10 Hilarious Times Celebrities Didn't Take Themselves Too Seriously

We live in a time where people are obsessed with the idea of "celebrity." The problem is, people focus on the downfalls of the people they claim to admire so much, rather than the things they should be remembered and appreciated for. I hate the fact that members of Geordie Shore (if you're English like me) or Keeping Up With The Kardashians (for my friends across the pond) can fall drunkenly through the streets or take naked photos of themselves and are almost celebrated for it. On the other hand, when a film star has private photos stolen from them and shared with the world or a musician has a low point and finds themselves drunk beyond comprehension, they are a social pariah. Across articles and newspapers people are aiming to cut down celebrities. South Park even did an entire episode on it. Surely it's wrong to expect people to live their lives by stringent and boring rules set by the mob mentality of the public?

Well, I am here to celebrate the people who not only make our lives better by the things they create, but who also enjoy poking fun at themselves when we least expect it. In an age of social media and a stream of talk shows, it is easy for celebrities to share their lives with their fans. Sometimes they even reveal the biggest secret they have; they are actually human and they have a sense of humour about themselves. Here are ten times celebrities showed that they could not care less about what the media had to say and made us smile.

10 James Blunt's Twitter Feed

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9 Natalie Portman's Rap

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The Lonely Island are well known for bringing out the best in a long and varied list of celebrities. From Michael Bolton to T-Pain, their brilliant mix of songs have shone a different light on stars from music and film. None though, was more of a surprise than a foul mouthed rap by Black Swan actress Natalie Portman. During the tirade, Natalie admits her love for weed, defecating on faces and kicking the life out of dogs. Obviously, these aren't her actual life choices as she is, by all accounts, a nice person. For an actress who is a household name, this is such a rarity. Particularly with the content of the song! All this said, I think I'd give her a wide birth in the street... Just in case!

8 Ryan Gosling: Knife Guys

We all know Will Ferrell is a comedy genius (and if you disagree... you're wrong!), but Ryan Gosling is lesser known for his comedy prowess. With credits in films like Gangster Squad, The Notebook and Drive, he is known for his capability as a serious and often charming actor (and, yes, there's a hint of man-crush there!). During Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ryan and Will come out to present their fictional knife infomercial "Knife Guys." Gosling struggles on a number of occasions to save face along side Ferrell but this skit seriously shows that Ryan Gosling is happy to just enjoy his time in the spotlight. Ryan Gosling stars in The Nice Guys that is out now, where he will further demonstrate his comedy skills.

7 Robert Pattinson's Hatred For Twilight

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Twilight has a very specific fan base and one person that certainly doesn't fall into that category is the star of the film, Robert Pattinson. You will very rarely see one of the main actors in a film not just criticize the movie but actively hate everything about it. In a number of interviews Edward Cullen himself has laughed about the plot of the film and the characters. The best quote has to be when an interviewer asked if Pattinson had taken anything from the set once filming had finished. Without a hint of irony he replies "My dignity." He joins a large group of us that really don't get the glittering vampire appeal. There's even an entire tumblr page dedicated to how much he hated his role in the franchise.

6 P. Diddy In Get Him To The Greek

When you think about people like Kanye West, it is apparent that of all people, rap stars are often the last people you see poking fun at themselves (although there is one more on this list!). In recent years, however, Sean Combs AKA P. Diddy, has shown that he has a real sense of humour. He has taken part in Lonely Island video "Go Kindergarten" alongside the hilarious Paul Rudd and starred as a church gardener in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. However, it is his role in Get Him To The Greek as record producer Sergio that gets him on this list. P. Diddy is brilliantly funny throughout the film and was a bit of a highlight because it was so unexpected. One crowning moment in the movie is P. Diddy high on drugs, stroking the furry wall. If you haven't seen it and have no clue what I'm talking about, I'd advise going and watching it now. This list will still be here by the time you've finished. Enjoy the film!

5 Patrick Stewart's Numerous Appearances With Seth Macfarlane

4 Justin Timberlake Taking Us Through Rap History With Jimmy Fallon

Think about the grief that was given to Justin Timberlake because of his N*Sync days. That hair cut. The "It's gonna be may" meme. Well, he's grown out of all that now and is no stranger to having a laugh. Like a few on this list, he has appeared on a number of Lonely Island tracks and was brilliantly funny in the least rom-com romantic comedy Friends With Benefits. He has proven that he is a multi-faceted performer. There's no question he can sing, dance and act. He has also proven that he can rap. There are a number of great examples, but this best displays his skills for both humour and rap (hence the dodgy choice of video). His impression of Beastie Boys' Mike D is frighteningly good. He is one celebrity who seems to understand how much he can really enjoy his time at the top.

3 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: And We Danced

2 Kristen Bell's Sloth Breakdown

If something embarrassing happens in a celebrity's life, they will do anything to cover it over. Some even take out court injunctions to ensure that no-one can even talk about what went on. So when Kristen Bell broke down on her birthday, you would imagine it would be because of some traumatic experience and that she wouldn't want to share it with anybody. If you thought either of those things, you'd be wrong. Kristen's boyfriend Dax brought a sloth into the house for her birthday party and she lost it. She then went onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show and not only described the ordeal in full but shared footage of the incident. Bell was so honest and funny about the situation is wonderful to watch. The brilliant thing about this is, in the video she is clearly in a bad way and with the amount of celebrities criticized for the way they look when they're caught off guard, it just shows Kristen Bell couldn't care less!

1 I'm F*cking Matt Damon... And Ben Affleck

Where do you start with this? Well let's look at the celebrities involved. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have had a history of acting together and have had some brilliant comedy roles, particularly as the angels who lost their way in Dogma. That seems so long ago and, since then, both Ben and Matt have had some sensational dramatic roles. In between Good Will Hunting and The Bourne Ultimatum, Jimmy Kimmel had invited Matt Damon onto his show a number of times but was always cut short before the interview ever happened. Which is when this whole fiasco ensued. If there has ever been a brilliant example of celebrities having a sense of humour, this is it. Pulled into the video are a number of celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle and crooner Josh Groban.

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