you interfere with your looks. If you have a whole bunch of work done with your teeth and your face and your boobs then you’re only going to play modern people. That’s a big choice to make. Very limiting.” The Canadian actress admits that she finds it offensive when people bring up her teeth saying, "I find it rude when someone asks me why I never 'fixed' the gap in my teeth!"

1 Salma Hayek

Mexican actress Salma Hayek best describes plastic surgery in an interview with Allure magazine saying, "Plastic surgery is like the uniform of a generation. And it’s not necessarily beautiful. It’s not wrinkled-looking, but it’s not beautiful.” She also adds, "I've never had anything on my face -- I've never had dermabrasion or peels or injections of any kind, nothing. I believe that every woman is entitled to fight to preserve her youth." When asked about her flawless skin, the The Fools Rush In star tells Latina magazine, "I have no Botox. The thought of a needle coming to my forehead, it really gives me the heebie-jeebies. So I’d rather put on my creams. It’s fun, it smells good, and it’s relaxing." Selma launched her own skin, hair and make up line in 2011 called Nuance.

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