10 Former Celebrity Mistresses Turned Wealthy

Celebs will never learn to keep their private affairs a secret. But can you really blame them? If you are going to cheat on your partner, you should be aware of the consequences you will face when the story comes out, and the outcome will be anything but positive. It has become very common for celebrity mistresses to come forward and admit to having had affairs with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but no mistress has done it quite as well as these ten women have done it. From launching their own clothing lines to signing a $12 million book deal to dish the dirt on one's romantic relationship with a married man -- these ten women have idolized the idea that being a mistress can get you plenty of things, just as long as you play your cards right. And it goes without question that they have played the game very well. See below for the 10 former celebrity mistresses who have become super wealthy thanks to their affairs with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

10 Rachel Uchitel


Rachel Uchitel was one of the first women confirmed to have had an ongoing affair with Tiger Woods when the scandal first broke in 2009. Rachel now sees herself in a completely different light, however, having experienced so many new things since her life with Tiger came to an end. She has appeared on numerous reality shows, she opened a boutique, she reportedly received a settlement from Woods for talking further on their affair, indulged on paid interviews, and still manages to live up to a lavish lifestyle. She’s done pretty well for herself, we’d say.

9 Monica Lewinsky

With Hillary Clinton running for the presidency, Monica Lewinsky has all of a sudden jumped back into the limelight — and the timing seems odd. Having undergone several interviews since early 2015 (paid, of course) Monica has hashed up the stories about her secret fling with Bill Clinton once more, causing a huge interest from other news outlets. Never rule her out as being poor, because according to a report from the New York Post, Monica signed a huge book deal that will see her book expose some juicy secrets. She made a whopping $12 million from the memoir she is poised to unveil. Meanwhile, her ‘DNA-stained’ blue dress is wanted by an American museum, who are willing to splash $1 million for the infamous piece of clothing. Monica is doing very well financially.

8 Michelle McGee


Michelle McGee is the woman who many may remember as the alleged mistress who broke up Sandra Bullock’s relationship with Jesse James — or shall we say, one of the mistresses. McGee, who embarked on a supposed fling that lasted for months on end, would go on and become the face of Ashley Madison, a website that supports married men who wanted to cheat on their partners. The site was recently shamed after its hack scandal exposed some celebrity men who were signed up to the internet service. McGee has since distanced herself from the company, but at the same time has made a fortune for her role with the company.

7 Joseline Hernandez


Joseline Hernandez was just another stripper in Atlanta when Stevie J was introduced to her between 2011-2012. The music mogul was approached to star on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, where Hernandez just seemingly managed to get herself some screen time as her friendship with Stevie continued to blossom. Mind you, Stevie was still with his longtime girlfriend Mimi Faustat the time. Of course, that soon ended when Joseline’s presence overshadowed Mimi, who would end up leaving Stevie so he could be with Hernandez. The former stripper is now jump-starting her music career with the producer, having already landed her forthcoming reality show spin-off, due to air sometime in 2016.

6 Karrine Steffans


Karrine Steffans is one of the most infamous mistresses of all-time. According to Karrine herself, she has slept with almost the entire urban celebrity group, including those that were married, those that were expecting children with their wives, amongst others. Having unveiled her infamous book Confessions of a Video Vixen, in 2005, the self-proclaimed “Superhead” is still known to receive thousands of dollars in hush money. The cash she’s still receiving for being an independent full-time mistress is enough to support her extravagant lifestyle.

5 Jasmine Waltz


Jasmine Waltz’s name should ring a bell. She was the woman who was having an affair with David Arquette while he was still legally married to Courteney Cox, who shares a daughter with him. It’s quite sickening to think that David would hook up with Jasmine while his wife is at home taking care of their child, but Waltz didn’t care. She continues to brag about her time with David, having even been booked to star in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother in 2013, where “celebrities” are known to make between $70,000-$150,000 for their three-week run on the program. They say she’s now doing a lot of internet modeling for online stores.

4 Nia Guzman


Nia Guzman is most known for having conceived Chris Brown’s child when nobody else did. It’s funny because Chris had Rihanna and then he had Karrueche Tran, but ended up having a child with the woman nobody even knew he had a fling with. So, while Chris was with Karrueche, he hooked up with Nia, and they had Royalty together. Guzman was said to have been receiving $25,000 in child support for some time until Chris demanded a judge to reduce the huge payout, seeing that he’s a present father to his daughter. The whole thing is still undergoing, but even if the cut gets slashed, Nia is already lined up to star in a reality show. And furthermore, it’s believed that she is living in a house that Chris paid for, so she’s living pretty comfortably by the look of things.

3 Christine Ouzounian


Christine Ouzounian is the nanny who went from being Jennifer Garner’s nanny, to allegedly sleeping with her husband Ben Affleck. Christine was fired from her duties as the family’s nanny just one week after the couple announced their divorce to the world, which already left people buzzing. It’s alleged that Christine and Ben had an ongoing affair, but Jennifer will not let her former nanny spill the beans and has therefore made Ouzounian sign a gag order. Garner is said to have given Christine enough money to settle the matter in private, fire her from her job and let her move on with her life. This would make perfect sense, since the disgraced nanny recently bought herself a brand new Lexus before flying to a secret location in a private jet.

2 Jessica Burciaga


Jessica Burciaga was famously linked to Kobe Bryant in 2011, right around the time the athlete was said to have been dumped by his wife Vanessa Laine. The basketball player’s wife is said to have put up with a lot of cheating scandals over the years — ones that she knows are true — and the alleged affair with Jessica was her last straw. Despite having filed for divorce, Vanessa ended up forgiving Kobe, but Jessica was the one who really benefited from the cheating fiasco. She has since become an online Instagram model, making thousands of dollars promoting healthy products we all know she doesn’t use. She has 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and according to reports, you can make up to $15,000 just to publish the company’s products.

1 Latosha Lee


Latosha Lee hasn’t really done much since her alleged affairs with Shaquille O’Neal and Damien Wilkins, two NBA players who were said to have been seeing her at the same time. Shaq was said to have fallen in love with her but was stunned to learn the supposed fact that Latosha had conceived Damien’s baby, and their relationship instantly fell flat. One can only imagine how much money Lee must be making from the child support payments she is getting from Wilkins.

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