10 Disney Movies with Horrifying Origins

Children's movies are fun and lighthearted with a feel good moral thrown in for good measure. Full of bubbly music and princesses with gorgeous gowns, the nightmare under the story can easily pass by unnoticed. Disney movies sometimes feature darker themes, but the original story is usually much more sinister, before the cuts made in the editing process. Disney has a way to sugar coat previously R-rated stories and its shocking they bothered with in the first place. A look into the real story makes us glad they they carefully water down the tales where princesses got the handsome prince and two people fell in love. Too bad life can't be edited like a Disney movie.

The origin stories of these classic movies might just shatter your views of these child friendly films, and make you thankful for the details Disney left out.

6 Aladdin and the King of Thieves

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In the original version of the movie Ali Baba learns the secret password to the treasure trove of the infamous Gang of Forty Thieves. Ali Baba tells his brother who greedily decides to steal as much treasure he can carry. On his way out he forgets the password and the thieves find Cassim, kill him and chop his body into four pieces. The dismembered body parts are placed outside of the opening of the cave as a warning to future robbers. Then Ali Baba retrieves the body parts and wanting his death to look like natural causes, asks a slave girl to find a tailor to sew them back together again. The slave girl then tricks the thieves into killing two of their own and dumps jars of boiling oil where they are hiding before killing the leader during dinner at Ali Baba's house.

5 Pinocchio

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In the first version of Pinocchio, the puppet teases Gepetto and runs away from home, his creator chases him but gets stopped by the police and thrown in jail for abusing the puppet. When Pinocchio returns he meets a cricket who warns him naughty boys turn into donkeys. Pinocchio throws a hammer and kills the cricket, he then nearly gets burned in a fire and bites off an evil cats paw that allows him to see a blue fairy. In the original version, the fairy is a corpse who tells Pinocchio she is waiting for people to take her body away. The mutilated cat and his fox companion return and hang Pinocchio in a tree until he suffocates to death. The end. The next version involves Pinocchio living with the corpse and being turned into a donkey that goes lame. He is sold to a musician who wants to kill him for leather and while drowning, fish eat the skin from his bones so only the puppet is left. He's eaten by a shark where he finds Gepetto and spends his life caring for him. He is eventually rewarded with being turned into a real boy.

8. The Fox and the Hound

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The original story included a dog named Chief who was younger and better than Copper. The master loved Chief and ignored the older dog because he cowered in fear during a bear attack. Later the fox, Tod, was antagonizing the hounds and Chief breaks free and gives chase but is killed by a train. The master gets revenge by training Copper to ignore all the foxes except Tod. The fox meets a female fox and has a litter. The master and Copper gas the babies, they continue to hunt down and slaughter all of Tod's family. Later a rabies outbreak happens among foxes and they lay down poison which result in a child's death. Tod finally meets his end when Copper chases him to exhaustion. The master and Copper live in a world of fame for a while before the master starts drinking and goes into a nursing home. Before he leaves, he shoots Copper.

 7. Cinderella

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The Grimm version of the Cinderella fairy tale is well-known. The prince spreads tar on the palace steps in hopes of trapping Cinderella as she flees, but only her shoe is left behind. The beautiful step sisters try to convince the prince to marry them. One cuts off her toe, and the other her heel to fit into the glass slipper but the blood stains are pointed out. This isn't the version Disney based their movie after. The first version of the modern day Cinderella was based from the 1634 Giambattista Fairytale called Cat Cinderella. In the story Cinderella confides in the Governess about her evil stepmother. She is told to murder her by closing a chest on her neck. Cinderella does this and breaks her step mothers neck and convinces her father to marry the Governess, who it turns out was hiding seven beautiful daughters of her own. Cinderella is forced to work as a slave in the kitchen and her name is changed to Cat Cinderella, it was previously Zezolla.

6. The Little Mermaid

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The Little Mermaid was based on a Hans Christian Anderson story, where after becoming human her tongue is cut out and her feet bleed. She is forced to live in horrific pain and the Prince marries another woman anyway. She is given the choice of either killing the Prince and returning to her mermaid form or to throw herself into the ocean and die. She attempts to kill the prince but is unable to, so she commits suicide.

5. Sleeping Beauty

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The first version of Sleeping Beauty came from Giambattista Basile, called The Sun, Moon and Talia. In this version, a king rapes the princess during her sleep and she is impregnated with twins. She gives birth to the twins and still doesn't wake up. Later, one of them sucks the enchanted splinter out from under her fingernail and she awakens. The Queen is angry and wants to murder the twins and feed them to their father and attempts to burn Talia (Aurora in the Disney version) alive. The King arrives just in time and the Queen is burned in Talia's place and they all live happily ever after. Talia was so grateful for being given the twins she managed to ignore the whole rape thing.

4 Snow White

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The Brothers Grimm version of Snow White is the first recognizable version of this tale, but their story is from another Basile fairytale called Young Slave. Snow White is cursed by a fairy to die during her seventh year. She dies while her mother is brushing her hair and the brush lodges in her skull. She is kept in seven crystal coffins placed one inside the other. They are locked and the key was given to her brother with the instructions not to unlock the door. Her brother's wife gets the key and finds a beautiful woman locked in the coffins, as Snow White continued to grow. She pulls the brush from her skull and Snow White awakens. Thinking her brother was using Snow White for sex she punishes Snow White by cutting off all her hair, beating her regularly and forcing her to work as a slave. Planning to commit suicide, Snow White tells her doll about her life as she sharpens a knife. Her uncle overhears her and saves her then marries her off to a rich man.

3 Hercules

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Hercules was born after Zeus raped a mortal woman on Earth. He was named Heracles, which translated means Glory of Hera in an attempt to annoy the goddess. Heracles became a great warrior and married the princess Megara. They had two babies which Heracles slaughters after he is driven mad by Hera. Later a centaur Nessus tries to rape Heracles' fourth wife. Nessus is killed by a poison tipped arrow and as he dies he tells Heracles's wife to collect his blood and semen as a love potion for her husband. Worried about his faithfulness, she creates a sacrificial tunic for Heracles to wear. The poison gets into his bloodstream and he rips the shirt off and most of his skin comes with it. To end the pain, he burns himself alive on a funeral pyre. Only his mortal body is burned away and he returns to Olympus to live happily ever after.

2 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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In Victor Hugo's original Hunchback, Frollo actually rescues Quasimodo instead of dropping him down a well. He then adopts him as a baby. Later he is driven mad with lust for the 15 year old Esmeralda and gets Quasimodo to kidnap her. He gets caught but Phoebus and Esmeralda falls in love with the soldier and renounces her vow of chastity. Frollo watches from the shadows and is overcome with jealousy. He stabs Phoebus in the back and Esmeralda is charged with the murder and is hung. Quasimodo goes after Frollo and throws him from the top of Notre Dame, then he sneaks into the area where they keep the dead bodies and wraps himself around Esmeralda. Their skeletons are found in an eternal embrace.

1 Pocahontas 

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The Disney movie is based on very early falsified accounts of the Virginia Colony.  Pocahontas was only 10 years old when Smith was captured by the tribe. When she was 17, the English held her for ransom and raped her repeatedly. She became pregnant and quickly married off to a farmer named John Rolfe. In 1615, Pocahontas was strapped into a corset and paraded around as the tamed Virginia Savage. Two years later on their way back to Virginia, Pocahontas suddenly started convulsing and died mysteriously. It is speculated Pocahontas was murdered in order to stop her from relaying the message the English planned to destroy the tribe and take their land. It's believed she was poisoned.

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