10 Ridiculous Celebrity Fails

America loves fails caught on camera and posted on popular websites such as YouTube.com for us to watch and laugh. More specifically, celebrity fails are the ultimate topics searched when it comes to embarrassing moments. Their mistakes is the heartbeat of a rare photo opportunity, a great story, and could be the defining moment of their career.

For over 30 years, we’ve compiled, discussed, and scrutinized these moments to figure out was it staged or just our luck we were able to witness it as it happened. However, some epic falls are not so funny and actually result in serious injuries. For instance, Frank Zappa, during his 1971 tour in London, was shoved into the orchestra pit when a fan stormed the stage and pushed Zappa for “eyeing” his girlfriend. Zappa sustained multiple injuries, including a crushed larynx and head trauma. He was convinced this man was going to murder him.

Other times, celebs get too into delivering a great show and fall off the stage on their own. The rich and famous have blessed us with many moments of them falling off their demi-god pedestal and showing us they are human after all. Underneath the fame and shining lights, they are everyday people like us; yet, it’s still funny when they are caught doing something less than perfect or tasteful.

So thank you, media, for capturing these wonderful moments for us to share. Here are 10 epic moments, both past and present, to give you a good laugh for the day. Enjoy!

10 Fergie – I Peed My Pants

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We all understand artists are on a tight schedule when they’re on tour. They have limited time to eat, make phone calls, do interviews, and even take care of “business.” Back in 2005, the Black Eyed Peas were scheduled to go on stage and Fergie didn’t have time to make a bathroom trip. She decided to risk it and go on with the show.

It must’ve been all the jumping and dancing because she decided she couldn’t hold it anymore and let loose on stage. She carried on with the show like nothing had happened but everyone could see it. A giant wet mark that could be seen in the front and in the back. What's more, Fergie thought pouring champagne on herself would be a good cover up. I would say good thinking, Fergie, but 10 years later we’re still talking about it. People don’t forget.

9 Iggy Azalea – Not So Fancy Footwork

During a pre-VMA Show in L.A. in 2014, Iggy was performing her chart-topping hit “Fancy” when she danced backwards during her rap portion and fell off stage. The best part? She was still singing on the way down, and while she was on the ground! That’s the true meaning of the show must go on. Her back-up dancers watched as their captain took the plunge, not wanting to break formation, they let security scrape a bumped and bruised Iggy off the ground. She climbed back up and continued dancing and entertaining the crowd. The performer stated she was “blessed” to not have broken her legs. Iggy, we are very happy you didn’t break your legs. God bless the USA for fast-acting security guards!

8 Katy Perry – Faulty Flute

She may have the eye of a tiger but she has the correct timing of a broken stopwatch. During a show with Jay-Z, Perry tried playing “Big Pimpin” on her flute but after she stopped playing, the notes kept playing…that’s odd. Is it a magical flute? Nooo, she was flute-syncing. Katy proceeded by apologizing to the crowd and crying saying “So I’ve learned I can’t play the flute.” Obviously! After the incident, Perry “confessed” it was all a joke, saying she was in on it and it was staged. In a Twitter message she wrote:

“…Fail to all of you who fell for my scripted flute joke #Iminonthejokebooya…"

Come on, Katy! I know you’re trying to save face but your fans aren’t that gullible. You made a mistake, got caught - own up to it. No big deal! So what if you can’t play the flute. Just keep "California Dreaming" and maybe one day you’ll master your flute…syncing.

7 Janet Jackson – "Nipplegate" 

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How can anyone forget the bare-all-boob performance by Janet Jackson at the hands of Justin Timberlake? During the Super Bowl XXXVIII Half-Time Show, Jackson and Timberlake took to the stage in Houston, Texas. They were singing Timberlake’s hit song “Rock Your Body” and totally engaged the crowd in their performance. After Timberlake sang “better have you naked by the end of this song,” let's just say he meant it. He pulled at Jackson’s jacket exposing her nipple which was fashioning a sun-like nipple ring. Since the Super Bowl is live, viewers saw everything!

The infamous incident earned nicknames such as “Nipplegate.” CBS was sued for indecent exposure on national television by the FCC. Though the case was essentially thrown out, this incident marked the beginning depletion of morality on television by other broadcast stations. Timberlake never stated what his role was in this scandal, however Jackson was mortified. Her years of trying to make a comeback kicked off on a bad note and a bare nipple. On the plus side, video sharing became the next big thing and from what it looks like, Justin Timberlake is still on top with his career.

6 2015 MTV VMAs – Nicki Minaj v. Miley Cyrus 

Bad girl Nicki and rule bender Miley…can you think of a better cat fight on stage? Exactly, priceless! After Nicki’s beef with Taylor Swift and the two hashing words out on Twitter about MTV's Video Music Awards' nominations based on being skinny. Taylor apologized for a misunderstanding on Nicki’s tweet. The two patched things up and even did a duet to Taylor Swift's hit song "Bad Blood".

Miley, however, is a whole different animal. During an interview with The New York Times this past week concerning the VMA’s, Miley addressed Nicki's tweet. Miley stated Nicki as "being not too kind and not very polite." Nicki was beyond insulted (what else is new...). After receiving the award, Nicki began her acceptance speech by thanking her fans, her pastor and then proceeding to call Miley the B-word for talking about her to the press. So what’s good, Miley? Well, Miley quickly went back at her and said, “We’re all in this industry, we all do interviews and know how they manipulate.” Miley had no problem standing on stage hashing it out and even throwing herself under the bus for not winning the award last year.

Many speculated whether this feud was staged considering how quick Miley responded. It's almost as though she was expecting Nicki to have "a moment" on stage. Several reports suggest it was not. Nevertheless, this moment is a fail for MTV.

5 Jennifer Lawrence – Trippin’

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We all love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s that girl-next-door everyone wants to be friends with. Her lovable personality has captured America by storm after her leading role in The Hunger Games as Katniss Everdeen. In 2013, Lawrence won Best Actress at the Oscars for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Her dress was beautiful and made from very heavy material. Upon ascending the stairs to accept her award, she tripped and fell. She hung her head down in embarrassment for a brief moment, not wanting to face the crowd. She composed herself and continued on up the stairs. After making it to the microphone, everyone was standing and clapping for her. She began her acceptance speech with, “You guys are only standing up because you feel bad that I fell, but that’s okay…” She was truly stunned that she won and handled herself gracefully after making it to the mic, mocking her fall, and continuing on with her speech. Even though she was talked about in the news and on talk shows for her awesome fall, it slowly fizzled. Until the following year at the 2014 Academy Awards when she tripped yet again but this time on the red carpet. Staged? Maybe. Let’s see if she has anymore falls at future award shows.

4 Milli Vanilli – Born to be Lip Syncers

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No countdown of fails can be complete without Milli Vanilli. Their careers were started by Frank Farian, a songwriter/producer who was looking for the perfect front men to put a face to his group album, but every vocalist who stepped in front of him didn’t have what he was looking for, until Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan walked into his life. The only downside, these god-like looking men had no singing skills whatsoever. Farian found a way around it and decided to push them to the front. They were beautiful on stage and women flocked to them. After three straight number one hits, Milli Vanilli’s career-ending performance happened at an MTV show in 1989. Their hit song “Girl You Know It’s True” track skipped and kept repeating the verse “girl you know it’s true…” over and over again. They weren’t singing! Whether the fans at the show noticed or not, Milli Vanilli was looked down upon for what they signed up to do. Milli Vanilli was stripped of their Grammy shortly after they were outed. They tried to make a comeback but their 15 minutes of fame was over. A little over two decades later, they are still remembered for their epic lip syncing fails.

3 Selena Gomez - Potty Mouth

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The Biebs long-time love, the sweetheart of Disney, and a potty mouth? You read right! While on stage at the 2013 Jingle Ball Concert in Los Angeles, Gomez encountered some technical difficulties with sound and clearly said “What the $%&!” into the microphone. She quickly tried to rebound by apologizing and telling the audience the sound isn’t working. She then proceeded to turn into sweet Selena asking the audience if they were having a good time, promised to sing two more songs and guaranteed a lot cooler people will be performing after her.

She was so embarrassed after what she had done, she left the stage after only one song instead of the two she promised and took the heat for her explicit language. She later reported “at least I wasn’t tracked”. Yes, Selena, your singing is live, bravo! Nevertheless, you have fans who are half your age and you cursed at a show during the holidays! A time of warmth, happiness, and goodwill towards men. Piece of advice: check your surroundings before your mouth says what your brain is actually thinking.

2 Ashlee Simpson – Pieces of Me, Times Two

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Sweet baby sister of Jessica Simpson carved out a space for herself in the music world. Taking on an edgy look and rock vibes, Ashlee definitely differed from Jessica on stage. When she was invited to perform for SNL back in 2004, she was more than happy to oblige. She started off the performance with her hit song “Pieces of Me” and then rolled into “Pieces of Me” and…wait…what? Yup. Another lip syncing artist busted.

To play off her embarrassment, Ashlee started doing this weird hoedown dance. When she realized the humiliation was too much for her to hoedown away from, she just moseyed off stage. At the end of the show, Ashlee joined the cast and apologized for her band playing the wrong song. When ET asked her about the incident, she confessed and said her drummer got excited and pressed the wrong button. Apparently her acid reflux was really bad that day and she was told to try it. After her memorable performance, Ashlee swore never to do it again, no matter how crumby she feels.

1 Kanye West– Steals Taylor's Thunder

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Kanye West, famous for delivering music, marrying Kim Kardashian, and providing unforgettable drop-ins on acceptance speeches. One of his more famous rants was when he interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video at the 2009 VMA’s. He crashed the stage during her moment and declared Beyoncé should have won that award. Taylor looked utterly confused and mortified. She was just starting to develop her career as a pop star instead of a country singer but someone with a big mouth hazed her because he needed the limelight. He paused on stage waiting for acknowledgment from the crowd on his position.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z looked stunned and embarrassed, and the crickets chirped for Kanye. As soon as he left the stage and Swift was left standing their alone, the crowd cheered in honor of her. What wasn’t seen on camera was Kanye flipping everyone off, Pink walking past him in disgust shaking her head, and him sitting quietly the rest of the night keeping his attention on his girlfriend at the time, Amber Rose. He tried to make up for what he did in an interview by stating how talented Taylor Swift is and he didn’t mean to steal her moment. Almost every VMA since then, he’s been in support of Beyoncé winning all awards she gets nominated for. When the camera cuts to Beyoncé and Jay-Z after a Kanye rant, you can see how embarrassed and annoyed they are by his actions. Luckily, T-Swizzle kept moving along regardless of his outburst and stealing her moment. Good Job, Taylor, shake it off.

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