10 Film Mistakes You Won't Believe Directors Missed

It takes a lot of people to make a movie. Whether a movie is an instant success or a failed flop, you can always be assured that many people had a hand in making the film one way or another. Because so many people are involved in making a movie, mistakes are bound to happen. Some of these mistakes are small and will most likely never be noticed by audience members of the movie. Other mistakes are a bit more glaring and others still are just unforgivable. These are the kind of mistakes that have you wondering how in the world nobody could have caught it. Some of these mistakes have become almost as famous as the movie itself. Spurring on fan theories as to why the director let such a thing happen when in actuality it was probably just a case of nobody realizing the mistake until it was too late to change anything. Whatever the stories are behind these mistakes, below is a list of ten movie mistakes that you will not believe made it to the big screen. All of these mistakes will continue to live on in infamy as some of the worst movie mistakes of all time.

10 North by Northwest (1959) 


In Alfred Hitchcock’s film North by Northwest, an extra in the audience seems to know exactly what is coming before it actually happens. The now infamous scene takes place in a cafeteria when Eve threatens Roger with a gun and eventually shoots him. Even though in the scene, the kid would have clearly not been able to see Eve holding the gun, the kid still seems to know exactly what’s coming and covers his ears before the shot takes place. The most obvious reasoning behind this is that the scene had been practiced a few times so the boy already knew how to prepare himself for the noise. One thing is sure, Hitchcock would not be proud.

9 Teen Wolf (1985) 


As we have already seen on this list, using extras can lead to some outrageous mistakes in movies. This was most definitely true in the movie Teen Wolf. The scene in question takes place at the end of the film when Michael J. Fox is in the midst of a cheering crowd. However one extra went a bit overboard. Apparently the extra thought it was a good idea to have her pants undone while filming. After the extra realizes that for some reason she has her pants undone she tries to cover herself up, but unfortunately the damage had already been done.

8 Independence Day (1996)

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In the 1996 film Independence Day, the art department made a bit of a mistake when they left one of their things out on set. In a scene of the movie where David is drunk and complaining about the world in Area 51, he accidentally knocks over a trashcan that is labeled with the words, 'Art Dept'. We're thinking that Area 51 did not have a super secret section called Art Dept, which means that the real art department probably left one of their trash bins on set and that trash bin managed to make it onto the big screen.

7 Pulp Fiction (1994) 


6 Django Unchained (2012) 

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There were a number of mistakes committed in the popular movie Django Unchained. For instance; Dr. Schultz says the word malarkey in conversation even though the word wasn’t invented until 1858, when Dr. Shultz pays with $1000 bills even though they weren’t created until 1861, and the fact that Django blows up Candyland using dynamite even though dynamite wouldn’t be invented for another six years. However, one of the more obvious mistakes is the pair of sunglasses that Django wears throughout the movie. Sunglasses weren’t introduced into the U.S until 1929, which is years after the movie is supposedly set.

5 Commando (1985) 

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The film Commando starring the former governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, is another movie that contains so many mistakes that it’s hard to keep track of them all. One of the biggest mistakes occurs in a scene after John Matrix’s Porsche had been badly damaged. However, luckily for John and all the Porsche lovers out there, the car seems to posses the ability to magically repair itself when it appears in the next scene with barely a scratch on it. If only all of our cars had the power to fix themselves within a matter of seconds, life would be so much simpler.

4 Gladiator (2000) 

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The gas canister that appears in the movie Gladiator, is yet another infamous movie mistake on this list that still has people scratching their heads as to how nobody could have noticed such a glaring error. The mistake occurs at the Battle of Carthage, when a chariot hits a wall and flips over. But this chariot reveals a bit more than it was supposed to. When it flips over, a gas canister can be seen, which for a moment breaks the illusion that the movie had created for its viewers. We’re pretty sure that gas canisters weren’t a common occurrence during the Roman Empire.

3 Jurassic Park (1993) 

Like many of the movies on this list, Jurassic Park is another beloved movie that is riddled with errors. One of the most head scratching errors that occurs in the movie is when Dennis Nedry is supposedly live chatting with this friend on a live computer feed. There’s just one small problem, audiences can clearly see that Dennis is talking to a pre-recorded video instead of his friend. You can see this mistake and many others that occur in the film on the YouTube video above. Maybe the next Jurassic Park will be a little more careful this time around.

2 The Goonies (1985) 

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The mistake that occurs at the end of The Goonies is so odd because it could have so easily been avoided. At the end of the film, Data tells a reporter that the scariest part of his adventure was when he had to battle a giant octopus. There’s just one tiny issue with Data’s statement, the octopus scene was originally cut from the theatrical release of the movie, making Data’s comment seem a bit out of place. In fact, the scene with the octopus wasn’t shown to the public until the 1990’s, when the Disney Channel started airing the movie. So luckily the mistake isn’t as glaring today as it was back then.

1 Braveheart (1995) 

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The white van that appears in a number of scenes in Braveheart is one of the most infamous movie mistakes of all time. The mistake is so infamous because it doesn’t just happen once, but occurs in a multitude of scenes. The white van can be seen at Murron’s funeral, and in the background of a number of different battlefield scenes. The numerous sightings of the white vans have led some to believe that the mistake couldn’t have been purely accidental, which has led to some fan theories as to its meaning. Whatever the motive may be behind this mistake, somebody probably should have been paying a bit closer attention to the background while filming.

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