10 Hilarious Times Celebs Fell Off Stage

For some reason, it's absolutely hysterical when someone falls down. Especially when it's not you. The best America's Funniest Home Videos are the ones that involve someone totally eating it or hurting themselves. Falling is awkward, unplanned and completely unexpected, making witnesses laugh with genuine amusement (just like a baby). YouTube is filled with so many videos of random people and celebrities falling down that you can literally spend hours laughing.

Before performance night, stars will rehearse for days to make sure they have every note and step down pat. Rehearsals can go swimmingly, but during the actual show you can never know what to expect. Performers just get so caught up in the moment that they overestimate the stage or make a misstep- much to our beguilement. It's all apart of the entertainment you might say. Stage fright is bad enough when you have to perform for an audience of thousands, later being broadcast to tens of millions. Throw in an awkward balance and slight chance at clumsiness in the mix, and it could turn into the most embarrassing moment of your entire life. Hey, at least everyone else will find it funny. Here are 10 of those hilariously embarrassing life moments almost every performer has experienced. Get ready to laugh your a** off for at least the next half an hour just from replaying these hysterical video clips.

10 Busta Rhymes

Okay this one might make you pee your pants. Rapper Busta Rhymes was turning up during his protege O.T. Genasis' concert at Webster Hall last year, and wound up dizzying himself right off the stage after head banging too hard. The 43 year old, who would famously throw his dreadlocks back and forth wildly while performing in his hay days, couldn't quite handle it this time around. Now bald, Busta landed head first into the crowd. The fall itself and what caused it, absolutely hilarious, but the outcome wasn't so funny. With no dreads to break his fall, the Touch It rapper suffered a nasty gash at the top of his dreadless head which required stitches. Thankfully the rapper turned out okay, Tweeting this to assure his fans, "I SALUTE ALL CALLS FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS MAKIN’ SURE I’M GOOD. JUST 4 THE RECORD I’M SUPER GOOD!! WHEN U LOVE WHAT U DO AND UR PASSIONATE ABOUT WINNING U GO HARD!!! WE DONE FELL OFF STAGES AND BROKE LIMBS WHILE PERFORMING AND KEPT GONG!!! WE STAY ON LEVEL 10. WE ALWAYS WILL BE ON 10!! WE JUST TOOK 1 STEP 2 FAR OFF THE STAGE AND THAT WAS IT!! SHIT HAPPENS BUT I LOVE IT CAUSE WE LIVE IT!!"

9 Harry Styles

In 2013, an audience member had perfect aim when they nailed Harry Styles right in the baby maker with a shoe. In the clip, you can see that the first shoe is thrown landing on stage and Harry picks it up. The second shoe gets thrown and Harry isn't so lucky, this time landing dead on his private part. The pervy perp, who later identified herself as 14 year old Jane Anderson, fessed up on Twitter, Tweeting, "Harry Styles I'm the one that threw my shoe at you, I never meant to hurt you. Feel sooo ill now. and the police were telling me that I committed a criminal assault and that I could've killed him hahahhaa." When are millennial groupies gonna learn? You bring spare underwear to throw at concerts, not spare shoes!

8 Madonna

Many speculate that Madonna's dramatic fall during this year's Brit Awards was a strategic little stunt orchestrated to get as much publicity as possible for her new album, Rebel Heart. If that were the case, you'd have to hand it to the pop legend for forgetting- as she often does- that she's 56 now, and really shouldn't be taking dangerous risks like that. Then again with more money than god, Madonna can buy her and each and every one of us hip replacements a million times over. The incident, staged or not is still laugh inducing. The singer insists it was no stunt, claiming to have suffered from whiplash after hitting her head and says, "The universe was trying to teach me a lesson, I guess." After the performance, Madonna took to Instagram posting, "Armani hooked me up! My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine! #livingforlove."

7 Will Smith

While preparing to accept an MTV award, the hilarious Will Smith, who looks utterly exhausted in the clip, falls down on his way up the stage. You can tell it was the vigorous head bang two seconds prior that caused his dizziness just before he climbed the stage. It's always so funny to hear the helpless screams of onlookers when celebs unexpectedly fall. The charming actor playfully runs away almost in a state of confusion after the incident then hurries back to the podium. Ever the likeable personality, Will plays off the embarassment exactly how you'd expect him to. By making you laugh some more.

6 Dizzee Rascal

Back in 2009, British rapper Dizzee Rascal had a hilarious epic fail when he lost sight of the speaker ahead of him on stage, tripping over it head first and accidentally swan diving into the crowd. The performance was held at the University of Kenton in Canterbury. The nearly unlucky camera-fan who caught it all directly might have broken the MC's fall if he were just half a foot closer. The little known rapper thankfully suffered no injuries and was immediately assisted back on to the stage to finish the song.

5 Lady Gaga

Most performers will tell you that falling while on stage is so inevitable, it's practically a rite of passage. It happens more often than not, even to the best of them. Especially to the best of them. Lady Gaga can attest to this most of all perhaps. The Bad Romance singer who is quite prone to losing her balance during a performance, thanks to her high energy and crazy antics, has several of her falls documented on YouTube. The clip above is the funniest out of all. Lady G is performing Poker Face when a quick hair spin throws her off balance after causing slight dizziness. The singer tries skipping forward after the head move and immediately makes a clumsy misstep, tripping awkwardly over a coat she'd thrown off earlier in the performance. Pretty funny to see the security guard grab the coat off the stage with a quickness right after the fall.

4 Olly Murs

While performing a cover of Signed, Sealed, Delivered, at Guilefest, X Factor singer Olly Murs takes a hard-not-to-laugh-at tumble down a flight of stairs mid-chorus. The concert took place in July during a rainy week, resulting in water leaking from the ceiling and soaking the stairs. In the clip, you can see Olly desperately holding on to the rails for dear life while going down. Likely headed down the stairs in the first place to meet and mingle with fans in the audience, the lyrics he was singing while on his way were, "here I am baby, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours." A speedy delivery indeed.

3 Iggy Azalea

While performing Fancy at the 2014 pre-VMA show, rapper Iggy Azalea overestimated the amount of stage floor available to her, and she eats it pretty hard mid verse. You can't help but laugh at the accident and the panicked reaction from fans. Security quickly rushed to the rapper's side assisting her back on stage. The Aussie rapper later blamed Jennifer Lopez for her fall telling Entertainment Tonight, that Jlo jinxed her. According to Iggy, "We did a show together...and my microphone wasn't switched on. And I said, 'At least I didn't fall over,' and she said, 'It'll happen to you one day.'" Iggy reportedly felt blessed that she hadn't broken her legs, and even posted the video on her Instagram captioning it, "Sorry but it would be a crime not to share this with you all, I know I laughed," she wrote. "#StillFinishedtheSongTho #KeptOnRapping #TheShowMustGoOn."

2 U2 Guitarist The Edge

While beginning their worldwide Innocence + Experience tour last week, U2 member The Edge, ironically fell off his namesake during a performance of What I'm Looking For. Sure is a good thing his name isn't The Cliff. When asked about the incident the guitarist responded, "It was a moment of reverie where I just completely lost track of where I was on the stage. It would've been the shortest tour in history." The fall happened on opening night in Vancouver, BC. One hilarious YouTube comment reads: "I wonder did he find what he was looking for down there." While on the ground, The Edge continued singing the chorus into his headset microphone. Confirming he hadn't found what he was looking for. At the end of the concert, Bono carefully escorted The Edge off of the stage. Mocking his friend by putting his arm around him and saying, "I think, we should walk with the Edge."

1 Beyonce

We hesitated to include this one on the list for deep fear of the Beyhive going on the attack. Beyonce's tumble during a concert in Florida was one of the absolute funniest falls had by any celeb. After a dizzying hair spin, Beyonce runs down a flight of stairs a little too quickly losing her balance, which resulted in a somersault down the flight of stairs. It happened so quickly her life must've flashed before her eyes. The fall made headlines for a few weeks in 2007, and reporters asked the singer about it nonstop. As Beyonce explains it to CNN, "My heel actually got caught in the back of my coat because I had a really long coat, and I fell head first. I hit my chin, I really was bruised up. It went by so fast I just kept thinking 'you better get up' ... and whenever I do something like that, I always perform really really hard because it makes me mad at myself so I just go crazy. So they got a really good show in the end."

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