10 Famous Women You Didn't Know Batted For Both Teams

Some celebrities like to make a big bang to let the world know they are comfortable announcing their sexuality. But some are quite subtle, you wouldn't notice! Most of these female stars avoid the bulk of the media and usually come out either at smaller events and interviews or suddenly appear with a girlfriend in the spotlight. As our society grows more and more liberal, it is much easier for stars now to come out of the closet and deal with less negativity than the previous decades. Yay for LGBT rights. Since celebrities like Ellen Degeneres came out publicly in the late 1990s and fought criticism, many other famous women have followed in her footsteps.

Whether it be having a current girlfriend, admitting to dating women in the past or discovering their sexuality during their careers, all these female stars have in common is that they are either bisexual, lesbian or self-labelled. Sometimes their sexuality and their experiences related to it contribute to their work through film or music, whether you noticed it or not. The surprising thing is, some of these actresses played mostly straight characters or are married to men! Did you have any idea that these famous women had already come out?

10 Lindsay Lohan

Actress Linday Lohan is definitely a name that is infamously ever-present on tabloids in the last couple of decades. Drugs, alcoholism and inappropriate affairs, Lindsay’s been caught with almost every scandal. Or has she?

In 2014, Lindsay publicly admitted she preferred women over men, but when it came to sex, men were her favourite! It seems Lindsay means that when it comes to romance in relationships, she believes that women fare better, despite the many boyfriends she has had. It does make sense, in a way. She has dated DJ Samantha Ronson and considers their relationship to have been a very serious one. All in all, Lindsay prefers not to take a label, and insists she likes who she likes, and that everyone should have the right to do so. When asked if she was bisexual, Linday simply said, “Maybe.”

9 Marilyn Monroe

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The queen of sex icons, especially during the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe or Norma Jean Mortenson, was known for the string of affairs and her highly sexualized lifestyle. Not many women could say they had had relations with President Kennedy. But her carefree sexual lifestyle not only involved men but also women. These included relations with famous actresses such as Marlene Dietrich and Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland, and that’s not even getting to the list of rumoured female affairs. One would think that if Marilyn survived until today, that she would have been more open about her sexuality, in a steep contrast to the mindset of the society she had been in.

8 Ke$ha

With Ke$ha’s name popping up all over everyone’s news feed nowadays regarding her court battle against Sony and her record contract, the singer-songwriter’s relationships seem to have been missed in the limelight for a while. All the way in 2013, Kesha readily revealed she was bisexual to Seventeen magazine, since she was more attracted to personality rather than gender. Which is a good outlook for many when it comes to relationships. Kesha claims she simply ‘likes people’- fair enough! Though she has been seen apparently taking many pretty women to dates, there has been no official girlfriend name set in stone. Ke$ha is a pro at keeping it private.

7 Fergie

Fergie’s one of the fabulous veterans, for sure. She’s been out since 2009, and that is fine and well with her hubby Josh Duhamel. Unlike many others, Fergie believes male or female, cheating isn’t okay, and has remained loyal to her husband, despite rumours of him cheating on her in the past. Fergie has a particular liking though, she loves well-endowed men, so it would be safe to say she favours guys! Unlike many others, Fergie’s sexuality does not clash with her religious influences as she is still a devout Catholic along with Josh. They even married in a Catholic ceremony and regularly attend church.

6 Anna Paquin

Anna is an all-time favourite. We know her as the ass-kicking Sookie and all-powerful Rogue, among many other great heroines. Anna announced to the world that she was bisexual in 2010 in an interview with Zooey magazine, believing that when it comes to gay rights, bisexuals also matter. She dislikes how bisexuals are often brushed aside or judged to have an easier experience than gay people. Like plenty of celebrities, Anna freely uses her fame to fight for LGBT causes and give bisexual people a voice within the community. She is lucky, with an accepting husband like Stephen Moyer and their adorable twins, 4-year olds Poppy and Charlie.

5 Snooki

Really? One of the hottest and most orange of all Jersey Shore girls, Snooki has admitted to be batting for both teams in 2012. Having experimented on women, Snooki has stated she was not closed to the possibility of having fun with women, and not just men. However, it doesn’t seem to be something that would happen soon. In a complete contrast to her Shore persona, Snooki has settled down, marrying her co-star from reality show Snooki and J-WOWW, Jionni Lavalle. Snooki is now a dedicated mama with two little ones, her son Lorenzo and daughter Giovanna. If any of her children grew up and confessed that they were gay, Snooki happily stated that she would just be as loving and accepting.

4 Cynthia Nixon

We all know her as the feisty and often pessimistic lawyer Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the City, and true to the show, Cynthia is not shy about her sexuality. Like Anna Paquin, Cynthia knows of the bias against bisexuals in the LGBT community and staunchly prefers to not classify herself as one. Cynthia sparked some controversy and outrage when she mentioned that she ‘chose’ to be in a gay relationship with her current spouse, Christine Marinoni, whom she has one son with. But later on, Cynthia clarified that to be bisexual is a fact, and to engage in a same-sex relationship was a choice. Misunderstandings can get nasty, but she meant well!

3 Christina Aguilera

Shocking? Christina Aguilera seems to be one of those celebrities whose sexuality is unclear and still hotly debated. Rumours and reports regarding her marriage and relationships are always polar opposites. In 2010, apparently Christina and her then husband John Bratman divorced due to her ‘lesbian tendencies’, but some claim that their marriage was open and that Christina did no wrong. Then there was the question of whether she dated DJ Samantha Ronson…or not. Plus the unforgettable concert girl-on-girl kisses with Madonna and references to lesbian relations in the lyrics of her song Not Myself Tonight- ‘I’m kissing all the girls’. But one thing is certain, Christina, despite being attracted to women as well is ready to walk down the aisle again with another man. That man is her fiancé Matthew Rutler, who she met on set from her movie Burlesque. They already have a baby daughter, Summer, who is nearly two years old.

2 Drew Barrymore

Even earlier than Fergie, Drew was comfortable enough to admit that she was bisexual all the way in 2003. The Hollywood sweetheart has had numerous affairs with women and has been previously married to men twice. Some of her alleged lovers include Jane magazine’s editor Jane Pratt, as well as starlet Ellen Page. They starred together in the film Whip It, and during that time, Drew was reported to be absolutely besotted with Ellen. They had nearly become a celebrity couple, save for the problem that Ellen was not ready to come out yet. Now married to art consultant Will Kopelman since 2012, they have had two daughters since, Olive and Frankie. Drew has settled into the family life, which seems to be the appealing trend for female stars who have had their share of experiences with one or both genders.

1 Sia

The elusive singer, who is well-known for mysteriously obscuring her face in music videos, surprisingly is one of the many public faces among LGBT celebs. She has been featured on the Advocate as an ‘out’ gay performer, and is one of the most influential Australian lesbian and gay figures according to website Same Same. Sia openly revealed that she had dated both boys and girls, with one of her female exes being fellow musician JD Samson. Not long after, Sia was tying the knot with her current husband, filmmaker Erik Lang in 2014. Sia is still passionate about gay rights, and was infuriated when politician Sarah Palin used her song Titanium at a conference where she had preached an anti-gay message. Palin was defending reality star Phil Roberston from Duck Dynasty who had received backlash for comparing bestiality to homosexuality, and Sia was quick to announce that she disapproved of and did not support Sarah Palin at all. Go Sia!


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