10 Greatest Adult Movie Parody Trailers Of All Time

best adult parody trailers

A great trailer is sometimes better than the movie, and a great parody trailer is sometimes better than the actual movie's trailer. Do you know what is even better? That's right, a great adult movie parody trailer.

Popularity (number of views) is important, but so is humor and direction. Plus, if you throw in a “from a land far away” voiceover, that’s getting you bonus points. A good title is always important with adult movies, and in the rare case that you can play off the original name, or don’t even have to change it, again you are getting serious bonus points. Also, superheroes - yeah, they are popular even in the world of adult movie parody trailers.

Honorable mentions include Bonny and Clyde, This isn’t Twilight, Clerks and The Breakfast Club. All have had trailers. Super honorable mention goes to The Big Lebowski; it’s magic when you don’t even have to change the name of your movie, although I think I would have gone with The Really Big Lebowski - just saying. Also, Guardians of The Galaxy is a very strange trailer with sex toys that grow and even a Tony Danza reference (extra points).

We’ve got old-school movies, horror movies and yes, plenty of superheroes represented. These are the top 10 adult movie parody trailers of all time.

10 The Dark Knight Rises

Obviously, good title. Also, Batman appears to be into some hardcore S&M-type play. Batman works well with an adult parody because he’s mysterious, but also just rich guy Bruce Wayne. He can play the rough-rider at night and sensitive millionaire during the day (and early mornings). Also, he’s got a cool butler that won’t say a word and cleans up after all the rough sex. The Joker is also here and well, he’s very much what you would expect from The Joker. The line “I guess she took two in the back” is classic Joker and classic adult movie parody humor.

9 Cinderella

This is a movie made for adult parody. You have a stepmother and wicked stepsisters making Cinderella scrub floors. That could be reality, but also works as a metaphor, the beauty of a movie trailer. Obviously, sisters make it really hot. You do know what they say about sisters, right? No? Well, then you haven’t really watched a lot of adult movies because sisters = lesbians. With Cinderella you also have the revenge factor mixed right into the plot. So you’ve got a stepmother, sisters and revenge sex. Man, I really hope this trailer got the green light.

8 Star Wars XXX

The possibilities for Star Wars adult movie parodies are endless. Remember Space Balls? That wasn’t even an adult movie, but it was amazing for both casual and intense fans of the series. You have lightsaber fights, a galaxy far, far away and of course, Princess Leia. This adult movie parody works for everyone and probably brings Comic Con views on a nightly basis. Don’t forget the whole Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader angle, I mean you could even work in the “I’m your father” line if you really want to get nasty. Honestly, I’d just like to write the lightsaber scenes and yes, that’s exactly where I’m headed with that.

7 Superman vs. Spider-Man

This is an excellent trailer that tells the story of a doomed city. A doomed city that can be saved by lots and lots of sex. After all, if that’s the only way you can save a city, you have to do what you have to do. The only problem here is that Spider-Man is such a sensitive guy while Superman is much more forward and confident. I picture the movie being 90 minutes of Spider-Man trying to hook up while Superman slams everyone in sight. If the “versus” part of this movie is number of women they sleep with, this movie could get ugly. I predict Superman 5,356 women, Spider-Man 1.

6 Paranormal Activity

Another movie that doesn’t need to embellish a title to make it “adult movie” approved, Paranormal Activity is really made to be an adult parody. The movie is based on old video footage – perfect! The trailer is really just lots of beds and people getting it on and videotaping their adventures between (or on top of) the sheets. Were they using VCR tapes or digital? Doesn’t matter, I guess. After all, who hasn’t made a homemade adult movie? I made one last night. Too much information? Sorry, I guess I was just trying to say that despite being a parody, this may be more believable than the actual movie.

5 Game of Bones

Very pop relevant and a classic great adult movie name. Also, we have to give many bonus points for the list of “actors” starring in this movie; a who’s who of adult movies stars. You have Winter Cumming and Tommy Pistol to start. Don’t even argue those names, they are the best! Obviously being very pop culture relevant also works in their favor with those who watch television - plus the old-school costumes, that’s always fun. It’s a period piece with a story. I mean, you can set a whole scene around some of that armor. More of these trailers/movies need a plot/story. That’s a major need.

4 The Avengers

What’s better than an adult movie trailer parody about a super band of superheroes? When you put together a band of super adult movie stars, pairing the biggest superheroes with famous “actors” such as Lexington Steele and Lexi Swallow, a couple of heavy hitters (yes, pun intended) in the industry. For whatever reason (probably the late night Comic Con surfing crowd), these trailers are really popular. The question I have with The Avengers is screen time. There are a lot of big “actors” in the trailer, do they all just get one scene in the movie? I don’t know why this bothers me, but I’m hoping they all “get together” in the end for one final act!

3 Superman XXX

This is easily one of the best trailers I have ever viewed. Let’s start with the flying penis. Yes, there’s a flying penis and Superman is apparently the only one who can stop it from destroying the Earth. That’s not the best part of the trailer, though. No, that would be Superman using his X-ray vision to check out the girls. You know how we all fantasize about being Superman and flying around and how that would be awesome? By day three we would be bored and totally using X-ray vision to see what’s going on and slamming every girl we meet. Apparently this trailer really hit a spot for me…

2 Batman V Superman XXX

Classic director Axel Braun is going for laughs here, but yet still keeps it dark. This particular trailer has blown up online (a million-plus views) and it probably has something to do with our culture's obsession with superheroes, humor and adult movies. The Batman V Superman trailer is a work of art and really hits the trifecta! The trailer showcases a very strange Joker girl, or maybe she’s just a super slut; either way she’s definitely down for a threesome with Superman and Batman. Question: What is Superman’s kryptonite in these movies? Has to be whiskey, right? Yeah, it’s always whiskey.

1 Pron

This one isn’t new, but it’s still popular. Featuring Ron Jeremy, Pron is a futuristic spaceship movie/trailer that puts him in the vicinity of many beautiful girls that don’t know what to do with him. The scenes result in a lot of double entendre jokes related to the size of Jeremy’s member. My guess is that in the actual movie it results in a lot more, uh, movie action. There’s a lot of hair (mostly Jeremy’s), a skin tight costume and jokes about being inside a computer. It’s uncanny how young Ron Jeremy looks like a Jon Lovitz. Poor Lovitz, always the butt of the jokes, but never the giant penis jokes.

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